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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,506/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lumineon15617,398 / 44,086
Lumineon15611,862 / 44,086
Lumineon1563,001 / 44,086
Lumineon15940,031 / 45,793
Lumineon16018,274 / 46,368
Lumineon15637,334 / 44,086


inno || tired writer || anxious artist || aesthetic obsessed

hi!! I'm eunoia, but you can call me inno or galaxy.
I'm an avid writer and reader who dabbles in art every once in a while. I can have a slightly sardonic sense of humor, and come off as rude occasionally, but I usually don't mean to. usually. my love for music, books, and tv shows basically takes up my entire personality. if we have an interest in common, don't be afraid to shoot me a message about it!! I'll talk your head off if you let me. I do not, however, reply to begging and hi/hello messages. if you want to start a conversation, start an actual conversation!! also, I might be a little nervous and take a bit to respond to you, just bear with me. the more shy I am around you, the more I like you.

carpe diem, right?

the pretty words you left behind
become a poem, become a song,
we know they'll reach you wherever you are.
if a star vanishes, will it be forgotten?
i'm holding the precious you in my arms,
trying to fill the pages of our story until the very end.

how are you doing?
your spot next to me feels so empty,
i try pushing away the unforgettable days,
but I still wonder how you are.
i’m sitting at the back of the bus, where we used to sit
humming as I remember the memories with you

Shiny Hunt

eunoia is currently hunting Finneon.
Hunt started: 11/02/2019

Chain: 67

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #540000686
Registration: 24/09/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1123:47 Hours
Total interactions: 83,814
Money: 2,186,719
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


i got a pack of around 175 jellybeans so,, i'm about to eat all of them in ten minutes
Yesterday, 22:24
i got confirmation that my crush likes me oh no oh no red alert
Yesterday, 19:39
me, reading webtoons at 3 am: this is so frickin good hhhhh
3 Days ago
you know what,, i'm gonna say it. tiktok is 1000x better than music.ly and is essentially a new vine, ya'll are just looking at the wrong stuff
5 Days ago
ather characters as john mulaney quotes--
hyde: first of all, no
jekyll: i was just shiny and dumb and easy to trick
chai tea: you could pour soup in my lap and i'll probably apologize to you
ten: you know how i'm filled with rage?
sarcasm: college is just your opinion. you could be like "i think emily dickenson's a lesbian" and they'll be like "partial credit!"
mauve: i know now that i'm definitely never gonna be president
miao: you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair
mals: and i said no, y'know, like a liar.
chae: i'll keep all my emotions right here, and then one day, i'll die
5 Days ago
can i talk about how much i love both john mulaney and joel kim booster because they are t r e a s u r e s
5 Days ago
my wife and i managed to text the same exact thing to each other at the same time about the skz chronosaurus video that's the power of our love for chan
7 Days ago
i just finished "save me," the bts comic on webtoon and?? holy frick?? i had low expectations but honestly it was so good?? they dealt with dark subjects like tae's abuse and yoon's depression extremely well and the storytelling was overall amazing, fit perfectly with the stuff we knew from the mvs. 10/10 would recommend.
7 Days ago
hakyeon leaves for the military and suddenly leo becomes a pastel queen and is accused of drunk tweeting, ravi's promoting pepsi, jaehwan's doing stupid things with his fans, hyuk is in a musical, and hongbin's streaming for 12 hours straight before going to bed at 6 am w h a t is going on in vixx right now--
8 Days ago
y i k e s i haven't been here in a while but i wanna say,, stan txt
8 Days ago
can we please talk about how chan wrote 4419 about being so alone while he was a trainee because all of his friends debuted but a year or so later he got his first ever win with stray kids on 4/4/19??
16 Days ago
noshua and i found out that we both have characters named jekyll and we've spent the last fifteen minutes imagining what they would be like if they were dating
17 Days ago
short descriptions of umbrella academy characters:
luther: a furry that went to the moon
diego: brings a knife to a gunfight
allison: i heard a rumor that you like your adopted brother
klaus: drugs!! and gay.
five: looks like a cute child, don't trust it. he'll stab you.
ben: tentacles. also he's dead.
vanya: i'm "normal"
hazel: donuts!! not more killing!! love!!
cha cha: really wants to fight five and hazel
17 Days ago
someone once told me "leeteuk kinda sucks as the leader of super junior" but hey remember that time they were in a literal car accident and he refused medical treatment - for a giant gash in his head that was bleeding everywhere, mind you - until he was sure all of his other members were safe and treated before him. like if that ain't good leadership,, i dunno what is
20 Days ago
skjdhfks whoever taught hendery to call kun "mom" needs an award immediately like yES keep the momma kun jokes goin' even in china
21 Days ago
the handler: ah yes the apocalypse is finally back on track--
number five: actually,, funny story
23 Days ago
honestly the second season of umbrella academy could be ben and klaus playing go fish for hours straight and I'd watch it
23 Days ago
ben: you know you should value your life. at least you have one. i'm dead and i gotta watch you make stupid decisions 24/7
klaus: nah i'm gonna do drugs
ben, banging his head against the wall: not with this crap again
25 Days ago
honestly what day of the week even is it. i'm confused.
26 Days ago
umbrella academy is x-men but for depressed and gay gen zs
26 Days ago

daffodils among nightshade

people I respect and admire:

zazanoshurhoosaurusyuu-yuugreggorybeep beep

my likes and interests:

⚬ a bunch of kpop groups ⚬ my chemical romance ⚬ fall out boy ⚬
⚬ panic! at the disco ⚬ voltron ⚬ yuri!!! on ice ⚬ haikyuu!! ⚬ hamilton ⚬
⚬ sherlock ⚬ doctor who ⚬ supernatural ⚬ the flash ⚬ green arrow ⚬
⚬ stranger things ⚬ riverdale ⚬ percy jackson ⚬ warriors ⚬ harry potter ⚬
⚬ keeper of the lost cities ⚬ reading in general ⚬ art ⚬ drawing ⚬
⚬ writing ⚬ flower language ⚬ cacti and succulents ⚬ space ⚬ the ocean ⚬
⚬ pastel and retro aesthetics ⚬ languages ⚬ origami ⚬ makeup ⚬

all about music

groups/soloists i stan:

⚬ shinee ♡ kibum ⚬ stray kids ♡ bang chan ⚬ vixx ♡ taekwoon ⚬
⚬ day6 ♡ wonpil ⚬ super junior ♡ yesung ⚬ kard ♡ j.seph ⚬
⚬ bigbang ♡ daesung ⚬ nct 127 ♡ jungwoo ⚬ nct u ♡ ten ⚬
⚬ nct dream ♡ chenle ⚬ jbj ♡ kenta ⚬ vav ♡ ayno ⚬ astro ♡ jinjin ⚬
⚬ exo ♡ sehun ⚬ nine percent ♡ zhangjing ⚬ pentagon ♡ yanan ⚬
⚬ red velvet ♡ seulgi ⚬ blackpink ♡ jisoo ⚬ twice ♡ jeongyeon ⚬
⚬ ikon ♡ bobby ⚬ seventeen ♡ joshua and woozi ⚬ got7 ♡ bambam ⚬
⚬ monsta x ♡ hyungwon ⚬ holland ⚬ the boyz ♡ q ⚬ astro ♡ moonbin ⚬
⚬ wayv ♡ xiaojun and yangyang ⚬ ateez ♡ mingi ⚬ bts ♡ yoongi ⚬



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