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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 7,473/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
5,73736,393,139 / 123,445,899
6,51886,204,113 / 127,472,527

Shiny Hunt

Amelyanna is currently hunting Mewtwo.
Hunt started: 28/09/2020

Chain: 1,291
35 17 0

Mewtwos for sale

Mewtwos for sale


/!\ No haggles, the price is firm /!\

Game Records

Trainer ID: #626816815
Registration: 09/04/2014 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Nov/2022
Game Time: 2877:51 Hours
Total interactions: 404,877
Money: 880,041
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


I'm just realizing. I'm being mad at them for such a small reason. These guys can't even follow their own rules they have set.
My expectations are now way lover than before and that's saying something.
Yesterday, 08:42
"Please tell me exactly what egg you want to hatch next time. I know they're both silver, and that's the only egg you hat in your inventory, but tell me exactly what egg you want to hatch because I don't want to hatch something you didn't want to get hatched. Yes, I still know you only had one egg in your inventory, but still."
This isn't exactly what I got back as a reapondse, but it sure as hell feels like it. And no, it doesn't say in the hatchery that these things need to be specified either. ._.
(I get if maybe I had more than one silver egg then I might need to specify, but I only had one entire egg in my inventory which was silver, so no. It still made no sense)
Yesterday, 05:27
Funny rhing. I just checked cause I am stalking that thread like a hawk, the same dude who denies hatching my egg hatched the same flipping event egg of other people before me! I am now more mad than before.
1 Day ago
I have a new love. Lavender syrup. I want it all.
1 Day ago
I still haven't recieved an answer from the mod about them not wanting to hatch my egg. It's been only 2 days, sure, but still.
I'll wait a full week then take it higher up in the discord server.
2 Days ago
Dude. I put in a hatching request months ago in this ARPG. Now I get back a message that I do not have an egg to hatch.
Wth is wrong with these people. I wanted to get into this thing so hard, but the people running it always sours it for me.
4 Days ago
Let's play spot my character
This is just so flipping awesome I can't even explain. I feel so happy to just have one of my chars in this thing even if it's for a really short time. o0o
9 Days ago
Shiho got a sister :d
She'll be the greatest murder hobo that ever lived cx
9 Days ago
Fingers crossed I did well enough on the programming test.
9 Days ago
Froggo is half ready.
Gonna change the blue thing to either brown or dark green, but I also may change the background to blue and not the semi-trasparent thing.
I just gotta need some more art of him to put on there and he'll be perfect c:
9 Days ago
It's so damn cluttered q-q
9 Days ago
I am too full of ideas.
Have a toad
12 Days ago
I went ham on her wrinkles and then I found an almost non wrinkly Sphynx cat and then had to remove a lot of her wrinkles o-o
17 Days ago
I am getting some magnetic ducktape for my dnd lil handbook thingy that I will keep track of my charavters c:
18 Days ago
Kay kay. Talked to the first dm and oh boy do I like them already xd They were so nice! They put me on their waitlist and I'll be notified when a spot opens up. We'll see.

I also can hear whatever is going on in the neighbourhood. Those party goers have such a bad taste in music :/
18 Days ago
The 2nd dm confirmed my place, but I still want to discuss stuff with the first one.
19 Days ago
Hmmm. Its quite interesting how I applied to the second dms campaign, but wasn't responded yet, but the first dm who couldn't put me in their campaign since it was full, sent me a message asking if we coulf voice chat a bit and discuss how we could figure some solution for me out.
I am baffled. I love them already. Even if I won't end up in either of their campaigns anynore, I will look out when they start a new one and potentially snag a seat there. They already sound so accomodating.
19 Days ago
So... I will have to remake all the pixelart I have done till now o____o
20 Days ago
Hmmnmm. I'm trying to search for some dnd games on this site I found, the first dm said they only had an ooen spot on a session which starts at 0 30 for me, but now I found a new dm but their session is x4 the price as well as starts in about an hour...
Really torn if I should go with the second one, but I am not home and the internet here is extremely untrustworthy.
20 Days ago

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