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Create a fan club for any activity/Anime/Game you like, or join a club of someone else's!
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Fan Clubs
Pokémon Fan Clubs
Are you a great fan of a specific Pokémon type or a character from the Anime/game series? Then start a fan club!
darkrai fan club
From iambobby
16 Days ago
97 Topics
4,306 Posts
Country Clans
Is your native language not English? Then start/join a clan for people to small-talk in other languages.
Indonesian Clan (PSI)
From allthegoodgirlsgotohel
3 Days ago
41 Topics
18,045 Posts
Inactive Clubs
Fan Clubs that have been inactive for more than one month are moved here. Please contact one of our moderators if you want your club to be moved back to the active ones.
Zoinks! G-g-g-ghost pokemon! (A Ghost-type FanClub!)
From Zaya21
1 Month ago
743 Topics
87,626 Posts
Making Clubs (The How-To Guide)
By Queen_Pumpkaboo (02/Apr/2014 17:49)
21 Posts
2,073 Clicks
By User_Named
4 Months ago
The Flightrising Club
By sh1ka (27/Jun/2017 00:45)
2,786 Posts
35,453 Clicks
By Pottodesu
6 Hours ago
The Radio Cult! [Alastor/Hazbin Hotel]
By TheRadioDemon (10/Dec/2019 21:12)
2 Posts
20 Clicks
By ErrorTheGamer
8 Hours ago
ye ole internet disscussion club
By retrokirb (10/Dec/2019 06:17)
1 Post
4 Clicks
By retrokirb
23 Hours ago
By Steel5299 (18/Feb/2019 23:23)
34 Posts
214 Clicks
By retrokirb
23 Hours ago
The Loomian Legacy + PBB Fanclub!
By ~Captain_B~ (10/Mar/2019 07:33)
80 Posts
1,196 Clicks
By Kohai~kun
2 Days ago
Baby Yoda FanClub
By chungus (04/Dec/2019 00:14)
1 Post
8 Clicks
By chungus
7 Days ago
Dragon Ball!
By SharkWillBraviary (28/Nov/2019 00:08)
9 Posts
48 Clicks
By SharkWillBraviary
11 Days ago
fnaf club
By satichuplayspokemon1 (17/Apr/2018 17:59)
71 Posts
379 Clicks
By SharkWillBraviary
13 Days ago
The P.H. Help Center
By LordSamton (13/Jan/2019 12:04)
40 Posts
894 Clicks
By 12604845
27 Days ago
(Steven universe) Spinel fanclub
By Purpleeda (24/Oct/2019 16:39)
21 Posts
247 Clicks
By Purpleeda
1 Month ago
Steven Universe FanClub
By zNovaz (25/Oct/2019 23:41)
4 Posts
57 Clicks
By Purpleeda
1 Month ago
✰Yuri!!! On Ice Fan Club✰ [ACCEPTING]
By Sakuragi (16/Nov/2016 22:08)
478 Posts
4,086 Clicks
By Beth_33
1 Month ago
Choose Your Champion - Paladins Fanclub
By imagine (24/Oct/2019 09:03)
3 Posts
82 Clicks
By imagine
1 Month ago
SMG4 Fan Club
By cinnamondogeo (14/Oct/2018 18:30)
10 Posts
60 Clicks
By Purpleeda
1 Month ago
By Purpleeda (18/Jun/2019 17:33)
101 Posts
895 Clicks
By Purpleeda
1 Month ago
DigiMastrs Guild (Digimon ReArise)
By Boltund (22/Oct/2019 14:03)
1 Post
11 Clicks
By Boltund
1 Month ago
By koindorii (06/Jul/2019 14:58)
27 Posts
215 Clicks
By koindorii
1 Month ago
Battle club
By Cdbreiner (21/Oct/2019 17:20)
1 Post
5 Clicks
By Cdbreiner
1 Month ago
The Lolita Fanclub!
By WhenThingsFallApart (24/Jul/2019 18:27)
5 Posts
101 Clicks
By WhenThingsFallApart
1 Month ago
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