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Trainerpoints: 1,455/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
17426,712 / 91,351
Aron18574 / 1,284
380286,285 / 434,341
Remoraid18639 / 1,027
Shellos (East)17301 / 919

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Trainer ID: #299053161
Registration: 27/03/2016 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 126:21 Hours
Total interactions: 109,103
Money: 1,026,442
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil


Stay with my family x.x
8 Months ago
By Jack

#FreeNuggetsGiveaway UPDATE 2

Considering the amount of participants I got in this giveaway I think it would be deliberately unfair to have a single winner so yeah let's make it much more better with 3 prizes to 3 random users, henceforth the prizes are updated as follows :

1st Prize - 1000 Nuggets
2nd Prize - 500 Nuggets
3rd Prize - 250 Nuggets

Everything else remains same and no need to bother about choosing the number. So yeah once again good luck and hope you have a nice day
1 Year ago
"By Latios101

I’m leaving again lol
Dis is a raffle and 2 enter just share dis post (Note: I will not accept JUST the hashtag)
Prizez shall b announced sooooooooon cuz I’m lazy I mean busy yea"
1 Year ago
#MyBestGiftEver A 3DS with pokemon X
2 Years ago
From Liana10
#ChristmasSpirit here are prizes: I might some things...
- Shiny Charmander
- Shiny Charmeleon
- Shiny Charizard
- Shiny Caterpie
- Shiny Metapod
- Shiny Butterfree
- Shiny Mareep
- Shiny Flaafy
- Shiny Ampharos
- Shiny Starly
- Mega able Beedrill
- Mega able Ampharos
- Mew
- Dialga
- Ho-Oh
First 50 participants will get free Kyogre
2 Years ago
By Foreveralone - 36 Seconds ago.

Woo, it's my birthday again! Well, I mean, it's midnight here now...

I'm raffling away 1 Shiny and 1 Mega-Able Mareep to celebrate! There will be 2 winners, 1 for each Mareep.

Just share this entire post to get an entry! You can only get 1 entry, no more, no less. This ends in a week, on November 26, server reset.
2 Years ago
quitting this website, i don't have the motivation anymore because my depression is getting worse. giving away everything. share the hashtag for a chance to win:
- normal gems (have 8,400) giving these out in 1,000 increments.
- other gems
- summon items (emerald, magma stone, resolute stones, star piece)
- articuno
- pokedollars
- 95 nuggets

i don't want to spend forever giving things out. so please share it everywhere. everyone who shares the hashtag will be sent something from me. just include what you want from the list. pokedollars will be given out last to ensure that i have enough to send items to people, and gems will be given through gem exchange.
2 Years ago
#ArgentisTrioRaffle by Argentis

If you have trouble in the Royal Tunnels and just can't seem to grab those Regi eggs--then this is the lottery for you!

Prizes: shiny Regigigas, shiny Regis, and Relicanths at certain tiers--but what do you do to get them?

How to join:
(All delivery comments must have ArgentisTrioRaffle and which section the ticket goes to!)
Daily hashtag share (with links!) = 1 ticket
5k pd = 1 ticket
Send x5 Ice/Electric/Fire gems for 2 tickets
For more, check out the details here

Section: (Flying, Ice, Electric, or Fire)

Deadline: Dec 31st

Lottery Thread | Delibird
2 Years ago
By Professor_Mac
I'm again selling a ditto~ So, pal pad or PM me with your offer..
I will choose the best one!
And please spread this. I will give 100 nuggets to someone who spreads when I sell my ditto
2 Years ago

Dear Users,
Homera's planning a shiny ditto hunt! She will be randomly giving away all extra ditto's. But to get this hunt on the road she will need:
1,000,000 normal gems
A lot of help!

Entry's for the raffle:
50 nuggets = 50 entry's
Sharing = 1 entry
Sending PD = 1 entry per 1.5k
Normal gems = 1 entry per 1 gem

Thanks for reading this, Homera

For more information visit the forum in her contacts labeled The ditto hunt.
2 Years ago
2 Years ago
I don't like ghost T-T
2 Years ago
By unirainbowkitty
Hi guys! I have decided to quit pokeheroes and this time for GOOD!
I have many things to give away and I will do so in this raffle! I will be taking everything from my whole entire account and giving them away!
Each day there will be 3 winners, each getting either a pokemon, items or currency!
Good luck! To enter just repost the hashtag! I will miss you all!
2 Years ago
Current prize list
1st prize: Your choice shiny mega hunt
2nd prize: all shinies and mega(when i get them) in my Prize box( on my page)
3rd prize: 2 dragon gems 2 summon maps a cold rock and hard stone

Todays sharing prize is 50k to a random user
2 Years ago
By GhostLink
Help me collect plushies!

To Enter:
-Share the Raffle to get 1 ticket
-Send me any plushie I don't have to get 5 tickets
-Send me a Riolu Plushie to get 10 tickets

Prizes Star Pieces, Lugia Vouchers, Gem Bundle (Can have Dragon Gems) and Boxes/keys
*Please comment "raffle" when sending the plushies

Post new message
2 Years ago
#Daemira_Raffle by Daemira
Hi Guys...! I am collecting all missing plushies. I really appreciate if you send me some.
1 Normal plushie= 1point
More points you get higher chance to win.
Prizes:A shiny hunt of your choice.(But not legendary, retro, event, genderless)
Deadline:When I get all the missing plushies. Or 7th october
Rules:sending me any plushie I already have= no points.
Note:Sharing this raffle= 1 point. Only 5 winners. You can share this raffle once a day
2 Years ago
Sky Gift exchange? (only 3)
2 Years ago
DorkyDelphox has a lot of Jirachi due to a past Shiny Hunt! He is giving them away for free, so ask and you shall receive! Only one per person!
2 Years ago
Interaction exchange?
2 Years ago
#TonyWillBurnItDown by Iskandar
→ 1160 Nuggets for you and 1160 Nuggets for a non-premium friend
→ 50x Dragon Gems
→ 1,500,000 Pokédollars
→ 1,500,000 Pokédollars
Important Info
→ This raffle ends when the Strongest PKMN Rally ends!
[Feed Tony] || [Sign Up] || [Share It]
You fed Tony a Nomel Berry!
The Pokémon raised by 78,105 Exp. Points.
3 Years ago


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