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Chosen egg/pokemon wrong

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Chosen egg/pokemon wrong
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Posted: Sun, 15/01/2023 15:49 (2 Months ago)
The wiki says the chosen pokemon on the Index Page is "replaced every five minutes at maximum with other random Pokémon or eggs whose owner has interacted with the previous chosen Pokémon."

However, I just saw an egg on there that was obtained over a year ago, and whose owner has not been active in the same amount of time. This egg shouldn't be on there then? Or is the wiki outdated, and it's just a random egg/pokemon?

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Posted: Sun, 15/01/2023 16:21 (2 Months ago)
The Egg is chosen based on interactions.
If no one interacted with the previous Egg, it defaults to a random Egg.
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