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Meeting at last...

[ They/Them | AroAce | INFP ]
Hello, Space Captain! Thank you for stopping by- Feel free to ask for some mint tea or can of Pepsi, pick your poison!

I'm just your casual Roleplayer and Rabbit owner- Even through lately, I was more thinking about writing than actually writing something... I'm kind of a "Roleplayer in Theory"

Most times, you would find me rewatching Western Cartoons, listening to My Little Pony Orchestras, obsessing over succulents or complimenting strangers on how beautiful they are!

I... Honestly, don't know what to put here so here we are. I will figure something out later, Alright-y? Summer is long.
(I said, year ago, like a liar.)


This is a list of people I have an great respect for and who deserve all the juice boxes in the World!
Sansica, Navyeet, Wayne, *constellation*, Waffle, TheNinjaCyndaquil, Atavan, Lemon.
We may not talk soo often anymore- Or maybe we never did to begin with- but this is reminder that i love you all!

And a special thanks goes to noshua and eunoia- Who changed my life from the foundation to the roof. I could not have been more thankful for finding them in my lifetime!


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I think we should all collectively read up the new reports on Wolf dynamics and just how Rudolf Schenkel messed up.

Because if I see yet another guy trying to assert his "dominance" by calling himself "Alpha male", I might just congratulate him on becoming Daddy to all the menfolks present.
8 Months ago
Me, before a roleplay: "Cartilaginous extensions of the creature's skull form a hammerhead which protects the ghost leviathan as it performs devastating ramming attacks."

Me, when roleplay starts: Binar? Explein. Bloodbeth.
8 Months ago
If I ever played the "Every time I refer to Not-Binar character as She" drinking game, I would die ten times from alcohol poisoning already.
8 Months ago
Imagine a sheltered, wild wolf meeting like... a Borzoi or a Wolfhound for the very first time.

I think that would be a human equivalent of spotting Mothman. You eighter experience absolute body horror or start swooning immediately.
8 Months ago
Its the worst sort of feeling when you find a roleplay you would love, spend the day thinking about the character and then find out that timezones of the other writers are absolutely incompatible with yours in every way.
8 Months ago
I'm petty enough to rewrite my entire character to be a Transwoman when I realize that the Roleplays owner is a jerk but not petty enough to stand up for myself, you know what I mean?
8 Months ago
Me, discovering that an show i never quite cared about was cancelled but ended with gay rights: OwO

Me, already dangerously attatched by the episode 42, slowly but surely nearing the end: TwT

Anyway, the cast of OK.KO can have all my earthly possesions, thanks.
8 Months ago
I hate looking back at my roleplay days here and seeing how I always chose to be like... An Eevee, or Riolu. Torchic, sometimes.

... I could have been the tired-antisocial-poet-turned-fulltime-father Furfrou of the group or a Gogoat who defies gravity when no one is looking just because goats be like that sometimes.

But nu-uh, I wanted to be the go-lucky fox girl. Why the heck my past me expressed such aggressive heterosexuality is beyond me.
8 Months ago
My body: //Shows sights of mental fatigue

Me: Is this Hungry? Hungry it is.
8 Months ago
Me: I think it's the little things that made me fall in love with my characters. Like, Velvet subtly flirting with everyone in her team because dramatization is the only way she knows how to express affection at this point.

How the symbol of the team is presumed to be the yellow band they all wear but its actually the copies of the key to Themares and Matts room that hangs from it, since they know how terrified he is of accidentally locking himself in again.

Something about them being soo kind in their own little ways in their own circle, when everyone else eighter demonizes them or sees them as broken people and tries to baby them... It's Gucci.

Me, two minutes later: But like, did you knew that the entirety of team New Pantheon is built inside the basis the "The Judge, The Jury and the Executioner" trope.
9 Months ago
My brain still cant comprehend that MLP:FIM is over now... Like, wow. Its been years- it feels like it never really left, even when I wasn't actively catching up with the show.

I can't wait for the new generation tho- Every concept I seen so far makes me hyped.

Also, BonBon and Lyra at the finale? Huge thanks to the cast and Obama because like, wowsers, I am getting emotional.
9 Months ago
Yeah, sure, my bunny ruined most of my flannel shirts, attempted to assassinate my cables multiple types and permanently repainted my white walls...

But the pure joy of when he finally used his toilet for the first time? Heckin worth it. He's a hellish son he is MY hellish son.

9 Months ago
It's 2019 and some of you still have gender? Cowards.
9 Months ago
Me, going to Superzoo to simply buy some pellets: //Sees giant, smexy cage

My first-time, filled-to-brin wallet: Bae, don't do it.

Me: ლ(◑␣ ◑)ჱ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

Poor, hubris-stricken purse: Oh my gawd.
9 Months ago
Hey, don't forget that people with uterus have the center of balance lower so when they carry something, they might seem a bit awkward to you.

Think they are actually struggling? Ask if they need help. Don't attempt to tear out the numerous boxes of fragile yogurts out of their arms without warning. Just food for thought.
9 Months ago
There are only two things you can be sure about.

First is that the sun will always rise, perhaps a bit differently than you would like to but give her a moment. You will see.

Second is that if a man tells you something along the lines of "Girl always go for jerks. Maybe the should give chivalrous nerds like me a chance." then he is, actually, a jerk.
9 Months ago
I don't mind having glasses. Sure, I might not love them as much as I love my body type or my flannels, but they're fine. My face would look ridiculous without them.

... But I don't really remember how stars look without them, and I think that's just really sad.
9 Months ago
On one side, I get *incredible* second-hand embarrassment from the way past-me used to write...

On the other, it's fun pulling the cryptic stuff my characters used to do back in the day back into the sunlight and watch the poor bystanders get utterly smashed.
9 Months ago
Okay so its no secret that I have the fight-or-flight instinct when it comes to Police officers who wear their uniforms in civil- And I am not even American, I still think they are terrifying as mashed potatoes left in the sun too long. Even without an assault weapon casually slung over their shoulders.

.. But this lady came to the shop for milk today, dressed in the full military uniform and the flashiest cowboy boots and Shiro's hairstyle and???

... Valid, but just this one time.
9 Months ago
Straight people are wild.

There are like... two words you can use for a friend in the Czech language, right? One is the more serious, for ride-or-die friends. Or at least, it used to be that way. Nowadays, its usually only for romantic bugaboos.

And today I was talking about my class, compliments and memories and whatnot. Compared classmates freckles to stars, pretty sentimental talk. I use the more serious word to describe them.

And I got like, to the third person- First girl. And my coworker freezes, "Wait, you have a girlfriend?!" With "that"voice.

And obviously I went like "God, I wish so. Maybe in another univ- wait... did you though I had two boyfriends?"

And my coworker just shrugged and went "Girls need to be girls, sometimes, if you know what I mean."

.... On one side, they might through I am poly. Which, maybe??? I don't know??? But I'm pretty sure they went the "I can excuse cheating but I draw the line at the gays" and... please say sike.
9 Months ago


Life can be tough at times and it can easily cloud our vision, but remember that it's never too late to start recovering! Bit by Bit, Of course, so you won't overwhelm yourself at the beginning- There is nothing wrong with Baby Steps.

Before we start, I have to ask- Did you take your meds today? If you did then I'm proud of you. If you didn't then just remember to take them as soon as possible- with a healthy glass of water. Treat yourself right!

Now that is set, I would like to direct you here!

PS: You look dazzling today! Take care of yourself and most importantly, stay safe!