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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 770/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Igglybuff492130,459 / 582,135
Forretress426463,165 / 545,707
Smeargle487223,781 / 570,375
Purugly487290,850 / 570,375
Rapidash422116,346 / 535,519
Gastrodon (East)428425,669 / 550,837

Meeting at last...

[ They/Them | AroAce | INFP ]
Hello, Space Captain! Thank you for stopping by- Feel free to ask for some mint tea or can of Pepsi, pick your poison!

I'm just your casual Roleplayer and Rabbit owner- Even through lately, I was more thinking about writing than actually writing something... I'm kind of a "Roleplayer in Theory"

Most times, you would find me rewatching Western Cartoons, listening to My Little Pony Orchestras, obsessing over succulents or complimenting strangers on how beautiful they are!

I... Honestly, don't know what to put here so here we are. I will figure something out later, Alright-y? Summer is long.


This is a list of people I have an great respect for and who deserve all the juice boxes in the World!
SylvieNerd23, Sansica, Greggory, Xylophone, Nymphrasis, Tokage, Waffle, TheNinjaCyndaquil, Atavan, ShadowPikaSami
We may not talk soo often anymore- Or maybe we never did to begin with- but this is reminder that i love you all!

And a special thanks goes to Prim and Nyctophiliac- Two of my Best Friends, who changed my life from the foundation to the roof. I could not have been more thankful for finding them in my lifetime!


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Trainer ID: #857408712
Registration: 21/04/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1738:29 Hours
Total interactions: 148,111
Money: 1,042,799
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Some days it's like:

"You see, Matthew was killed in a hit-and-run, so I imagine that seeing another car would not exactly go well for him. Especially considering that he lived in a realm without them for several years now.
Maybe he would be that person who sprints over the crossway like a mad animal- Or he wouldn't be able to walk across the road alone at all."

And then, the stars change their positions and its:

"Velvet doesn't do her taxes."
2 Months ago
Forget "True Neutral" or "Chaotic Good", tell me which character plays the trombone and who slams the microwave doors.
2 Months ago
On my death bed, I will be shedding tears of pure sorrow.

Not because I'm dying, I don't give me a plastic brick about that, but because Naruto and Sasuke never ended up together.
2 Months ago
Not to be a tired writer on the main but "Show, don't tell" is absolute poorly done snowplow.

Your character is, well, a character. They should have feelings and emotions like the rest of us- If you strip all the emotions from them, you're letting them to become a bland state.

If you tell us, we can see how the character thinks. Of course, if you expect us to believe it, you will have to show it later on... Or perhaps our character is just misled or paranoid- that tells us more about the character and if you have a twist coming up, you can later sweep the rug from underneath the readers and yell "Gotcha!".

If you show it to us, the readers will make their own judgment. They might interpret things differently than your character. You risk the character eighter becoming a bland state or people seeing some future things "out of character".

What you should strive for is a healthy combination of the two- And sometimes, telling is just enough, don't stress it that much.
2 Months ago
Horses? In the back.
Tack? Attached.
Hat? Matte black.
Hotel? Trivago.
2 Months ago
I asked Google what having a crush feels like and the first thing that came up was "deform" and right after that "violently subdue".

So, another great day of being Aro and not having to compress people I love.

2 Months ago
I'm not going to apologize for the fact that all of my central characters have and are going to have a happy ending, in one way or the other.

I want the readers to put the book away with a dorky smile on their face. Not leave them feeling emotionally drained or Gods forbid, numb.

And if that makes me weak and boring, or my writing "intellectually inferior" then I guess that's the hill I am going to die on. A nice hill, full of wildflowers and red pandas.
2 Months ago
Wait, wait- Do American kids really do the pledge thing? I thought that was just a movie thing?

2 Months ago
The difference between Rebecca Sugar and Noelle Stevenson is that Rebecca says "I'm gonna give the gays everything they want" while singing, while Noelle screams it before hitting a bigot with a battle axe.
2 Months ago
Do you think that God stays in heaven because he too is afraid of what he helped to create...

Headphones warning, there is some screeching!

Also, it took surprisingly long to make and I do not regret any minute, but my friend certainly does. :3
2 Months ago
The word "flirtation" sounds oddly similar to "crustacean" and so, i propose that love is stored in lobsters.
2 Months ago
"You have changed. Why is that, Little Star?"

"Before, I didn't have thick skin to shield my hollow bones.
I didn't possess claws to strike with nor I had teeth to bite down with."

"But you don't have them now eighter."

"My fur has grown too heavy and took my hide down with it.
Sharp talons have arisen in place of my wings, renouncing both air and soil and instead jabbing into my own feet.
After all was done, I removed my teeth, for I wanted to remain kind despite my anger but I forgot how to speak without them.

"But why have you gone through all of that, my Little Star?"

"Only to learn that surviving doesn't stand equal to living, my love."

//Breaks pencil in czech while screaming

4 Months ago
So, we were talking about Mobil Houses with my Father today.
All my life, I thought that married couples actually receive some sort of benefit that makes houses cheaper and I asked my Father about it- Like, what if I want to live with someone who I am not married to?

Two things- Apparently, no befit exists whitch okay, nice.
Second? My Father put things together... but in an incorrect way and was like "Yeah, it won't be any different for you and your wife."

Ashfhs, Dad, the thing is that I do not want a partner of any kind but you know what? I still adore your acceptance.

... Does it mean that by not denying anything about that statement, I technically came out as queer to half of the family? Being a Lesbian and Aro are two very different things but it does fall under the Not Straight umbrella.

Oh wow.
4 Months ago
Everyone who uses "She/He" or Borzois forbid "(S)he" automatically activates my fight or flight response.
4 Months ago
The new starter is a bun and i might just be hyperventilating right now, this is going to be a awesome ride-

Also- This might be just wishful thinking but i think a bit of the region was inspired by Slovaks? Those gothic towers especially remind me of the Czech Republic.
4 Months ago
Shapeshifting → literary any other power
4 Months ago
Ren, writing in a stolen notebook: "So, your greatest dreads?

Matthew: "You mean, like.... fears? Oh, Small Spaces and being nearly eaten by wolfs. Again."

Ren: "I meant dreads but very well. And what do you, a human, do to unwind?"

Matthew: "Help around in the local Greenhouse, the tiny one behind avian dormitory. Or playing with Little Star, my borzoi- That's a breed of dog."

Ren, igniting the notebook: "Spawns of Dagnabbit-"
4 Months ago
Hot take but stay hundred and two miles away from Adults who think that apologizing to children "isn't necessary".
4 Months ago
Imagine that for one day, all doctors will be replaced by Medicine Cat roleplayers.
4 Months ago


Life can be tough at times and it can easily cloud our vision, but remember that it's never too late to start recovering! Bit by Bit, Of course, so you won't overwhelm yourself at the beginning- There is nothing wrong with Baby Steps.

Before we start, I have to ask- Did you take your meds today? If you did then I'm proud of you. If you didn't then just remember to take them as soon as possible- with a healthy glass of water. Treat yourself right!

Now that is set, I would like to direct you here!

PS: You look dazzling today! Take care of yourself and most importantly, stay safe!

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