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Danganronpa: Murder Syrup And Whales AU

Forum-Index Roleplay Private RP Danganronpa: Murder Syrup And Whales AU
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Posted: Sun, 22/01/2023 22:08 (2 Months ago)
Welcome, welcome, to Danganronpa: Blood and Water! Except, with a slight twist. Ahem. You may use any of your OCs from last round or this round, and yourselves as characters!

Danganronpa: Murder Syrup And Whales AU

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Serendibite (ULTIMATE STORY WRITER) [She/Her, They/Them, He/Him, It/Its]

Kowai Kurai (ULTIMATE ???) [She/Her]

Mei Akamatsu (ULTIMATE GAMBLER(?) [She/Her, They/Them]

Idris Kallikrates (ULTIMATE LINGUIST) [He/Him, They/Them]

Dorky Monroe (ULTIMATE LYRICIST) [He/Him]

Ignis (ULTIMATE GREMLIN) (???) [She/Her]



Daiko Ukatara (ULTIMATE ARCHER) [They/Them, He/Him, She/Her, It/Its]

Suzume Fujimori (ULTIMATE SCIENTIST) [She/Her]

Koun no Megami (ULTIMATE CRYPTOLOGIST) [She/Her]


Akari Xenauta (ULTIMATE ENGINEER) [He/Him]

Amano Tetsuo (ULTIMATE DIRECTOR) [He/Him]

Hisoka Yamanaku (ULTIMATE JEWELER) [He/Him]

Kaoru Kajiwara (ULTIMATE CHILD CARETAKER) [She/Her, They/Them]

Kubo Atsushi (ULTIMATE DETECTIVE) [He/Him]

Lucian Arbred (ULTIMATE THERAPIST) [He/Him]

Temmus Gaylord (ULTIMATE ENTHUSIAST) [They/Them, She/Her, Zey/Zem, It/Its, pretty much any]

You cry (about how bad this signature is). Screaming is against the rules.

Knowing that you are with the person you love more than anything and that that person loves you too… it fills you with DETERMINATION❤️.
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Posted: Thu, 26/01/2023 00:52 (1 Month ago)



So this was "Hope's Peak"? Sounds dumb... Looked even dumber. Who the hell would even need a school this extravagant anyways? It was a goddamn school, nobody needed this... What, did 1 too many snobby rich kids complain that their high school wasn't "exquisite" and "fancy" enough? Ugh... The longer she looked at the large building, the more she wanted to gag, run away, whatever to show her disgust for whatever this was. Then again, the more she looked at it, the more hilarious jokes came to mind. What an odd feeling... Joking about something that made you sick to the stomach... Whatever, she was here now, she'd be stupid to turn back. Sure, she was already set financially due to her success, but something about education and "her plans for the future" or whatever made her feel obligated to go. Besides, not like Mei could turn down something she was practically forced into. She'd been invited here after one of her biggest matches yet was recognized, and the letter she received wasn't exactly... friendly. Ugh.

Mei stood before the gates of Hell, the only thing she saw this place as, and pulled out her ID card. She had fiddled with it on her walk here, accidentally cutting herself on the clasps she had loosened. How she managed to do that, Mei did not know, but she was fine with it nonetheless. She stared at the finger cradling a bead of crimson, staring back at the purple-haired student like it was taunting her. She lifted her finger to her lips, gently licking the blood off of it. Yum.

Anyone unfortunate to watch would've probably been a little grossed out, but Mei didn't care. She just cared about having a little fun. Not like this school would do anything to help with that, so she already made the decision to brute force the fun. She could do that, right?

With her hopes low, and her motivation even lower, she took the first reluctant step forwards to the school that awaited her.

Mei Akamatsu : ID#420 | Ultimate Gambler

Yup, that's what it read on her card. The same card she had to show to gain access to the building. How annoying, the lanyard was kinda itchy...

What was even more annoying was the fact that she got a blow straight to the back of her head, one that she knew was coming, but too slow to react to. Ugh... Why'd they have to be so sneaky about it? If they wanted her unconscious, they could've just told her, she would just find a shady spot to lie down in and fall asleep. She woke up way too early for this, she much preferred sleeping over getting a giant knot on her head. Oh well.


Well this was... Grander than he originally thought. The building was large, obviously well-kept, and the architecture was pretty damn cool. Akari had always been a sucker for those kinds of things, even if he didn't show any interest in anything. There was hardly any people here either, perfect. Yeah, sure, it was a little suspicious that the courtyard wasn't bustling with students, but he was fine with it. Besides, Akari had heard that this place was reserved only for Ultimates, those who perfected their craft and reached the top, and he bet it was pretty damn hard to get a hold of a large group of them.

Akari didn't see himself deserving to be one of the people here, he was filthy and poor, working in his dad's old shed to barely scrape by. His clothes were constantly covered in filth and grease, the fingerless gloves he dearly cherished ripped at the tips. Sure, he definitely took pride in his work, but it wasn't nearly as good as what everyone else here had accomplished. All the students going here had actually done something worthwhile, they contributed to society. Hell, one of them was a time traveler for heaven's sake! He hadn't done anything, not anything worth noticing at least. He was a nobody, his name only known to his clients. How he got here, he was unsure, but might as well make the most of it...

Akari Xenauta : ID#924 | Ultimate Engineer

He felt slightly proud of himself for doing the minimal amount of research for his fellow classmates, even if his face said "kill me now". He at least knew a bit more about everyone, everyone he should stay away from. That list contained... Pretty much everyone, honestly, but that got him through life better than most other tactics. He was fine being alone most of the year, he had nothing to say anyways. He'd bet no one would talk to him in the first place anyways, they had better things to do.

Akari took his first steps into the school, only to be met with something coming right at his face. Of course, it hit him, knocking the poor guy out instantly. This was gonna be fun, wasn't it...


Standing in front of Hope's Peak was... Jarring to say the least. It was extravagant, large, and all sorts of grand things that could describe a, well... School.

That's all it was, really. An overexaggerated school, looking all grand and fancy to probably compensate for something. Reimi looked up at it with a small groan, obviously not too enthusiastic about it. He just wanted to get this done and over with, go to school then get the f**k home and never deal with this s**t again. Besides, he just woke up from the grave and wasn't in a good mood.

...To be honest, Reimi was never in a good mood, but whatever. He sighed as he took out his badge, staring at it for a bit before shrugging and using it to let him into the damn school.

Reimi Xenauta : ID#066 | Ultimate Escape Artist

The ID looked a little... Off, but he wasn't going to pay attention to it longer than he needed to. A school for the Ultimates, huh... Seemed like s**t and probably was s**t, his excitement levels were all the way in hell right now, just like his face.

...Wait, huh? A slight gust of wind grazed the skin on his ears, but next he found himself face-planted on the ground like an absolute idiot.

How embarrassing.


...So this was it, huh? Hope's Peak, a prestigious high school for the elite, the best of the best. The exterior was fascinating, she had to admit. It was a big ass school that probably had all sorts of outrageously complex secrets, nooks and crannies, rooms that probably didn't have a purpose, stuff of that matter. It was a little intimidating, for sure, and the faint feeling of dread Daiko felt as she stood at the gates was almost enough to make her throw in the towel and call it a day.

But, well, she was kinda forced into this, whether she liked it or not, so might as well make the most of it. Right? Besides, it couldn't be that bad, it was a school of the elite, so it had to be worth it. People who graduated were pretty much set for life after all, that's what this school promised and that's what Daiko hoped to get.

Oh screw the optimism, this was going to suck. Her omniscience senses were tingling and the feeling of dread only got heavier as she stared at the school before her. Besides, a school for the best? That was just a cesspool of jerks just waiting to happen. She didn't doubt that some of the students would be total stuck-up snobs, or overly enthusiastic or something. And, god, the people, just the thought of there being people was enough to make her grimace.

The more and more Daiko thought about it, the more and more she regretted ever coming. The archer was already thinking about the worst and she hadn't even stepped foot past the gates of Hell. Then again... Thinking of the worst was what got her this far in the first place, wasn't it? If you thought about the worst, you'd have lower expectations, and you'd know what to avoid, right? It was a motivation of sorts, a way of telling herself that "this is the worst you can do, do better and you'll never see that outcome", and it worked.

Crazy how pessimism worked, wasn't it?

Speaking of pessimism... Certainly, she could be excluded from this, just this once? I mean, Daiko's self-esteem was lower than Akari's, and that's saying something. She was just a nobody with a stick and a string, nothing more nothing less. She wasn't an interesting person in the slightest, she had no personality, no good qualities, her social skills were worse than her ability to use her head for once, and so, so many more detrimental things she could say about herself were just piling up in her head. She groaned and pulled out her ID card, something that she scowled at every time she looked at it, and walked forward.

Daiko Ukatara : ID#215 | Ultimate Archer

Pfft, "Ultimate Archer" my ass... Daiko scoffed upon looking at it again, bitterness and disgust filling her face as she swiped it. She was just good with a bow and arrow, that's all, wasn't like she was the "best" at it... Daiko didn't see themselves as a man of many talents, or any good qualities, really. Calling them the "Ultimate Archer" just left a bad taste in their mouth, and she preferred if she didn't run into anyone who actually cared about talents.

Honestly, she hoped she wouldn't have to talk to anyone during her time here. She just wanted to graduate and get out, not even dare try to dabble in with friendships and such. Not like anyone would want to be friends with her anyways, but whatever.

And with that, and a deep breath later, Daiko Ukatara took another step forward aaannndd...


She was hit by Tinkaton's ungodly hammer, something she could only dream of. Well, lucky for her, it was a reality now. This was going great so far.

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Posted: Thu, 26/01/2023 01:22 (1 Month ago)

Dorky Monroe's POV

"So if you need a failure,
You can ask where the nearest is,
I'll say, "Look no further, than your favourite lyricist"
Me! The kid waking up from a dream
Realizing his music is the worst he's ever seen,
And who cares if it was from when he was fifteen?
It deserves the same judgment,
It deserves the same judgment
God, it's so hard to be good for your age!
When you know that your work's not good enough for the stage,
You got the skills of an idiot who got too much praise,
And your whole damn career just turns into a phase
And the fire in your heart is beginning to fade…"

…oh my Aubrey. Am I really here? Am I REALLY here?

Dorky Monroe thought he'd dreamt that letter. Hallucinated it, even! He never could have dreamed he'd wind up here! He was absolutely ECSTATIC!

– and also, kinda terrified! Actual interaction with HUMAN BEINGS? Oh, dude, he hadn't done this in a while. And like, school stuff interaction?

Was like being Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote, and your throat would freeze up at the slightest word- or you'd spurt out loads of word-vomit and SHBLAM, IT'S IN PIECES! They're all staring at you!!

But his heartbeat quickened and a beam drew its way onto his face. Maybe he could be somebody here! Maybe he could… somehow MAKE FRIENDS here? Maybe he could make people happy here!

Maybe they'd all LIKE HIM and what he had to offer the world!

Briefly, Dorky recalled the last couple of weeks. He'd desperately found every skin care tip he could so he'd HOPEFULLY be acne-less at school, because acne sucks. He'd desperately researched every social convention he could think of, and thought up hundreds of potential conversation topics, which he rehearsed in his head with people of various personalities.

You assess the people, you get inside their heads. What motivates them, what do they fear? What do they love, what do they loathe?

And then you play into that and you shed the masks and it's all just one big joyful, musical comradery of friendship and tulips and happily ever afters, fuzzy ducklings and healings and beginnings, never endings!! Or so he thought.

His knees banged together in excitement. He didn't know, really, why he had been scouted as the Ultimate Lyricist. But he'd been told people loved the passion, the soul, the heartfelt emotion that he bled onto the pages. Dorky had always been considered strange, and he strived to comprehend everyone from every perspective. He wanted to help other people feel understood, in a way he never did.

Ohwowohwowohwow! This was going to be such a big adventure! What talented people would he meet here? Maybe they… even had a music club of some sort! Maybe instead of being bullied and stared at, people would love and appreciate his music, just like some already had!

Things could be beautiful here. Absolutely beautiful…

And maybe… His face lit up with a flush and a nervous little laugh. He'd even fall in love?

Dorky had always regretted he'd never gotten to have your "ordinary human social life". Few to no irl friends, moving, moving, moving… forced into utter isolation.

The closest thing he'd ever had to a date was that one outing with a girl who probably thought he was weird because honestly people usually tended to think of him as weird and she kinda only liked girls anyway so there was no point of thinking about–

School sounded so overwhelming. But he was so excited to meet the people there!! And… it'd be nice to, well… maybe experience some thingies of the teenage years. That he'd never gotten to experience before…

Before he'd have to inevitably do human being adult stuff.

He pulled out his student ID card and scanned it. Dorky Monroe, Ultimate Lyricist #749. He felt it in-between his fingers, hardly daring to believe it to be real.

Wow, that was strange, he noted, with a look at the ID. Could have been a coincidence, but was that number his tritype?

He didn't get to think about it another moment, as the gate creaked open, before he suddenly felt lightheaded. Momentarily, he pondered if this was due in part to how he ate at such random intervals. But that was not the reason.

Dorky Monroe faceplanted onto the pavement. And little did he know, that this school, Hope's Peak Academy… the one he was so very excited about – could be the place the Ultimate Lyricist composed his final piece. His own swan song.

Suzume Fujimori's POV

"I come from scientists and atheists and White men who kill God
They make technology, high quality, complex, physiological
Experiments and sacrilege in the name of public good
They taught me everything,
Just like a daddy should!
And you were beautiful and vulnerable,
And power and success,
God, damn I fell for you, your flamethrowers
Your tunnels and your tech!
I studied code because I wanted
To do something great like you,
And the real tragedy is half of it was true!"

The Ultimate Scientist panted and puffed as she ran to Hope's Peak Academy. This was abnormal. She was ONLY THREE MINUTES EARLY!

Oh, wow. She was REALLY behind on her game today, wasn't she? She took a breath and pulled out her I.D. card thoughtfully.

This was it. This was the Ultimate Scientist's chance for greatness.

She'd make her parents proud here. She might learn a lot here. And when she graduated... she could become one of the world's greatest scientists. That people would speak of for years to come.

Or, at least, I'll try my best. Suzume frowned thoughtfully. For some strange reason, she had a bad feeling about this place.

Was she worried that it would be harder than Oxford? Maybe. This was a school for Ultimates. THE Ultimates. Who knew what could go wrong here?

Still, could things go any worse than...

Suzume shook her head. No, she couldn't think of that.

Slowly, she pulled out her ID card from her bag that didn't have a notebook, a note, and a cocoa cup in it, because why would those be there?. Suzume Fujimori, Ultimate Scientist #836.

Yes, that was her. But she wasn't going to be number #836 when she left this place. She was going to be number one.

There would never be a greater scientist.

If everything went according to plan.

She scanned the ID card, and Suzume felt herself growing lightheaded. Okay, so maybe she stayed up a bit too late studying for-


The glasses slid off the front of her face, as she met the ground, unconscious. ...but little did she know, she might never live up to her potential.

Kowai Kurai's POV

"Ever since she was a child
She always knew how to get her way
Just act a little bit wild
And someone will surely come to play
It's a truth she took to heart
But humility and patience didn't come with age
She's born to play this part
A diva's always center stage"

A perfectly ordinary, innocent girl made her way to Hope's Peak Academy. A cheerful, good-hearted smile, with a tinge of offness upon her face. If you didn't get it already, this young lady was truly a sweetheart, who had never done anything wrong in her life.


She already had her facial expression prepped. She already knew the ways she'd walk. The ways she'd react. The ways she'd move her hands, the way she'd listen in on their words.

Hoarding the information, ever so greedily, for her own reasons.

She didn't let her face betray her. You never knew who might be watching.

Such a lovely smile, with such lovely thoughts.

Hope's Peak Academy, hm?

What a fascinating place. Probably full of fascinating absolutely pathetic foolish, foolish people.

She'd find her way here. Kowai Kurai always had a way with people.

...well. Most people.

Damn him. Just who did he think he was? He should have died in that fire.

Aww, I love him! I hope he's well. ...why doesn't he love me?

Kowai blinked away her intrusive thoughts, as she withdrew her ID card, looking at it thoughtfully. She checked it, to ensure it wasn't some sort of sharp weapon. Or trap. You never knew with everything.

...you never knew who might be secretly seeking to slit your throat.

And as she lost consciousness in front of those gates...

She silently wondered if she had been outsmarted by someone just like that.

Had she? Only time would tell.

Lucian Arbred's POV

"I'm ready, she said, as she put on her shoes
And I'm down to forget, if you'll say it's true
And those drapes on the wall
Can't shut out the silence
Does it suck that I'm not so predictable?
To me, evergreen wasn't such a bad dream,
Oh, and sometimes things aren't, as plain as they seem,
When I go,
Bury me six feet in snow!
Here we are, wasting our chances for the last time...
Oh, and when we go, I'll try not to be so slow..."

Lucian Arbred stared at the fabled Hope's Peak Academy with a certain guarded curiosity, and he pondered what could come of this future he would soon experience. As he walked these halls, as he met the people within...

Ultimates. Fellow Ultimates.

Lucian had never known he would someday become talented. A person like him... Under circumstances like that...

Well. People never expected you to amount to anything.

And here he was, standing outside Hope's Peak Academy. It didn't feel completely real.

He wanted to look at this experience with sparks of light and hope in his eyes. He wanted to breathe in the air in deep excitement, and yet...

Why did this impending dread hang in the air?

Lucian supposed it had always been there. From the time he was young.


He had a strange feeling. That...

He wasn't important. Of course, he wasn't important. But...

He had a strange feeling that he might be needed here.

And that something, or someone, was out there... Plotting to kill him.

He slowly pulled his pocket knife from his bag... Backbiter, it was called. He shuddered. It had been said it could wound both solid humans, and beings that were... Supernatural in nature. Less than mortal.

Of course, as much as Lucian loved various myths, it was just silly to think of them as true. Right?

He glanced around. It almost felt like there was someone there... Lurking in the shadows. But he couldn't see a thing. All he could hear was the faint rustle of the breeze, but even that was enough to make him flinch.

Perhaps it was just... The way things always were, that made Lucian feel so paranoid. He put Backbiter away in his bag, and withdrew his ID card.

It would be alright. Things would be alright here. Maybe he could really help some people out here...

Lucian Arbred, Ultimate Therapist #414.

He slid his ID card to open the gate, letting out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding in. As it creaked open, Lucian tucked the card back into his bag. He adjusted his scarf, and slowly took a step forward...

Before promptly, and silently, falling unconscious.

You cry (about how bad this signature is). Screaming is against the rules.

Knowing that you are with the person you love more than anything and that that person loves you too… it fills you with DETERMINATION❤️.
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Posted: Thu, 26/01/2023 23:03 (1 Month ago)

Temmus Gaylord

How the hell did I even get here? I don't have a fucking talent.

They stood in front of the grand school.

I guess I'm better than average at... something, I guess.

They gave a sigh, rummaging through their backpack. Snacks, books, and various other materials parted by their hand.

Where the hell did this goddamn card...

Their thoughts trailed off as they focused on getting the card. Eventually, they produced a small plastic item from their bag. A letter fell out, distracting them from the item at hand. They stared at the letter, remembering when they first received it in the mail. They shoved the letter into the bag again, before swiping their card.

Temmus Gaylord, Ultimate Enthusiast #3.14

Before they had a chance to enter through the gates, they were sprawled on the ground.

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Posted: Fri, 27/01/2023 18:56 (1 Month ago)

Kubo Atsushi

"I don't know what they want." Kubo raked his nails over his hands. Blood beaded up, spreading over the skin. He jabbed his hand into his pocket, and brought the other up to his mouth.

He gnawed on it, already tasting blood. "I don't know what they want, I don't know what they WANT!" His teeth sank into the flesh of his fingers. He closed his eyes against the sensation. "Nobody knows. I don't know, they don't know. We're all fine. We're all going to Hope's Peak."

Oh. Right. Hope's Peak.

He blinked his eyes open.

Right right. He was here, at the academy. He'd been planning for this all morning.

This was where he'd make friends. Where he'd see Kaoru again.

He looked for his hand once more, but it was in his pocket. And in his pocket, he had his ID. He needed that to check into the gate.

"Gate. Gate, gate..." He ran his hand over the screen.

Panic attack was over. He inserted it. #ID237.

How perfect. Safe, where he'd be reintegrated into society. He could have friends here. And Kaoru could too. This would all be fine now.

Kubo Atsushi. The Ultimate Detective.

What a nice title. Nobody would judge him for it...

His nails dug into his palm. He pushed the gate with his free hand. It opened easy. Not a creak to be heard.

He smiled and continued through.

Kaoru Kajiwara

My name is Kaoru Kajiwara. I am the Ultimate Child Caretaker.

She ran through it. Simple and to the point. Open, inviting people to trust her. Available to form bonds, not a target. Your friend or the person who sat in the back of your class- you could make your choice.

But it didn't work. Not quite. It was too lifeless. Too empty.

With her breath in one hand, and her student id clutched in the other, Kaoru stood in front of Hope's Peak Academy. Wind inhaled, stirring her pin, then exhaled, rattling the trees towering overhead. Each shake opened up the sky further- a gaping mouth, sucking in all people who ignored its whistle.

"I hear you," she murmured. "You are mine, and I am yours."

Kaoru swiped her ID through the scanner. The lock released with a click, her own face flashing over the screen. Kaoru, Kajiwara it said. #ID101. The Ultimate Child Caretaker.

Yeah, right.

She pushed the gate open. It sang in tune with the wind- a whole world of noise, a whole person of screams. The crunch of those broken branches behind you. Everything swirled together, a cacophony of noise, delivering one message alone.

Behind you.

Kaoru whipped around.

Something bashed into the side of her skull.

The ground met her. Some kind of pain was going on in the back of her head. And her eyes- Oh, oh, she couldn't see very well. Black skittered over her face. She could see her nose. Was that blood?

She stared at her pin. An ant ran over it. One last caress. One last person saying "I'll miss you."

The Ultimate Child Caretaker. Your killer, your lover, your friend. Is there where she will die?

I don't really mind that. And without seeing the person crouching over her, she slipped into unconsciousness.

Amano Tetsuo

Amano was going to the school of his dreams, and his first thought was that he had to go to the bathroom. Of course such things took urgency less than arriving on time! Time was money and time was more important than one's urinary needs.

Such sacrifices he made! He would go to the toilets after the opening ceremony, because he was a Hope's Peak Academy student and-

An enormous bat smashed into the side of his head.

He slammed into the ground. An ID slowly fluttered down after him, spinning in lazy circles. Amano Tetsuo: ID#911 | Ultimate Director

Hisoka Yamanaku

Hisoka was tired. The kind of bone-dragging weariness that sunk into your depths, dragging you down like the cunning predator it was. An inch down, an inch at a time.

Something he would continue to resist until his deathbed. After all... he was a Yamanaku. His father could attest to that.

When Hisoka couldn't.

He slid his ID through the gate, making note of the details on it. Perhaps it'd be important- even the stamp might need to be memorized for future forgeries, in the event that he needed someone in his debt. Against his will, his eyes also ran over his own name and talent.

He should know that by now, shouldn't he?

But still, it stuck in his brain. The lies.

Hisoka Yamanaku: ID#636 | Ultimate Jeweller

And with only two steps into the academy, he was falling- Hisoka Yamanaku, Ultimate Jeweller had been attacked- and he could already taste blood in his mouth.

He curled up on the ground and prayed to die. His killer stood, silhouetted by the sun. He knew who it was. Takashi Yamanaku.

Father, he thought. Do you really want me dead... so badly?

And he slipped into unconsciousness.


Honestly, I was kinda sick and done of all this bullshit by the time I reached the school. I made a lot of dumbass mistakes. Of course I had to trip on the bus on the way in, and spill my Dr. Pepper everywhere. Of course I had to sit next to a rando with our school uniform- who was absolutely crazy.

He kept singing about "Hope's Peak Academy" and "Ultimate Directors" and having to go to the bathroom.

In essence, my life sucked.

But today was a monumental day, so I decided to try and think positively about it. I had guys with school spirit who were weirder than me! I had half a bottle of Dr. Pepper that I overpaid for at 7-11! I had lost the will to live with all this forced positivity!

Soo... yeah. Not good.

I sighed as I trudged up to Hope's Peak Academy. I shifted my backpack on my shoulder as I fumbled for my ID. I'd practically cherished the thing- it was so weird and sci-fi esc to need photo id to get into school. Seeing the talent though...

That always made my cheeks warm. The one thing I'd always been proud of... knowing it'd been enough, that I'd withstood everything long enough to make it okay... Well, in this universe I was a good writer. And knowing that I was called one from a super critical institution made me feel good.

...provided it wasn't just pity. I'm a teenager, okay? I have low self esteem. I don't know.

I swiped the ID and saw it come up on the screen. Serendibite: ID#666 | Ultimate Story Writer

I smiled. Perfect. Everything here was just... perfect. This was Danganronpa, and this was my new world. Everything had been left behind when I woke up here.

No more annoying brother with stupidly extensive typology knowledge. No more pushy parents with a superiority complex. No more me, failing at everything, unable to grasp the most ridiculous concepts.

No more.

I took the first step into Hope's Peak Academy and then yeet yeet, I learned that this life sucked.


I woke up in the gym, surrounded by what must've been like... 14 people? 15? I didn't remember Danganronpa that well, so I wasn't sure how many should be here-

Oh wait.

My memories hit me like a truck.

I was isekaied here.




Danganronpa was a murder mystery.

Fuck this shit, I should've gotten Pepsi.
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I stopped before stepping into 'Hope's Peak', wheezing like a chicken with asthma.

"Why....the....hell....am....I....so.....unfit..." I gasped in between breaths. "When....I have the opportunity....I'm going to the...gym."

I stared at Hope's Peak with awe and terror. Mostly terror.

I clutched at my shirt, doubling over, and wheezed one last time before I stood up and decided to stop embarrassing myself. There wasn't anyone around, but still.

There wasn't anyone around.

My eyes widened. Oh sweet mother of Mary, was I late?

Late for my first day at Hope's Peak?

I sprinted towards the gate, almost tripping over my shoelaces in the process.

"ID...ID....where the hell is my ID-"

I scrambled to look in my rucksack. No luck.

I checked the ground. No luck.

I sunk to my knees and-


I was already clutching it in my hand.

I'm so clever.

I swiped the ID, and was greeted with-

Ignis: ID #505 | Ultimate Moral Compass

Simple, plain, boring.

Ignis summed up in three words.

I stepped forward and-

Was transported to Narnia via a painful whack to the head.

Idris Kallikrates

A pale hand swept thick black curls of hair back. The hand was slightly shaking. Then they slipped into their usual spot in jean pockets.

"Oh boy." A voice whispered, the small hints of an accent. Hard to detect where from, though.

"Hope's Peak Academy....such a dumb name for a school. Hope? Hope for what? Hope to get out of here as quickly as possible?" The sharp voice hissed.

"Hopefully my stay will be brief and short. I hate class."

They cursed. "Where the-" The voice stopped to briefly curse, "-is my ID?"

Idris Kallikrates : #ID256 | The Ultimate Linguist.

"Now that this is over and done with-" Idris was cut short.

A sudden blinding pain blossomed in his skull. He yelled but no one heard. His vision went black as he crumpled on the floor.

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Dorky Monroe's POV

"So, teach and tell me
Teach and tell me
The way these things work out
Is someone else in me?
Just waiting to break free?
The world keeps twisting – still it's twisting without an end in sight
You laugh and smile at me, but you don't see a thing"

A black-and-white robotic bear waved his arms with a shout. "Upupuuuu!~ Rise and shine, rise and shine! My dear students! Come onnn! I've got a ton of kids I gotta drive to Axing Classes, and a divorce to try to talk my wife out of, I don't have all dayyyy!"

Dorky, the probable deuteragonist of this story, due to his lack of social skills, and given his semi-prominent ahoge, woke up with a groan. Why did his head hurt so much? Ah, it was probably the lack of water he'd ingested lately. He blinked awake inside... whoa. This was odd. He didn't usually faint, had he ingested Peace Tea recently? And there was a monochromatic... robotic bear, screaming at everybody?

Okay. Maybe this was another one of Dorky's whacky Happy Meal Care Bears dreams again.

Why had he used that phrase to refer to it? Idk man, random, XD. Bananas.

"U-Um... h-hello, bear. Nice to meet you. Am I... dreaming this, or?"

No, wait. Scratch that. Dorky Monroe wasn't usually able to speak or move inside of his dreams. Aaand, actually, they were usually a lot whackier than this.

"A-Also, question. Do you... talk your wife out of divorcing you all the time, orrr?"

Monokuma bonked Dorky on the head. "HEY! NO, I DON'T!! And no intrusive questions! And no, you're not dreaming this! Jeez, are they all as stupid as him?"

Dorky winced. Okay, wow. He was used to getting insulted, but somehow it hurt even more when it was by a maniacal, clearly insane monochromatic bear.

"Can... I pet you?" Dorky asked, not sure how to respond to this.

Suzume Fujimori's POV

A very annoyed scientist awoke. She blinked, and saw a monochromatic bear in the room.

"Oh, no," she muttered. "I do believe I'm on drugs."

Monokuma groaned and shook his head. "Why does everyone think thaaaat?"

Suzume ignored him. She looked about the room. It seemed these other people, whoever they were... fellow Ultimates, maybe?... were slowly waking up around her. Assuming this was all real.

Were they... inside Hope's Peak Academy? Why had they all collapsed on the gymnasium floor?

And why was there this deranged robotic bear talking to them? Maybe only she could see him.

Oh, wait, no. There was this dork in glasses asking to f**king pet the thing. The hell?

"I wouldn't advise that. It's probably not very pleasant to pet, and it might kill you if you try."

"DAMN RIGHT I WILL!" Monokuma exclaimed, stomping his foot. "Honestly! Learn to behave!"

The dork in round glasses let out a whimper. "Just oooonce, please?"

He spotted Suzume, and his eyes brightened. "WHOA! Is that a labcoat?! I've- I've always wanted one of those!" He started waving his hands around, and Suzume held up a hand.

"Stop. Stopstopstop. Can we just wait for everyone to wake up for five minutes?"

Kowai Kurai's POV

Kowai Kurai awoke, beaming with those empty eyes, the color of dried blood. She let out a yaaaaawn. "Ohhhh, hiii, bear-bot thingy! Is it just me, or..."

Wow, he looks familiar, somehow.

"Gosh, how'd we all get here? This is weird!"

And surprisingly, NOT my fault! ...probably.

Suzume shrugged. "Don't ask me, ask the monochromatic maniac I hoped I was hallucinating."

Lucian Arbred's POV

Lucian blinked his eyes open. Oh, no. What was he doing here?

Let me guess, I'm being ransomed. Again.

Well, he wasn't completely wrong, now, was he?

He looked around and he saw there were... a lot of other people in the room with him. Who had all apparently collapsed on the floor. There was this one boy who looked way too hyper, excited, and nervous all at the same time, and who couldn't seem to stop moving.

There was this girl with... a curious and slightly unnerving smile.

And someone in glasses who looked completely done with this sh*t.

Aaaand... a girl on the floor, who seemed to be just waking up now.

...and countless others, strewn throughout the room, who hadn't yet awoken.

Lucian sighed. What was going on here? Were they all inside Hope's Peak Academy?

He could only hope that nothing bad was happening.

Mika Uyehara's POV

Mika Uyehara awoke with a start, to see a robotic bear in front of him. He couldn't help but wonder what the thing's machinery looked like on the inside.

...oh. And it could talk, too?

Was this real? Bears couldn't talk. I mean, robotic bears could.

And here he was, in a room of... people. People. Great.

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Okay, so, great. I'd been isekaied into a murder game. I knew kinda how I'd survive this. Puppet master this shit. That'd work out... probably.

Like how it worked out for Kokichi? And for Tsumugi? And literally everyone else?

I sighed inside. Well, at least I was alone with some fairly predictable characters. This would be fine, I just had to make a good first impression...

"WoAH! Is that a lab coat?"

I paled rapidly.

Oh god no.


"DORKY!" I yelled.
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Temmus Gaylord

What. the. fuck.

I stared at the ceiling of a very orange gymnasium.

"Don't ask me, ask the monochromatic maniac I hoped I was hallucinating."

Someone's been practicing their alliterations. I sat up, looking around as I noticed a very robotic bear. I swear, today refuses to give me a break.

"Can I go the fuck home?"


Megami sat up, wondering what the hell was going on.

Am I hallucinating? I don't remember taking any drugs, but I suppose drugs could've messed up my memory.

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And of course, Mei just had to wake up to screaming and other foolishness that she was in too much pain to deal with. She got up, rubbing the knot in the back of her head with a sour look on her face, and mumbled curses for a few seconds as she looked around. So much chattering... So much nonsense... There was a black and white bear screeching at everyone, and Mei was not a fan of it. She groaned and fell back to the floor, still muttering curses as she sat there, looking like she wished she was dead.


Akari woke up abruptly, acting like he was in the middle of danger and sleeping was a crime. After he calmed himself down and quickly assessed the situation, he started to groan, his hands immediately going to his ears to drown out the noise. So much talking, so much screeching, his poor ears couldn't handle it. He simply decided to lie there and close his eyes, listening to the chatter beyond the poor excuse for earplugs that were his hands.

...Wait, is that... Is that what he thought he saw?! No... No they were dead, long dead. His eyes... Yeah, they must be deceiving him. He didn't want to lift his head to take another look, but...

Slowly but surely, his hands fell off his head and placed themselves on the ground, and Akari lifted his head up and faced in the direction of...


Oh god. It was him.

He set his head back down and closed his eyes, then raised his hands to cover them. How the hell...

Akari felt light-headed, his mind raced with the possibilities.

Horatia, what the f**k did you do?


Reimi woke up unpleasantly yet again, groaning as he opened his eyes only to see...

The roof of a gymnasium, staring back at him. Where the hell was he? All he did was let his eyes wander before finally moving his head, sitting up from the floor and rubbing the knot that was made on his head. Unsurprisingly, he heard absolutely none of the bulls**t that was going on, and he didn't even look fazed when his eyes landed on a black and white bear.

Oh goodie, this looked like it was going to be so much fun.

Out of the corner of his eye though, he noticed a familiar green mop of hair under a beanie he used to see every day.


He turned his head slowly, only to find that he was laying n the floor, looking as miserable as always. He rolled his eyes and decided to force himself to stand up, as painful as it was. He took a moment to stretch before stuffing his hands in the pockets of his coat, then walked over to where Akari was.

Geez... As pathetic as ever, aren'tcha... The hell you doin still on the floor? Get up, why don'tcha...

He reached his hand out to Akari with a disappointed and rough look on his face, nd he didn't even notice due to his sulking.


Oh f**k this. What the hell was going on, why was she even here. She better not have been drugged, that s**t sucked. How long was she even out?? My god... Waking up looking like s**t in front of like... I dunno, 18 other people? Was really embarrassing, Daiko just wanted to crawl into a corner and stay there, never to come out. She didn't want to be talked to by any of these people anyways, they all looked weird and some of them were already talking too much... Ugh, could someone just end her misery already?

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Dorky Monroe's POV

Dorky turned in Serendibite's direction, paling. Which was saying something, he was pale as hell already.

Oh, great Aubrey.


...and here I thought I'd finally get away from teasing, judgmental people. His face reddened. He did NOT need to be here with the person who knew about his love poems for Aubrey from OMORI!!

He slowly did finger-guns. "Heeeeeeey, Serend. How are you on this fine sweet summer child day?" he asked, laughing nervously.

"...will someone please tell me what's going on here," the lab coat girl muttered.

Suzume Fujimori's POV

Suzume pressed two fingers to her face. Was this all some strange dream? She didn't know, but what she did know was that she was SO, so done with all this.

"Is our Headmaster going to come out and greet us already? This is so unprofessional..."

"AS A MATTER OF FACT, MISS FUJIMORI, I AM YOUR HEADMASTER!" Monokuma shouted. "And I will be listened to and taken seriously, or I'll shove marshmallows up you guys' ears!"

"...that... Actually sounds kinda fascinating as a threat, honestly?" Dorky stated, blinking.


Dorky sighed.

"YOU'RE our Headmaster?" Suzume tried not to laugh. "So Hope's Peak has a robotic bear for a headmaster?"


Monokuma's POV

"You all don't know diddly-dat about squaddly-squat! Luckily, I, Monokuma, your handsome and brilliant Headmaster, who no Build-A-Bear knockoff would ever want to divorce, and the greatest father of all time, who once left his kids at the top of a mountain and let them fight to see who would make it off alive-" He adjusted a nonexistent bowtie. "Am here to teach you! You are all here for a one-of-a-kind, totally not stolen from multiple people and put onto a Pokémon website, Killing Game! Ahem. One of you fine folks is gonna have to kill each other! Bang-bang! Hehe! Orrrrr you're all trapped here forever!"

Dorky blinked. "A... Killing Game? Whoa, this is almost like one of my favorite video games, with truth bullets and investigations and--"

Monokuma slammed down a mallet he pulled out of nowhere. "SILENCE IN THE COURT!"

"A... Killing Game? With... All due respect, which is none, Monokuma, sir. This is a gym."

Dorky beamed at Suzume. "...oh my gosh. I love her already." Suzume pretended not to hear Dorky's remark.

Mika groaned. "O-Oh... Uhhh... Great. This is- a joke, right?"

"Nope!~" Monokuma chirped. "Ahhhh, and I imagine youuuu might make a great killer, with your talent, hmmm?~"

Mika glared at the bear in silence. "...I wish I could disassemble him. Right now."

"HEYY! HANDS OFF THE SCHOOL PROPERTY! JEEZ!" Monokuma put his paws on his hips.

Dorky laughed nervously. "...this... Isn't real, is it? I mean, this is cool and all, but... I don't want to watch people die. I wonder what a dead body looks like..."

"It is, Dorky Monroe! 100 purrrrrcent!" Monokuma replied, button eye shining.

"Ohhhh, NOOOO! Not a Killing Game!" Kowai whimpered. "Th-This is horrible! I can't believe this!" She burst into tears, and Lucian looked as though he couldn't help but wonder if her reaction was genuine or not. Lucian bit his lip.

"...is this..... Some sort of test? You wouldn't actually get teenagers to kill one another, would you?" Lucian asked with a frown.

"Aaaa, ahahah- nope! Totally would!" Monokuma cackled. Lucian winced. "...I should have known..."

Monokuma turned to the student who had asked to go the f*** home. "Nopes! Nosiree! No can do! Sorry, kiddinnnnn, but you're only going home if you get someone zipped up tight in a body bag!~"

Suzume frowned. "...is this even legal?"

"Yep! My laws! Courtroom, rememberrrr?"

Mika immediately faceplanted onto the floor with a groan.

Lucian was now praying to a God he may-or-may-not-believe-in due to his being agnostic.

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I sat up quickly, my hands crossed across my chest, like a dead body in a grave.

I mean, I sure looked like a dead body, hair across my face, pale skin and all that.

I blinked a couple of times to check that I wasn't in fact actually dead.

"Upupuuuu!~ Rise and shine, rise and shine! My dear students! Come onnn! I've got a ton of kids I gotta drive to Axing Classes, and a divorce to try to talk my wife out of, I don't have all dayyyy!"

"...what the hell-"

I turned around to see a short, black and white, sentient Build-A-Bear screeching about their marriage issues.

Maybe I was actually in some...strange version of Hell tailored to drive me crazy via robotic bears? It wasn't the weirdest thing that would've happened to me.

I peered at the other people that had just woken up. Strange, maybe this was some hellish group adventure we were all destined to be stuck in.

"One of you fine folks is gonna have to kill each other! Bang-bang! Hehe! Orrrrr you're all trapped here forever!"

I groaned. "Not againnn-" I whispered. "This is totally unoriginal. If I'm destined to die, at least make it...interesting. This is Hell, for goodness sake....I think-"

idris post wip
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Mei had to hold back a laugh upon hearing that this damn bear was their headmaster, he looked like he was going to be a s**tty one too... She looked at the one in the lab coat, who was apparently Suzume Fujimori. Mei had done a little research, but not really enough for her to care. Suzume Fujimori... Ultimate Scientist... Wow, who could've guessed.

The other chatterbox standing close by seemed to be someone named... Dorky? Dorky Monroe? Weird name, but alright... Ultimate... Lyricist? Huh, ok.

Mei watched the scene closely as she still laid silently on the floor, one person in particular catching her eye though. It was a girl bawling her eyes out for some reason, at the mention of a... Killing Game? Oohh, interesting... Mei liked killing, and she liked games, but she couldn't let anyone else know that. If that bear wasn't bluffing... Things could be interesting.

Kowai Kurai thought differently though, she was whining like a little baby. Oh. She was definitely faking it. Mei knew a liar when she saw one. Hey, maybe they could fake it together! She was already interested in this girl, even with how annoying her voice was, but that was fine! Mei could be annoying sometimes too~

All she did though was lay on the floor like a damn idiot, only able to look at whatever seemed to be going on.


It took the poor guy a little while to notice the tall figure now standing above him, which was surprising given how obvious it should've been. He slowly dragged his hands off his eyes and stared blankly at the older look-a-like above him, not even doing anything for a solid few seconds.

Finally, after a bit of contemplation though, he took his brother's hand and lifted himself up, now realizing that laying on the floor like he was looked pretty damn stupid. He sighed once he got up, rubbing the back of his head and still looking Reimi dead in the eyes as he tried to process what the hell was going on. One look in those judgmental eyes could say it all though, and Akari knew almost exactly what he was thinking.

Probably calling me a big ass loser right now, aren'tcha...

Akari, being the dumbass he is, completely ignore the fact that a killing game is mentioned.


Reimi sighed as he waited for his hand to be taken, grumbling at the fact that it shouldn't take this long to accept a damn hand. Once Akari finally did, he sighed and stared at him, completely ignoring the bear behind him. Of course, he had no way of knowing that he was in a killing game.

Your hands are cold. He signed harshly, but also somewhat subtly, his expression remaining unchanged from the glare he was giving Akari.

Akari seemed to flinch slightly upon realizing what Reimi was telling him, but the latter pretended not to notice. Just like how he pretended to notice the eyes that were now looking at the floor, completely away from Reimi.

"Yeah... I know..." Was his response, or at least, that's the one he interpreted. He could barely see his mouth due to it being pointed at the floor after all.

Akari how the hell are you even more awkward? I swear to god...


Kill. me. now.

F**k this shit man, why the hell did I have to get up so early? Goddammit... I could've gotten more sleep, but nOooOOoOOO, I just had to go to this stupid school, which was apparently a cover-up for a damn killing game? Ohhhh f**k this... Like yeah, sure, I wanted to die and s**t, but this was not one of the ways I wanted it to happen. God f**king dammit....

A groan was let out of my mouth as I finally had the guts to sit up and stop looking like an idiot for once, only to immediately want to lie back down and die again. Killing game... Headmaster.... Ace Attorney bulls**t or something... I dunno, I'm just spewing random thoughts out my ass. Not sure if I actually heard them or not. My eyes, without my consent, wandered around the gym to look and see who all was here. Presumably they were Ultimates, but who the hell even were they...?

As I was doing so, I noticed two green-haired dudes that seemed to look a lot alike... Talking to each other? No, they weren't talking, they were signing. Oh great... Just when I thought I could get away from my father's flailing hands that I couldn't be bothered to understand most of the time, I just so happened to run into more people who spoke in hands gaster moment. Oh f**k this, remind me to interact with them as little as possible. Actually, scratch that, remind me to never interact with anyone here. Not the weird purple-haired girl that hadn't even said a word yet, not the weirdo bawling her eyes out, not the energetic bundle of joy who was apparently named Dorky, not the quiet white-haired kids, no one.

Just let me go the f**k back to sleep and let me stay like that, kill me if you want, I couldn't care less. Just let me sleep forever so I wouldn't have to deal with this bulls**t.

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Title: (POST W.I.P. LMAO)

Monokuma The Awesome Handsome Headmaster's POV

"Weeeeell, anyway, kiddos! Enjoy getting to know each other! And then killing each other in various gruesome ways! Upupu! Bear well!"

Sure, maybe they wouldn't feel the pressure to kill anyone now. But if they didn't, ohhhh, Monokuma had some tricks up his nonexistent sleeves for them!

He disappeared into thin air, leaving a gym full of shocked and puzzled teenagers.

Dorky Monroe's POV

Dorky had already pulled out a notepad and pencil and scribbled out some lyrics about the event that had occurred. Honestly? He couldn't help it, he'd never been in such an interesting situation before!!

There were so many fascinating human beings here. Like ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS! Sureee, he'd very rarely spoken to kids his age, but teens were probably into the same things he was into! Like literally EVERYTHING! Dorky tried not to squeal right out loud. He did little hand gestures to himself. "Okay, you can do this, Dorky. Just use your mouth- to say words- that makes friendships happen!"

His eyes brightened upon noticing the boy who had just faceplanted onto the floor. Wow. Faceplanting. That was so cool!

He was also kinda grumpy for some reason, and Dorky was curious what he was so miserable about. Could it be a secret tragic backstory?! Dorky LOVED backstories, he wrote them for his own characters all the time!! Yes, he... He was the Ultimate Lyricist but he was also a storywriter and poetry writer and whatnot, kinda. Not that he was any good, but, haha, y'know!!

He headed over to the boy and took his hand, attempting to help him up. "H-Heyyyy, ummm, you okay?"

The boy groaned and reluctantly accepted Dorky's hand after a moment of hesitation, and Dorky helped him to stand up.

"Wow! You look, super cool, by the way! I like your hoodie! A-And your hair? IT'S LIKE A FLUFFY FORTRESS! I'm Dorky Monroe, the Ultimate Lyricist, and I totally love your whole annoyed faceplanting deal! Hi!"

Mika stared at Dorky with wide eyes, blinking rapidly.

Mika Uyehara's POV


This boy had helped him up, and said he looked super cool, and-- that he liked his hoodie and his hair, and-- what the hell was a fluffy fortress supposed to mean?! Annoyed faceplanting deal?

Mika's face flushed. This was sure unusual. Someone had freaking just gone up to him and started complimenting him, and he had... No idea what to say.

"Uhhhhh-... Ummmm... Thanks." Great job. Great job.

Dorky Monroe, huh? Like... Marilyn Monroe? And... What kind of first name was "Dorky"? It was unique, that was for sure.

Dorky beamed at him. "No problem! Y-You know!! I think we should totally be friends! What's your name?"



It was almost endearing how naïve he was.

Mika looked away. "Mika Uyehara... Ultimate..." He recalled what the bear had said earlier, and he let out a huff. "Ultimate Weapons Specialist."

Dorky gasped. "Really?! That's so cool!! Do you have like, a collection of sorts? Can I see? I love sharp things! My sister used to chase me with knives jokingly all the time!"


"I might, I might not..." But he saw the hopeful look in Dorky's eyes, and sighed. "Sure... You can see."

Dorky squealed and hugged Mika on impulse. "AAA! Thank youuuu, THANK YOU! And I can show you some of my songs I've written!! I wrote one just now, actually! You know..." Dorky paused. "Ummm, your- name! Mika, it reminds me of my old Club Penguin account. Kinda cool, if you ask me! Gosh... I miss Club Penguin..."

Mika's face reddened further. Help me.

Kowai Kurai's POV

Kowai Kurai assessed the room. She made sure to make herself look sad and worried as hell, since that was what she was going for, right?

She began to ponder what to do first. You always had to be steady and careful, nice and cautious. Don't let them see what's underneath.

Most people hadn't revealed much about themselves yet. Except for one person in particular, namely, Dorky Monroe. The Ultimate Lyricist.

Kowai would have laughed under her breath, but she kept her facial expression set. She had more self-control than that.

The boy was so childishly naïve and optimistic. The perfect target for manipulation.

Everyone else, for the most part, seemed so quiet. No one seemed to dare want to make a move.

And yet, Kowai found her eyes fixing on a purple-haired girl lying upon the floor, with a certain curiosity.

She looked a lot like him, really... And it made her want to kill her.

But she wouldn't be so hasty.

She headed right up to her. "Hello, there... This whole thing, it's so scary, isn't it? I can't believe we're all going to have to kill each other..." She clutched her hands tightly to her chest, her eyes wide with fear and horror. But there was no real emotion in those dead eyes.

Kowai hesitated to introduce herself, with a spark of curiosity in her mind. To lie, about her talent, to say something not precisely true or not precisely false? That was the question...

Lucian Arbred's POV

Lucian Arbred glanced around at the people surrounding him, and tugged at his scarf. He sighed quietly to himself.

Partially, he wanted to just keep to himself. Not make himself an easy target. But... Maybe he would be needed here. Maybe any possible murders could be prevented.

Of course, no one here would just kill an almost perfect stranger... Right?

Almost everyone seemed... Cautious. Reluctant. Uptight. Just like back home, wasn't it?

And Lucian couldn't help but wonder... Should he make a move, or not risk getting involved?

But Lucian Arbred was a prioritizer of the needs of the group. He wasn't what mattered.

He wasn't going to just approach someone, though. If they all seemed this uncomfortable.

...maybe he could try to put them at ease?

Suzume Fujimori's POV

Suzume spotted a certain boy, who seemed to be glancing around. There was something about his eyes...

No, that was a ridiculous thought. Suzume shook her head.

But for some reason or other, she felt compelled to approach him. Oh, well. It couldn't hurt, could it?

"Salutations. My name is Suzume Fujimori, the Ultimate Scientist. This is pretty crazy, isn't it? I'm still not completely convinced we aren't all under some sort of group narcotic influence. Maybe we're all in an asylum, and have completely lost it."

The thought may not have been realistic, but it amused Suzume nonetheless. To think someone had actually trapped them all here, and was forcing them to kill each other... She frowned. Who? Why? What were they aiming for?

Well. Suzume knew one thing. She wasn't going to die here. She was a survivor. She always found a way, no matter what she had to resort to.

No matter what she had to resort to...

Because that was what scientists did. They never gave up, until they found the answer.

"Lucian Arbred, the Ultimate Therapist," he replied. "...I'm not sure, really. But, I think we all need to stay calm."

Suzume nodded. "Pleasure to meet you, Lucian. A therapist, huh? Like a science of the mind. And, well, yes, quite obviously, we all need to stay calm. I mean, who here would honestly just go off and kill some stranger? It'll only happen if we actually let all the pressure get to us."

I wonder what it's like... To directly kill someone. Rather than to have her looking you in the eyes, with those eyes that KNEW. Those eyes... That knew you'd crushed her dream.

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Another groan was let out after Mei had unfortunate pleasure to see Monokuma's farewell, which came with an annoying pun as the icing on the cake... For now, Mei had absolutely no clue as to what her plan was or what she wanted to do. The floor was kinda comfy and she kinda just wanted to sleep... Too bad that Dorky kid was being really loud, so that wasn't an option.

"Hello, there... This whole thing, it's so scary, isn't it? I can't believe we're all going to have to kill each other..."

"...Huh," was the only noise Mei made, and it was quiet enough to barely be noticeable. She didn't anticipate anyone actually going up to her, and she certainly hoped no one did.

But the one who spoke was none other than Kowai. Mei already knew it before she even turned her head to face her, bored and confused expression with it. She could just feel the strange energy coming off of Kowai, an energy that intrigued her. But... She acted scared, confused, afraid.

That lying b***h...

I like her.

Mei turned her face to stare at those seemingly terrified eyes, her stare was empty and her face seemed bored and uninterested. Mei quickly made it seem like she was still trying to recover from her fatigue, muttering something unintelligible as she blinked slowly, rubbing one of her eyes a bit.

"...Did you... Didja say... K-Killing game...?" Mei said slowly, her face slowly warping into dread and shock. She tensed her body up and widened her eyes, and also made her voice shakier.

"Y-Yeah that's scary! What the hell?!" She raised her voice a bit and looked at Kowai with fear and confusion, becoming more and more difficult to tell if it was fake or not.


Reimi took a moment to look away from the mess of a social reject that was his brother to see where the hell that black and white bear went, completely oblivious to the situation. Everyone seemed... terrified? For some reason? Where the hell was the person in charge anyways? Was it that damn bear?

This s**t was just getting weirder and weirder by the second, and he was not in the mood for it. Reimi grumbled for a bit before looking back at Akari, not even bothering to take note of the people around him.

Do you have any idea of what's going on? He signed at first, a small hint of confusion mixing into his deadpan stare. Then, he gave a small grin and continued.

Oh wait, I forgot. You never listen. He teased, his grin fading soon after upon seeing the unamused look on Akari's face.

Man, a notebook and pen would be nice to have right about now. He felt really stupid-looking as he moved his hands, being literally the only one to do so. Not even Akari was doing it, and he already caught someone taking a glance at them... Like yeah, sure, he could still speak decently enough to understand, but Akari had already teased him many times about how stupid his deep voice sounded when paired with the somewhat slurred speech. He just decided to not speak anymore after that, and those two were his only options of communication.


Akari barely even noticed the bear leave as he kept his eyes pinned to the floor, still heavily confused about who the hell the guy standing in front of him was. The poor guy was still in shock, and the mention of a killing game didn't help either, even if he wasn't paying attention. He may not have processed it, but it didn't mean he didn't hear it. He only looked up when he noticed that Reimi was trying to talk with him again.

"Do you have any idea of what's going on?"

"I-... N-not really, but I thi-"

"Oh wait, I forgot. You never listen."

Akari's face suddenly changed from confused, nervous, and unsure to just straight-up unamused. He stared at Reimi for a second before sighing, unsure of how to react to that.

"That bear? Said his name was Monokuma, s'posed to be our "headmaster" or something..." He grumbled, lowering his hand from the top of his skull to his neck, turning his head slightly to look at where the bear used to be. "Said something about a "killing game", whatever that's supposed to mean..."

Upon realizing what he had just said, Akari's face turned grim as he looked right back into Reimi's cold eyes. "You better not try anything." He said sharply, his tone low and barely heard, but Reimi knew what he said.

The two stood in silence for a bit, Reimi's light stare competing with Akari's cold eyes. Another grin came upon the former's face as his on hand placed itself on top of Akari's head, rubbing it violently in order to mess it up before retracting in order to say what he wanted to say.

Ye of little faith, 'Ri, I'm offended!


Daiko is currently dying in her own self-loathing and hatred, and hatred for literally everything around her. Don't talk to her, she'll f**king kill you. Or do, I can't stop you.

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Kowai Kurai's POV

Kowai watched Mei Akamatsu with a certain curiosity, but did her best not to let it leak into her voice. The last thing you wanted to do was show weakness. Show emotion. Show vulnerability.

Oh, but Kowai didn't have any emotion to show, did she?...

Did she?

"...Did you... Didja say... K-Killing game...?"

"Noooo, but, the bear robot thing did! J-Jeez... I can't believe he expects us to do this!"

"Y-Yeah that's scary! What the hell?!"

"I-It ISSS! It really is!" Kowai began to shake. "Oh, gosh! You don't suppose it's actually serious, is it? Because honestly. It would really be awful if someone had to die!"

Oh, yes. It really WOULD be awful.

"Mei Akamatsu, right? You look like a Mei. I'm Kowai Kurai." She tugged at her own hair as she looked at her. She would maintain eye contact, but her eyes always seemed to shift just a little bit as she did so.

"This really is such a crazy ordeal..."

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"T-The bear robot thing?! Monokuma?! W-what the hell is goin' on here?! Why would he want to make us k-" She pretended that she shuddered at the thought, squeezing herself together tighter and tighter. Mei gulped down the lump in her throat before continuing, her voice shaking.

My god the both of them were such s**tty liars. It was funny, really.

"Kill each other?! Oh god... Who would even do such a thing?!"

Pfftt, you, Mei. You'd do such a thing. She didn't doubt the girl in front of her was thinking the exact same thing, she probably had red hands that she was trying to rake into Mei's pale skin.

Too bad liars knew liars, and Mei's skin was as red as a field of death.

She'd never let this girl twist her around her little finger, and Mei wasn't even dumb enough to do the same. Yeah, sure, with enough effort, she could get someone who had lost their mind to bend to her will, but Mei was lazy and she wanted to see how this played out. Besides, she was in circumstances that she normally wouldn't be otherwise. This could be fun~

"Oh, gosh! You don't suppose it's actually serious, is it? Because honestly. It would really be awful if someone had to die!"

Mei hid the urge to smile and laugh, slap Kowai on the back and joke about it or whatever. But... She wanted to keep this act up, no matter how stupid it was, see who cracked first.

Yeah, sure would be the shame if someone had to die.

And that someone would be you.

"I-It can't be serious, r-right? There's no way in hell someone would do something like this! A-and I can't even imagine the thought of someone dying! That's just... That's just f**ked up!"

"Mei Akamatsu, right? You look like a Mei. I'm Kowai Kurai."

"This really is such a crazy ordeal..."

Mei almost scowled at the comment. What the hell was that supposed to mean? She refrained though, looking away from Kowai and sighing.

So she already knew, huh...

No matter how hard Mei tried, she couldn't be the edgy mysterious b***h she wanted to be. Dammit.

"Y-Yeah, I'm Mei... Nice to meet you, Kowai..." Her voice was quiet and bashful, almost enough to where the other girl could barely hear.

Yup, sure was nice to meet you alright. Mei totally wasn't hiding a knife behind her back.

"I-I don't want to die..." She buried her head further in her legs, her voice barely above a whisper.

Well that was a f**king lie. Mei honestly could care less. She just wanted to have fun. And maybe Kowai was the perfect way to do it~

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Temmus Gaylord


Megami stood up, staring at the bear.

So, I have to kill someone here. Just gotta pass the test, and get out of here.

Megami Flashback

'How the hell did I forget to turn that in?'

Megami sat on a carpet, leaned over a laptop. Her eyes were squeezed shut, tears dripping out, hands on her head.

'I'm fucked, even if I get it turned in, I'm down to a B.'

She went over to her email, and began composing a message.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to turn the assignment in. Do you have any extra credit assignments I can do? I'd do anything to get my grade up."

Anything for the grade.

She choked back a sob.

Anything for the grade.

She sighed and hit enter.

Anything for the grade.

She waited for a response.

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Kowai Kurai's POV

"T-The bear robot thing?! Monokuma?! W-what the hell is goin' on here?! Why would he want to make us k-"

Yeah. REAL mystery. I wonder what's going on there.

She watched Mei quiver in fear, and she shuddered right along with her.

"Kill each other?! Oh god... Who would even do such a thing?!"

"Yeah, I KNOWWW! What kind- kind of horrible person would do that? Hurting people... Oh, that's honestly the worst..."

"I-It can't be serious, r-right? There's no way in hell someone would do something like this! A-and I can't even imagine the thought of someone dying! That's just... That's just f**ked up!"

Kowai shook all over. "I agree! I-I mean... Who would- actually put this whole thing together?! I can't imagine seeing someone die! Not again..." Kowai let out a sniffle, and tears stirred up in her eyes. She'd developed a natural ability for faking tears over the years.

Especially when HE- would-

So, so many bodies. Reduced to piles of ashes.

"Y-Yeah, I'm Mei... Nice to meet you, Kowai..."

Kowai smiled. "Nice to meet you too, Mei! I-I'm glad we're on the same page about all this! I'm so happy to know that you wouldn't kill anyone!"

She would. I bet she would. Something about the look in her eyes.

"I-I don't want to die..."

"Awww, m-me neither... I can't imagine this all coming to a close..."

I couldn't care less. I stopped caring long ago. Some "hero" you turned out to be.

Kowai put her hand on Mei's shoulder. "Buuuut-, okay, anyway!" she said with a chrip, her face suddenly popping into a smiley formation. "Enough playing around! That was a very interesting act you had going on there! Real Poker Face, huuuh, Ultimate Gambler? Look. I came to talk to you because... I had a feeling about you. And you've just confirmed my suspicions. You're not like these people here, are you? You have plenty of blood on your hands. And not much going for you in your life, heyyy? What do you say we have some fun here, you and I?"

There was merely that faintly off smile on her face as she spoke, and to an outside observer, what she whispered wouldn't have seemed anything to gawk at.

And if she dares try anything, I paint the floor with her guts! Either works!

Mika Uyehara's POV

"I'mmm... Uhhhh, gonna go... Explore. This place," Mika told Dorky. He looked him up and down. "A-Are you- uhhh, coming?"

Dorky seemed to hesitate a moment. "Ahhh, well..." He tapped his knees together and fiddled with his fingers. "I'd- love to, Mika! But... I'd like to introduce myself to some other people here. Too."

Mika felt a little upset for a reason he couldn't fathom. "O-Oh... Okay."

And so, the Ultimate Weapons Specialist took to exploring the school. He decided he might try to find a library.

Dorky Monroe's POV

Unfortunately for Daiko, Dorky's internal game of "Eenie-meenie-minie-mo" led to the picking of her. He headed on over.

"Umm, ummmmmmmm- HEYYY! Hey there! I'm Dorky. Monroe. Dorky Monroe. Ultimate Lyricist. You'd really think the bear here would have a more creative design, huh? It's got a sort of... Yin-Yang thing going on. Kinda, which I think is cool! Anyway, h-hey!"

He smiled at Daiko and held out a hand.

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Knowing that you are with the person you love more than anything and that that person loves you too… it fills you with DETERMINATION❤️.
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"I agree! I-I mean... Who would- actually put this whole thing together?! I can't imagine seeing someone die! Not again..."

Mei watched coolly as the tears fell down the girl's face, almost reacting to it if she didn't have an act to play.

Oh wow, this girl could actually make fake tears. Not that hard, but Mei had low standards, ok?

"I-I know, right?? Like... W-why would this even happen? Why us...? Why do we have to see people k-kill each other again?!"

Mei didn't even bother with the fake tears crap, she could feel that Kowai was about to crack. It was a pain to her eyes when there was too much moisture in them anyways, she'd just rather not.

"Nice to meet you too, Mei! I-I'm glad we're on the same page about all this! I'm so happy to know that you wouldn't kill anyone!"

Same page, huh? We're both hiding butcher knives behind our backs, aren't we? It made her wonder... Were they actually on the same page? Did they have different motives or something?

"I'm so happy to know that you wouldn't kill anyone!"

The color in Mei's eyes shifted slightly, as if they were smiling deviously instead of her mouth. Her mouth was filled with sorrow and worry, her eyes were full of mischief.

"S-same here, Kowai..." She muttered, a faint, "friendly" smile curling in her lips.

Yeah... Same here. Glad to know Kowai wouldn't kill anyone.

Even for a fraction of a second, for the first time since she got here, Mei was genuine about something. She jumped ever so slightly when she felt those fingers on her shoulder, the light weight of them barely noticeable but it still irked her.

A whisper crawled its way into her ear, which made the mask slowly fall off of Mei's face, only to be replaced with a smile and darkened eyes.

"Enough playing around! That was a very interesting act you had going on there! Real Poker Face, huuuh, Ultimate Gambler? Look. I came to talk to you because... I had a feeling about you. And you've just confirmed my suspicions. You're not like these people here, are you? You have plenty of blood on your hands. And not much going for you in your life, heyyy? What do you say we have some fun here, you and I?"

Mei's grin was wide as she listened, quite intrigued at what Kowai had to say. Her voice perked up to become the childish giggle she always donned, but she didn't let it get higher than a whisper. "Aww, I'm flattered! I've been touchin' up on it lately, it makes me soooo happy that my hard work hasn't gone unnoticed! Guess I could say the same to you, eh? Funny little masquerade you had going on there!"

"Oh hoho, so you already knew? Aww, what a shame! I wanted to be as odd and mysterious as a certain student with an unknown talent, someone who went by the name... Kowai Kurai? Sound familiar? I wanna know more about you too, y'know!"

"And... Let's just say... You've piqued my interest as well, now how funny is that! Guess we both caught each other's eye~"

She gave a small giggle as she tilted her head slightly, looking at Kowai with a swirling madness in those lavender eyes of hers.

"Hmmm... Now how could you guess? I'm not a damn fool like all these people here, and you don't seem to be in the same boat as them... Interesting! Oh, and funny that you'd mention that..."

"Because I got the same feeling about you too~"

"Betcha got a lifetime's worth of blood on those cold fingers of yours, -please take them off of me i don't appreciate being touched >:(- guess we're not so different after all~"

"What do you say we have some fun here, you and I?"

Mei's eyes perked up and her smirk only got wider.

"I like your funny words, magic man. Count. Me. IN!"

Ok yeah, sure, Mei didn't appreciate the fact that Kowai was the one who made the deal instead of Mei, giving them the upper hand, but she decided to let it go for now. Besides, it was hard to find someone like this in the first place, one who had a mind much like her own supposedly... She still kept the thought of betrayal in the back of her mind after all.

At least Kowai was the first to crack, the first to drop the act. To be honest, Mei kinda wanted to see where things went if they both just kept acting like idiots.


Ughhhhh, let me pass the f**k out alreadyyyyyy... This floor was comfy enough, so why the hell couldn't I just drown in my own sorrows inside a coma or something, not whatever the hell this school was...

"Umm, ummmmmmmm- HEYYY! Hey there! I'm Dorky. Monroe. Dorky Monroe. Ultimate Lyricist. . ."

Speak of the goddamn devil. Yayyyyy... More pain and suffering for meeeee.... Human interactionnnnnn....

I didn't even have to advert my eyes from the ugly gym ceiling or lift my head to know that someone was talking to me and me only. I was all alone, sulking on the floor, obviously not wanting to be bothered, and then this random dude who seemed to like talking a lot just so happened to choose me as his next victim Oh boy... Sure is my lucky day...

I let out a small groan as I stared back at them, since they were now standing in a spot that I could see from my limited field of view from the ground. Of course, the thought of any human interaction just so happened to provoke a spike of insecurity and nervousness from me, causing my thumbs to move all on their own as they twisted the assortment of rings that littered my hands.

"Uh... Hey... There, I guess..." I muttered out slowly, not really sure of what to say exactly. I do be kinda confused.

Well, this "Dorky" guy introduced himself, so that means I had to as well, right? I mean, wasn't like there was anything to lose other than my social battery and my sanity, right?

"I'm... Daiko, Daiko... Ukatara. And uh... I guess people call me the "Ultimate Archer" or some s**t, I dunno..."

Wow, I had such great conversational skills.

"You'd really think the bear here would have a more creative design, huh? It's got a sort of... Yin-Yang thing going on. Kinda, which I think is cool! Anyway, h-hey!"

"...I mean he looks cool and all, but... I dunno, I... I didn't really get to see him much..."

I, of course, being god-awful in conversations, didn't really say anything else, as I was completely unsure if I even wanted to stay in this conversation in the first place.