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Trainerpoints: 1,496/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Finneon11 / 15
Finneon469 / 115
Finneon455 / 115
Finneon13 / 15


inno || tired writer || anxious artist || aesthetic obsessed

hi!! I'm eunoia, but you can call me inno or galaxy.
I'm an avid writer and reader who dabbles in art every once in a while. I can have a slightly sardonic sense of humor, and come off as rude occasionally, but I usually don't mean to. usually. my love for music, books, and tv shows basically takes up my entire personality. if we have an interest in common, don't be afraid to shoot me a message about it!! I'll talk your head off if you let me. I do not, however, reply to begging and hi/hello messages. if you want to start a conversation, start an actual conversation!! also, I might be a little nervous and take a bit to respond to you, just bear with me. the more shy I am around you, the more I like you.

carpe diem, right?

the pretty words you left behind
become a poem, become a song,
we know they'll reach you wherever you are.
if a star vanishes, will it be forgotten?
i'm holding the precious you in my arms,
trying to fill the pages of our story until the very end.

how are you doing?
your spot next to me feels so empty,
i try pushing away the unforgettable days,
but I still wonder how you are.
i’m sitting at the back of the bus, where we used to sit
humming as I remember the memories with you

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Game Time: 1120:43 Hours
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Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


shinee's minho is getting a solo career thereby completing the trifecta of "lets drop some amazing music right before i disappear for two years"
Today, 08:18
random ather characters are incorrect quotes because i'm tired and in pain
1 Day ago
hi my blood sugar just dropped so hard that i fainted on the stairs and fell all the way down them, then when i woke up from the pain i threw up bile for the next ten minutes. so my morning is going great, how about yours??
1 Day ago
sehun's character development is so funny because at first he was a poor brat with 0.2 lines per song and a bunch of annoying friends and now he's a rich brat with whole rap verses and a dog that's worth more than your life
2 Days ago
everyone knows bts is gonna win the soompi best twitter fandom award and honestly i'm tired of it. we get it you have a giant fanbase, can you leave some awards for the groups that also deserve it??
2 Days ago
unpopular opinion but 24/7 and damage are the best songs on the don't mess up my tempo album and that's a fact
2 Days ago
marley: i hate everyone
miao: (:
marley, in a gay crisis: oh no
2 Days ago
so which starlight is gonna come through and translate all of hongbin's twitch streams for us
2 Days ago
if you don't think vixx is the most chaotic group just remember that once hyuk cornered leo in a dressing room and leo started screaming like he was being murdered but the other members closed the door to quiet him and honestly didn't care
2 Days ago
oh i love the taste of stomach acid in my mouth, why do you ask?? (:
3 Days ago
it's literally been months but i'm still mad so here are some good songs they could've used instead of bts' idol:
-love scenario by ikon
-shine by pentagon. or naughty boy i'm not picky.
-ddu du ddu du by blackpink
-really bad boy or bad boy by red velvet
-bboom bboom or bam by momoland
-district nine, i am you, mirror, hellevator, my pace, get cool, awkward silence, any stray kids song basically
-giddy up by the boyz
-dance the night away, yes or yes, or what is love by twice
-fake love by bts
-love shot or tempo by exo!! the kings
-lo siento or otra vez by super junior
-pop/stars by kda
-lullaby by got7
-any of the, like, seven songs that shinee came out with. especially move by taemin or one of those nights by key.
4 Days ago
god i just realized, what the frick is gonna happen when the rest of bigbang are out of the military?? they're down a singer, and seungri most likely isn't coming back even if it turns out he's innocent. i don't think people are understanding that this scandal could be end of the kings.
5 Days ago
i literally cannot believe these stupid vips have basically forced seungri out of bigbang. he was free of drug charges and while he's a suspect for the other stuff, nothing officially stating him as a criminal has come out yet. the investigation is still going. he shouldn't have been shamed into leaving until he went to court and was proven guilty. every vip that called for his arrest and signed the petitions going around is both a fake fan and just plain idiotic. they shouldn't have done that and needed to be patient. end of story.
6 Days ago
the chance of love by tvxq can also be edited to look like a gay musical. what is sm trying to say about changmin and yunho.
7 Days ago
the eternal struggle is wanting to write something darker and more mature but you're unsure if your audience will like it because you been writing pretty light things before now
8 Days ago
i love super junior so much because they've been around each other for so long that they know exactly how to harass and annoy everyone else
9 Days ago
can my daycare like,, actually give me eggs please
14 Days ago
wow my ears are seriously messed up. i think i finally need to talk to a doctor about this. sigh.
15 Days ago
airashii: every time i see a frog on a lily pad i'm like... yeah u go little man. that's where you belong.
chae: this must be what god thinks when he sees me crying in the bathroom at three a.m.
17 Days ago
tvxq's "truth" music video can be so easily edited to look like a gay musical
19 Days ago

daffodils among nightshade

people I respect and admire:

zazanoshurhoosaurusyuu-yuugreggorybeep beep

my likes and interests:

⚬ a bunch of kpop groups ⚬ my chemical romance ⚬ fall out boy ⚬
⚬ panic! at the disco ⚬ voltron ⚬ yuri!!! on ice ⚬ haikyuu!! ⚬ hamilton ⚬
⚬ sherlock ⚬ doctor who ⚬ supernatural ⚬ the flash ⚬ green arrow ⚬
⚬ stranger things ⚬ riverdale ⚬ percy jackson ⚬ warriors ⚬ harry potter ⚬
⚬ keeper of the lost cities ⚬ reading in general ⚬ art ⚬ drawing ⚬
⚬ writing ⚬ flower language ⚬ cacti and succulents ⚬ space ⚬ the ocean ⚬
⚬ pastel and retro aesthetics ⚬ languages ⚬ origami ⚬ makeup ⚬

all about music

groups/soloists i stan:

⚬ shinee ♡ kibum ⚬ stray kids ♡ bang chan ⚬ vixx ♡ taekwoon ⚬
⚬ day6 ♡ wonpil ⚬ super junior ♡ yesung ⚬ kard ♡ j.seph ⚬
⚬ bigbang ♡ daesung ⚬ nct 127 ♡ jungwoo ⚬ nct u ♡ ten ⚬
⚬ nct dream ♡ chenle ⚬ jbj ♡ kenta ⚬ vav ♡ ayno ⚬ astro ♡ jinjin ⚬
⚬ exo ♡ sehun ⚬ nine percent ♡ zhangjing ⚬ pentagon ♡ yanan ⚬
⚬ red velvet ♡ seulgi ⚬ blackpink ♡ jisoo ⚬ twice ♡ jeongyeon ⚬
⚬ ikon ♡ bobby ⚬ seventeen ♡ joshua and woozi ⚬ got7 ♡ bambam ⚬
⚬ monsta x ♡ hyungwon ⚬ holland ⚬ the boyz ♡ q ⚬ astro ♡ moonbin ⚬
⚬ wayv ♡ xiaojun and yangyang ⚬ ateez ♡ mingi ⚬ bts ♡ yoongi ⚬



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