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MY_IRENE is currently hunting the meaning of life.
Hunt started: 02/08/2007

Chain: 5096



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Trainer ID: #132693819
Registration: 01/03/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 744:42 Hours
Total interactions: 2,163,528
Money: 306,698
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


so many songs i like and have only listened to covers of are vocaloid (especially by kanaria) i can't-
1 Year ago
i got introduced to the characters of obey me because someone (i can't remember who lmao) had an asmodeus-themed profile layout and i searched him up; much later, i found it on bluestacks and decided to download it because i've heard of it before and was intrigued

help the game has so much personality and the characters are so funny it's amazing
1 Year ago
hi does anyone play tears of themis? mobile only mihoyo game (basically a mix of ace attorney and a tiny tiny bit of dating sim stuff)

i want the entwined fates ssr artem card so bad and i've already done like thirty pulls 😭 i swear if it gives me the luke card i'm gonna cry i already have one of his ssrs
1 Year ago

It's been days and this is still an issue? It's gotten to the point where someone's had to write a formal complaint about obviously 18+ pfps and images (but of course since it's only implied it's all okay, kids totally can't piece together what it really is)? As a minor and someone that has a little brother that could've been on this site, I'm just really disgusted nothing's been done; also about the swearing and slurs, is there no filter? We really need more mods that can cover more timezones and some serious changes...

Since school is coming up soon and there's nothing really to do here, I could quit and come back every once in a while to check on the Genshin Fanclub but I don't think that'll really affect anything :/
1 Year ago
been at band camp for the past few days starting from my birthday and for the next two days, i'm very tired so that's why i'm not responding to anything
1 Year ago

The fact that this hashtag even exists in the first place is just... It's disappointing
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny Squirtle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #128)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

1 Year ago
late night genshin stream

archon quest part 3
1 Year ago
WOOOOO!! Anon, I've found you!
"I highly doubt you will be able to figure out who I am but here are a few hints I tend to have problems sleeping, I don’t talk much, you are on my friend list, I almost always send the same message on plushies no matter who I send them to, and I really like music. Good luck finding me." Next two Skygifts are in comments :)

Hello, SmolBeanRey! Everything matches, including what actually led me to you in the first place, the two matching "Happy crisis" plushies! I scoured so many userprofiles looking through plushie messages, it might've been because I don't think I've gotten many from you; great hints, but so hard to find! Thank you for the plushies and skygifts, I'm coming for you next borders and plates anon ;O
1 Year ago
"I asked if it was pretty, who cares if it means i love you smh" - isn't the moon pretty anon

oh would you look at that it's daytime there is no moon >:(((
1 Year ago
"Isn't the moon pretty tonight?~"
anon do you know what this means 😭 you must, right?? it's an indirect way of saying i love you PLEASE

ty for hints, borders and plates guy and anon that has sent me two skygifts, perhaps that may be enough but idk
one word hint anon i don't think- i don't think that's enough but... i will try
and hallo meow bai anon, interesting but i doubt i'll be able to find you lol
1 Year ago
back from camping!! feels good to be sitting at my desk again with internet

i downloaded food fantasy and tears of themis and i immediately have to download 3 and a half gigs for them great thanks
1 Year ago
thanks to all the anons sending skygifts, will be trying to find all of you ;o these hints are really good but they're really hard to find especially things like specific traits since there's no good way to search feeds lol
1 Year ago
"here’s another anon, good luck
No hints at all"

nervous laughter uh
i'm sorry mobius you didn't send it anonymously-
1 Year ago

also all of the sky gifts i've gotten have been anonymous this is amazing, time to get on the case 🔎 unless you're "bean soup is gud" anon LMAOOO
1 Year ago
Disclaimer: If you send me an anonymous Skygift with a hint or riddle on it for me to figure out who you are, I'll post it in feeds and namedrop you ;o sorry to the anon that already sent one!! But I think I already know who you are :D

"Hehe, you don't know me, but guess anyway
I type like this
On separate lines
And my username starts with T"

Drumroll please... I think you're ThatNinetalesTrainer!
- typing on separate lines
- capitalization
- username starts with a T
- has me added to friendlist

If it's not you uhhhhhhhhhhhh
1 Year ago
SKY GIFTS!! sky gifts i love you, tracking down anons was the most fun thing ever
1 Year ago
and it's done! join the genshin fanclub! pls i need people to talk to
1 Year ago


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