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Trainerlevel: 21

Trainerpoints: 957/1,343


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Zacian (Crowned Sword))
27016,902 / 274,389
Mega Metagross22317,315 / 187,321
Dialga1111,774 / 46,621
Gibby The Great
15038,589 / 84,939
Darkrai261,419 / 2,634
Knight lance
1427,910 / 60,919

Game Records

Trainer ID: #151572981
Registration: 13/08/2021 (5 Months ago)
Game Time: 381:10 Hours
Total interactions: 91,218
Money: 51,247
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Pokemon needed for unova:
Normal unova pokemon- servine, oshawwot, dewot, wimsicott, dramanitan Zen forme, tirtouga, archen, cinccino, gothorita,Deerling(autoum), ferroseed, klang, fraxew, beartic

Legendary unova pokemon-reshiram, tornandus,Landorus, Landorus therian, keldeo sword, meloetta form, meloetta
(will pay in PD and items)
For normal
Pd-200-3000 pd box/key
Items- 1 Mystery

For legends
Pd-50,000-300,000 pd (if I can earn enough pd)
Items- 20-50 mystery boxs/keys or summon items
PP/PM me for your pokemon or send a trade
Yesterday, 09:02
Give me a bug, steel or dragon Plushie and I'll give you a random item. Send me ANYTIME ;)
Yesterday, 01:01
which is better in battling solgaleo or jirachi?
9 Days ago
#darkorghost ends
Winner dark!
But there are two winners lexi and Shinymegalucarioguy
Help me choose who wins and who lose
Comment here
12 Days ago
Interaction Exchange?
13 Days ago
this spooky rather dark hashtag ends at friday
dark votes-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII=21(Correct Me If Im Wrong)
ghost votes-IIIIIIIIIIIII=13(Correct Me If Im Wrong)
dark types are in the lead but ghost can still win
14 Days ago
You sold 10x Aguav Berry for 200
You sold 70x Belue Berry for 1400
You sold 30x Bluk Berry for 600
You sold 100x Grepa Berry for 2000
You sold 10x Mago Berry for 200
You sold 10x Nomel Berry for 200
You sold 30x Oran Berry for 600
You sold 90x Pomeg Berry for 1800
You sold 90x Qualot Berry for 1800
You sold 20x Spelon Berry for 400
You sold 1x Bluk Shake for 1
You sold 66x Honey for 1320
You sold 25x Soda Pop for 1250
You sold 27x Lemonade for 2025
You sold 1x Thunderstone for 1050
You sold 2x Water Stone for 2100
You sold 1x Dynamax Crystal for 5000
You sold 2x Berry Sweet for 500
You sold 1x Clover Sweet for 250
You sold 2x Flower Sweet for 500
You sold 2x Love Sweet for 500
You sold 3x Ribbon Sweet for 750
You sold 1x Star Sweet for 250
You sold 2x Strawberry Sweet for 500
You sold 2x Cosplay Box (Cute) for 1000
You sold 1x Cosplay Box (Smart) for 500
You sold 1x Cosplay Box (Tough) for 500
You sold 1x DNA Splicer (White) for 3900
You sold 1x Stone Plate
14 Days ago
By Auction House - 1 Minute and 49 Seconds ago.
You won an auction.

Auction: Grovyle (Your bid: 100,500 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.

14 Days ago
who has rare candies?
14 Days ago
By GTS - 15 Seconds ago.
You have a new offer on one of your trades!

→ My trades
literally no offer
15 Days ago
Iv'e been thinking is dark types better than ghost types or do ghost types have chance? Soo to know which one is right ill let you be the judge of it share #darkorghost

if dark wins 1 winner will get 1 legendary dark type and a few dark types and if Ghost wins 1 winner will get 1 legendary Ghost type and a few Ghost types
Good luck ;)
15 Days ago
what happens wen u touch shinie ditto

16 Days ago
16 Days ago
battle me and beat me then when a mystery box/key or even a summon item!!!
16 Days ago
#Blakesbigbirthdayblowout happy b-day!!!
16 Days ago


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Beat me in battle and win shinies.,mega,giga or legendary/mythical