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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 1,384/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,07011,454 / 2,750,328

Shiny Hunt

Custard is currently hunting Shinx.
Hunt started: 05/05/2022

Chain: 327
3 1 0

Shiny Log

NEXT HUNT: Undecided

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Regular: Gallade, Togekiss, Lilligant, Roserade, Garchomp, Hatterene, Leavanny, Froslass, Aegislash, Scorbunny, Oricorio (all forms), Deerling (all forms), Eldegoss, Alcremie, Tsareena, Fomantis, Ribombee, Toucannon, Florges, Furfrou (all coats), Litleo, Fennekin, Ducklett, Zorua, Cinnccino, Pidove, Snivy, Furret, Blissey, Ponyta (galarian), Plusle, Minun
Event: Messenger Fletchling, Solar Eevee (and evolutions), Maneki Espurr, Igglybath
Legendary: Calyrex
Mythical: Marshadow
Shiny Mega: Audino, Meganium, Gardevoir


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Kittemmmmmm 4 Days ago
IgnisCarmelita 6 Days ago
CherryBuns 8 Days ago
CherryBuns 10 Days ago

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #717532927
Registration: 13/09/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 379:24 Hours
Total interactions: 176,700
Money: 1,132,010
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Just wanna let you all know that I'll be taking a short break from here once my premium runs out (til I can afford to get a new one xD), I'll still check my messages every now and then but that'll be all :>
4 Days ago
Got random Rowan quest and now I have to hatch 18 Luvdisc in a week- so that's a thing
5 Days ago
Ukraine totally deserved to win ESC -sincerely, a Dutch person (also, condolences to everyone from Germany)
6 Days ago
my boy passed level 1000! yay :>
11 Days ago
FINALLY a shiny 😩 Took it’s sweet time, geez
11 Days ago
Mega-able already, very nice :3
15 Days ago
New hunt begins! Hoping it goes well;;
16 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Fomantis hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #108)!

Wee! She's finally here :> Now to evolve~
16 Days ago
Anyone wanna trade the Wigglytuff plush for a missing plush with me? It's a crime I don't have one yet with ny mascot being a Wigglytuff gijinka and all 😭
18 Days ago
pspspspsps cmon shiny today is the perfect say to hatch
18 Days ago
You won 1x Mesprit Egg Voucher

very nice 👀
20 Days ago
RIP shiny Spring Flaaffys, you will be missed
21 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Amaura hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #61)!

Woo! Now I'm gonna do some lab hunting because why not ✌️
23 Days ago
Imagine waking up just to find out someone on Tiktok is stealing my Cookie Run OCs- Bruh
24 Days ago
Finally got all the planetary spheres;; Will be saving them for when I shiny hunt Solar Eevee tho
25 Days ago
(sorry for close feeds)
Bro I put a new breeding pair into my daycare and I get an egg literally a second later- What the heck
26 Days ago
I'm gonna leave this hunt for what it is and retry it some other time, I wanna hunt some regular shinies instead of a shiny mega, plus I got my sm Lopunny so I can't even complain 😌
26 Days ago
(places this here)
ive seen half my friendlist do it so- secret whisper time
26 Days ago
ughhh this hunt is going sooo slow, im already running out of patience and ive barely even passed the 200...
26 Days ago
Once again working during SCS <\3 I just want my shiny Tapu Lele why did I get cursed with work every Saturday
28 Days ago

About Me

Lyanne | 21 | She/They Demigirl | Aries | Gray-Aroace

My Carrd: https://camomiie.carrd.co/

Hey, welcome to my profile! My name is Lyanne, but you may also call me by my pseudonym "Margaret", my nickname "Cami", or any other nickname you can come up with! I'm your everyday college student from the Netherlands. I also draw a lot, most of which you can find on my deviantart.

I accept all friend requests! :>

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My favorite Pokémon (per type)

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Main Fandoms
- Pokémon (duh)
- The Gray Garden
- Cookie Run
- Demon Slayer
- Shiki
- Mob Psycho 100
- Haikyuu!!
- Love Live
- Your Turn to Die
- Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Secondary Fandoms
- Attack on Titan
- Danganronpa
- Vanitas no Carte
- My Little Pony
- Professor Layton
- Ib
- Stardew Valley
- The Owl House
- Undertale/Deltarune
- Natsume Yuujinchou
- Banana Fish
- SK8 the Infinity
- The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
- Nanatsu no Taizai

And many more, feel free to ask!


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