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Trainer ID: #939146845
Registration: 21/03/2021 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1938:46 Hours
Total interactions: 282,892
Money: 352,890
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


I think this is the first time I've touched the Emera Beach in months. This event is bringing back my fishing obsession. I'll see y'all in three hours when my bloodshot eyes and shaking fingers have pulled that final Oshawott.
1 Day ago
So excited about this event ngl. I think this one's tied with Easter Bunnelby for being my favourite.

Race y'all to the shiny :D
2 Days ago
Y'all something is happening with my love life but it's happening so quickly and idk how to feel it's stressing me out. Help out a sentient rock? :)?
3 Days ago
Things have been kinda quiet lately. I feel like we should spice it up.

What memey song should I record in a bad Southern accent this week? Remember- the worse the better. Make me suffer.
5 Days ago
My friend was getting so mad at me for calling my brother short, because she thought I was being mean (which tbh I was) and then I told her that he's 6'4.

She's just really confused now.
8 Days ago
How many kindergarteners could y'all take in a fight?

I love this question, because people are either going to be like "ha, like 1" or "50, keep 'em coming" and I'm not sure which is more chaotic.
10 Days ago
Looking at cults in sociology. Very cool, very interesting :)

On an unrelated topic, is anyone interested in joining a fun little group dedicated to the enjoyment of oreos? First meeting is now in the comments, be there or be square.
21 Days ago
Anyone okay with me venting to them for a bit? Kinda had a bad day :(
23 Days ago
The tea you get just sitting on the bus is phenomenal. I'm just chilling there, listening to some lady talk about what it's like being a teacher and she bursts out with a "yeah and I'm totally in love with this kid's dad."

Like that is some next-level Hallmark stuff right there and how dare she not share the details and just move onto talking about some work friend smh. Where is my single dad x kindergarten teacher AU???
24 Days ago
Y'all I have a 9 hour shift tomorrow; meaning I have to both open and close the restaurant... but it's Victoria Day, AKA 1.5x pay.

I will die so that my bank account can live. Remember me, comrades.
27 Days ago
PH Oscars are coming back???

Dang, I better get to fic writing. What do y'all think, Omori or Pokemon?
1 Month ago
Wow... the internet sure is an interesting place. I think I need intensive guinea pig cuddle therapy for the rest of the night.
1 Month ago
User: Serendibite
Favourite Colour: Midnight blue <3
Favourite Song: Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix.
Favourite Pokemon: Easter Bunnelby (just too cute!)
Favourite Food: Nanaimo bars!!!
PokeHeroes Besties: All of y'all! (Except, of course, Kendo. Lyt, you little gremlin.)
PokeHeroes Goal: Spreading Oreo propaganda far and wide!
1 Month ago
Everything hurts. Someone airdrop a package of oreos through my ceiling, please, I'm begging you.

I got sick yesterday (hooray!) and I am in desperate withdrawal from my usual energy drinks and bad food choices.
1 Month ago
It's the weekend y'all!!! We made it.

Any plans? :D
1 Month ago
Just so y'all know you're not on my friendlist because you're my friend no that's be silly. You're on my friendslist because I want to make you my minion.

Swear your soul to me and you too can have that glorious heart button knighted upon you.
1 Month ago
Would like to inform the general populace that I am sleep deprived and that I want to watch SpongeBob. I like the capitalist crab.
1 Month ago
Super tough week, lol, but it's all good now. I have chocolate and no homework, so it's time to morph into a shapeless lump and lie on my side for the entirety of the weekend.

What have y'all been up to lately?
2 Months ago
We were learning about sleep in psychology and my psychology teacher told us that teenagers needed ten hours of sleep a night. He asked how many of us were getting that.

No hands.

Next he tries "8 hours?" Maybe two hands go up.

"6 hours?" he pleads with us. One more person slowly raises their hand.

He's concerned for us now.
2 Months ago
Fun fact, when I was a mere 5 years of age, I was obsessed with... drum roll please... The Duck Song.

Now share your dark secrets with me. I plan to make a cover of the Duck Song with your confessions as lyrics. :)
2 Months ago

The Basics!

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She/Her 🦋*:. 18 🍭.: Tries to roleplay occasionally 🌠.: INFJ 5w4 so/sx 💫
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