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Trainer ID: #939146845
Registration: 21/03/2021 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1776:45 Hours
Total interactions: 275,735
Money: 727,228
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Me, a mobile user checking the advent calender task for the day:

*cue feral screaming*
Yesterday, 02:56
New avatar, new me. The twenty cases of oreo theft I was under trial for are no longer of any importance at all and you should disregard them immediately. I have grown and will now only commit oreo crimes when no one is looking. Thank you for allowing this dear rock the chance to redeem herself :)
2 Days ago
Instead of being responsible, I have decided to waste my life playing guitar whilest the feedback of my amp screams at me for procrastinating my various responsibilities. Any song requests for me to learn?
3 Days ago
Just texted my friend for advice on how to do a bad British accent and she was very RUDE and claimed that I already have a textbook British accent. Smh.
5 Days ago
Peer pressure me into doing my 2000 interactions. If y'all succeed, I will sing Rasputin with a very bad British accent.
6 Days ago
Guess what, y'all? It's Tem's birthday! Send some birthday wishes her way, please! <3
8 Days ago
Interaction exchange? Heart for return and a singular cheri berry if I think you're tall.
11 Days ago
Make your best friend Serendibite feel better and give her words of encouragement; else you go into the eviller cauldron soup pot. (Hint- it reverses your taste.)
14 Days ago
I love asking the question "how many first graders could you take in a fight" because the answer is either "infinite, keep em coming" or you just get this dead eyed stare and a "one".

Let's create a society in which your role is determined via your confidence in combatting toddlers.
17 Days ago
People who have the letter "a" in their username are officially my enemies. Let us a-less users strike back against their evil agenda
19 Days ago
When your sibling is driving you insane and quite frakly deserves to be put on a plate and fed to the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, how do you wreak your revenge on them?

(Asking for a friend.)
20 Days ago
Some dude just walked by me wearing shorts, white crew socks, and crocs. No shirt. It's winter. I fear I may have just met some otherworldly being of chaos.
21 Days ago
Some Pokemon have hyperdetailed eyes stylized as to fit their personality. Mewtwo, for instance, has curviture of feature and detailed, shining eyes so as to give him an almost human expression. The viewer feels more injustice at the idea that this sentient creature has been imprisoned and experimented on due to this unconscious connection to a person's face.

Meanwhile, some Pokemon look like this.
22 Days ago
Starting an Omori fanfic! What day of the week should I do the updates?

So far I have written several angsty plotpoints and several bad puns. It is going excellently.
23 Days ago
The real treasure was the friends we made along the way. Nono seriously those old guys we befriended and subsequently robbed were really rich.
24 Days ago
Alright kids, get in the trunk. We're going to Disney World... evilly.
25 Days ago
Whilest you forget your rumble missions, your Pokemon do not. They remember. They plot. And one day, they are coming for you. Beware. Your oreos are in danger.
26 Days ago
Got grad photos done today! I'll be getting them in the mail in a few weeks.

In the meantime, how are y'all? Anything new with you?
29 Days ago
I'm bored. I also held hands with a girl at a concert yesterday. Since I refuse to elaborate, and I am brimming with nervous energy, then please ask some questions!

Note- any questions about my love life will be answered with "*screaming into pillow*".
1 Month ago
Suggest games to me. I finished playing through Hatoful Boyfriend (an amazing pigeon dating simulator with even more amazing meme potential) and now I'm bored. More pigeon games are very welcome.
1 Month ago

The Basics!

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She/Her 🦋*:. 17 🍭.: Tries to roleplay occasionally 🌠.: INFJ 5w4 so/sx 💫
╚═*.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.*═╝

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