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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 1,523/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Shinx27 / 48
Shinx18 / 9
1,4261,582,662 / 6,104,707

About Me

Hello, thanks for visiting my page!
I'm a long time Pokemon fan since generation one. My favorite Pokemon Definitely has to be Umbreon, or Altaria. My favorite Pokemon games would have to be either Ruby and Sapphire, or X and Y.

My faveriote Pokéheroes Pokemon

Made By MetalHeadKindra

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Shiny Hunt

Sartor is currently hunting Shinx.
Hunt started: 17/03/2019

Chain: 173
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #158323052
Registration: 11/02/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 422:29 Hours
Total interactions: 646,110
Money: 252,312
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


By SeizeRaider
After a long 1936 softresets, I finally managed to get my Shiny Mewtwo on UltraSun.
To celebrate this, I'm gonna do a giveaway that involves nicknaming it.

Give this a Like, Comment your nickname suggestion and share #SRMewtwo
From the nicknames I will pick my top 3 and those will get rewards:

1st: 100 Nuggets
2nd: 100.000 PD
3rd: Zeraora

I will announce the winners on Tuesday March 19th
Good luck <3
7 Days ago
By Potted_Nugget - 1 Day and 2 Hours ago.
Made by: Potted_Nugget
Yoyoyoyo it's yeah boi bacc at it again with dem giveaways.

Lemme see yeah gimme a ♥, share this #lolnice, and gimme yeah comment saying "lol nice"

also add me as a friend cuz I'm lonely as flip

Good luck brus, it ends when I say
Prize is 400,000 shiny bois (PD)
8 Days ago
By Stormy
So PandoraPika made a PokeHeroes discord server for anyone who wants to join! Everyone there is very friendly! So don't feel shy ^^! In order for this to spread we're gonna do a giveaway! You do not have to join to be entered into the giveaway, but feel free to join and make some new friends (: as for the prizes
1st: 150 nuggets 1 Shiny 1 Mega-able 1 Mega Stone 1 Terra Cave (Map) 200 electric gems
2nd: 1 Shiny 1 mega-able 1 Mega Stone 2 Star Pieces 1 Submarine Volcano (Map) 1 Hard Rock 1 DNA Splicer White 100 Electric Gems
3rd: 1 Shiny 2 Star pieces 1 Cold Rock 1 DNA Splicer White
4th: 100k PD 1 Mega-able 1 Light Rock 2 Star Pieces 1 DNA Splicer Black
5th: 1 Mega-able 1 Blu Orb 4 Plates 1 DNA Splicer Black
Ends in 1 week! Please share the #EmeraTown to enter!

If you want the link to the Discord please refer to the original post
8 Days ago
By FurryStar - 58 Minutes and 50 Seconds ago.
Funny thing, in celebration of my first Pink noodle, and second noodle hunt, Imma do a giveaway, I dont expect to many people to join, cuz this is my first one, and it's sorta weird, but if you DO decide to share the love, all you have to do is share #OhNoMySpegettiIsAlive and comment a name suggestion for my next shiny Noodle to enter.

What the winner receives is actually based on the gender of the shiny ( this is where the "weird" part I mentioned before comes in )

If dratini is female winner receives 20k

If Male, the winner receives the shiny with their name suggestion.

Please share the love and heart the original post. Good luck!
8 Days ago
Oh my gosh, hatched a shiny retro Lugia!
9 Days ago
By CuppyTheArtist
My Dragonite is far behind Rowan’s *sweats*
I’m feeling generous, why not do a giveaway?
All you have to do is share this, as well as feed Dominic a berry and comment with proof.

The prizes are:
1st: 5x dragon gem
2nd place: 1x light rock, 1x cold rock
3rd: 2x star piece, 50k PD
4th: 1x relic gold
5th: Shiny Charmander

Ends tomorrow at reset.
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11 Days ago
By UnfathomableShadow - 57 Minutes and 14 Seconds ago.
I need contest ideas, and I figured.... many people have enjoyed my surprise visits, perhaps the dark magic wizard darkrai will stay awhile


I couldn’t figure out a contest idea... I wanted something grand, like a storyline where you followed clues from other people on this site and stuff, but time screws us over, so I figured it out

I am an UnfathomableShadow, the way I affect others is by giving... I’ll be looking around this site for other users... and they will be seeing something from me... I suggest you all start posting a want/need, I’ll be everywhere, hopefully able to give to many, but SHARE THIS *ENTIRE* HASHTAG AND you’ll be noticed in my list (of hashtags lol)

... the giftmaster is coming, make me seen everywhere, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol
13 Days ago
By SolaCookie - 1 Hour and 41 Minutes ago.
Since I've been breeding Mudkips for a while, trying to get a shiny megable, I've accumulated a few shinies, so I've decided to do my first giveaway.

I will begiving away 1 Shiny Mudkip and 1 Megable mudkip, this means there will be two winners. To enter please share #PurpleKip and comment on my original post. The giveaway will end on Tuesday reset, thank you!
15 Days ago
By RastaPastaPanda - 18 Hours and 56 Minutes ago.
Alright I'm excited to say that #IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt has started ❤️ winner get this beautiful girl *3* ends in 2 days at reset. Good luck everyone don't forget to like this post AND share the hashtag to enter.
17 Days ago
By Bad-Omen - 2 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.

share #nuggztomakeherdance to enter to win

(thanks Ephinia for the hashtag idea)

Only non-premium members can enter but feel free to share to get the word out! Winners announced March 8th!

(1 winner): 800 nuggets... 1 month of premium
(2 winners): 250 nuggets... 1 week of premium

That's 3 winners total! Good luck
20 Days ago
By RastaPastaPanda - 20 Minutes and 24 Seconds ago.
By PokéRadar - 29 Minutes and 43 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Ralts hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #223)!
I don't want her. Share #Ralts and I'll choose one person at reset who gets this shiny ralts.
21 Days ago
By RastaPastaPanda - 19 Minutes and 46 Seconds ago.
Should I do a giveaway for 100k PD

Share #OkMoney
Ends in a couple hours or so

Reminder: If you have blocked me you can not share to enter!

23 Days ago
By TheRealMew
Time to do a giveaway to celebrate Kowalski getting to level 222!
To enter, all you have to do is make a feed with the hashtag:
I'll pick three random winners on the 8th of March.

Here are the prizes:

1st Place will get a Retro Mew, a Megaable Scyther, a Shiny Combee, and a Megaable Spring Ampharos.

2nd will get a Megaable Spring Ampharos and a Shiny Combee.

3rd will get a Megaable Spring Ampharos.

Good luck everyone!
24 Days ago
By ProudWeeb - 4 Hours and 3 Minutes ago.
Because i can! Im gonna do a smoll giveaway!

Just share #SmollNugzGiveaway to enter

The prize is 200 nuggets and it ends tomorrow at reset
24 Days ago
By AbsTheBlindAbsol - 11 Minutes and 53 Seconds ago.
Alright! *puts announcer voice on* We have another RAFFLE!
So, this one I REALLY want a lot of people to join!
Event: Raffle
1st place: Grand prize (I promise it's full of goodies)
2nd place: 100 Nuggets
3rd place: Mystery Set (Dark Blue)
Ends: Next reset
Entering: Like AND share the hashtag #TakeFlightGary
And I'll probably hold one for Gary for levels soon, so feel free to interact!
24 Days ago
By best92 - 6 Minutes and 3 Seconds ago.

Hey guys! I love premium so much, that I am doing a giveaway to give some random people premium! All you have to do to enter is share the hashtag and like the original post!!

The prizes are:

One Month of Premium (800 Nuggets) - 3 Winners
One Week of Premium (250 Nuggets) - 3 Winners

Keep in mind that only nonpremium members are eligible to win (but anyone can share the hashtag to help support the giveaway )!! Good luck to all and have fun!!
26 Days ago
By WUT_Beat3 - 1 Hour and 25 Minutes ago.

I’m shiny hunting eevee and I don’t really feel like keeping it for when I get it. So because of this share this whole feed + the hashtag to be able to win the eevee once it hatches
27 Days ago
reached level 500!
If you guess Bay-Clay, you'd be right! If you remembered that that meant a raffle, you might win a prize!

Event: Raffle
1st place: Grand prize (I promise it's full of goodies)
2nd place: Lugia holding Uxie egg voucher
3rd place: Mystery Set (Dark Blue)
Ends: Next reset
Entering: Like AND share the hashtag #HardenedBayClay
28 Days ago
By Iccywolf - 3 Days and 17 Hours ago.
Welp today makes the 15 year I’ve been single let’s do a little celebration *trumpets playing something so cool music* that’s right a giveaway kinda late but cool share #singlecauseican to win a *cool music* my LOVE!!!! and 300 nuggies ends on Monday
1 Month ago
By ~Original_Star~ - 1 Hour and 14 Minutes ago.
I said ill do this so here I am.
Valentines is coming up in like a week so lets do something.
Share this hashtag #PeepsForPeppers and say something about PH that makes you happy, it doesnt have to be super long, it can just be something like "I love the community here"
But you have to say SOMETHING.
The winner will get x5 of each gem aka the boiling set for a mega stone and x3 shiny trapinch. uwu
Ill put my little something in the comments
1 Month ago


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~My goals~

Collect every Pokémon, have a living dex~
Breed a shiny mega Easter buneary~
Open a black box~
Collect al the shiny eevee evolutions~
Get Rex to as high a level as possible~
Get my account high level~


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