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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 1,508/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lumineon309124,288 / 172,423
Lumineon309126,432 / 172,423
Lumineon309165,193 / 172,423
Lumineon3125,776 / 175,782
Lumineon312131,268 / 175,782
Lumineon31076,702 / 173,538


inno || tired writer || anxious artist || aesthetic obsessed

hi!! I'm eunoia, but you can call me inno or galaxy.
I'm an avid writer and reader who dabbles in art every once in a while. I can have a slightly sardonic sense of humor, and come off as rude occasionally, but I usually don't mean to. usually. my love for music, books, and tv shows basically takes up my entire personality. if we have an interest in common, don't be afraid to shoot me a message about it!! I'll talk your head off if you let me. I do not, however, reply to begging and hi/hello messages. if you want to start a conversation, start an actual conversation!! also, I might be a little nervous and take a bit to respond to you, just bear with me. the more shy I am around you, the more I like you.

carpe diem, right?

the pretty words you left behind
become a poem, become a song,
we know they'll reach you wherever you are.
if a star vanishes, will it be forgotten?
i'm holding the precious you in my arms,
trying to fill the pages of our story until the very end.

how are you doing?
your spot next to me feels so empty,
i try pushing away the unforgettable days,
but I still wonder how you are.
i’m sitting at the back of the bus, where we used to sit
humming as I remember the memories with you

Shiny Hunt

eunoia is currently hunting Finneon.
Hunt started: 11/02/2019

Chain: 67

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #540000686
Registration: 24/09/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1129:12 Hours
Total interactions: 83,814
Money: 2,284,319
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


attack on titan: this dude is about to slice through a giant person's hand to escape. it's gonna look cool as hell.
also attack on titan: HEY WANNA LEARN ABOUT Y E A S T
Yesterday, 12:52
oh my jesus the shader i downloaded on minecraft is so pretty owo
2 Days ago
i died three times during the raid in minecraft but at least i got those sweet sweet discounts
5 Days ago
i've been building my house in minecraft for literal hours
5 Days ago
people are always like "kpop stans are problematic" but some of the fights i've seen in the kpop community recently include--
-starlights fighting over whether sugar belongs on eggs
-day6 fans arguing about jae's mental stability after so many tweets that aren't crackhead tweets
-stays trying to unpack the yellow wood/miroh lore and having extremely conflicting opinions. including people who think there is no lore.
-"support baekhyun's and kyungsoo's solo songs!!" "no!! hype up the chanyeol and sehun rap unit!!" "WHERE IS CBX"
-some nctzens insisting kun is a dad, most of them insisting kun is a mom, others convinced that he cannot be wayv's parent because he's already got chenle, his small chinese son
6 Days ago
i was uploading a piece of writing while playing minecraft because i have the attention span of a gnat and i won a game of skywars while i was in the middle of posting it. i think it's an omen but i can tell if i means i've peaked or i'm gonna die in 2 days
7 Days ago
i think of terrible concepts for my characters before i even think about what they look like
8 Days ago
i saw a pair of lesbians on the train yesterday and now i feel lonely
15 Days ago
sometimes i think i don't deserve noshua. he just sent me eleven plushies. what an angel.
19 Days ago
i love randomly switching into different languages just to confuse people
20 Days ago
my friend: pure character!! perfect!! they can't ever be hurt, they're too perfec--
me: or, i could horrible abuse them
my friend: wait, but
me: sorry it's already done. no going back.
21 Days ago
black butler is a lot weirder than i remember
22 Days ago
i was dead for a week but now i'm back and ready to steal your dogs
26 Days ago
i need to actually watch jojo because the more my friend vaguely describes it the more i get confused
1 Month ago
my dog is laying on my feet which means i can't move but this position really hurts
1 Month ago
i have playlists of playlists to keep them all organized and i just realized how weird and dumb that is
1 Month ago
my brain: hey, how about you stop writing for nineteen hours and not sleeping and maybe you'll feel less terrible
me: or,,, here's the thing--
1 Month ago
how has my drawing improved so much,,, i didn't do anything
1 Month ago
since i don't have finals i don't have to go to school again so!! summer!!
1 Month ago
levi showing affection and appreciate to his squad?? count me in.
1 Month ago

daffodils among nightshade

people I respect and admire:

zazanoshurhoosaurusyuu-yuugreggorybeep beep

my likes and interests:

⚬ a bunch of kpop groups ⚬ my chemical romance ⚬ fall out boy ⚬
⚬ panic! at the disco ⚬ voltron ⚬ yuri!!! on ice ⚬ haikyuu!! ⚬ hamilton ⚬
⚬ sherlock ⚬ doctor who ⚬ supernatural ⚬ the flash ⚬ green arrow ⚬
⚬ stranger things ⚬ riverdale ⚬ percy jackson ⚬ warriors ⚬ harry potter ⚬
⚬ keeper of the lost cities ⚬ reading in general ⚬ art ⚬ drawing ⚬
⚬ writing ⚬ flower language ⚬ cacti and succulents ⚬ space ⚬ the ocean ⚬
⚬ pastel and retro aesthetics ⚬ languages ⚬ origami ⚬ makeup ⚬

all about music

groups/soloists i stan:

⚬ shinee ♡ kibum ⚬ stray kids ♡ bang chan ⚬ vixx ♡ taekwoon ⚬
⚬ day6 ♡ wonpil ⚬ super junior ♡ yesung ⚬ kard ♡ j.seph ⚬
⚬ bigbang ♡ daesung ⚬ nct 127 ♡ jungwoo ⚬ nct u ♡ ten ⚬
⚬ nct dream ♡ chenle ⚬ jbj ♡ kenta ⚬ vav ♡ ayno ⚬ astro ♡ jinjin ⚬
⚬ exo ♡ sehun ⚬ nine percent ♡ zhangjing ⚬ pentagon ♡ yanan ⚬
⚬ red velvet ♡ seulgi ⚬ blackpink ♡ jisoo ⚬ twice ♡ jeongyeon ⚬
⚬ ikon ♡ bobby ⚬ seventeen ♡ joshua and woozi ⚬ got7 ♡ bambam ⚬
⚬ monsta x ♡ hyungwon ⚬ holland ⚬ the boyz ♡ q ⚬ astro ♡ moonbin ⚬
⚬ wayv ♡ xiaojun and yangyang ⚬ ateez ♡ mingi ⚬ bts ♡ yoongi ⚬



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