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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 2,905/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Weedle216 / 19
Yungoos756 / 169

OT Dex Completion

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OT National Dex– 1143/1703

National EggDex - - 541/786

Kanto – 149/151

Johto – 116/127

Hoenn – 155/155

Sinnoh – 135/138

Unova – 168/175

Kalos – 107/117

Alola – 124/144

Galar – 76/129

Hisui – 21/27

Paldea – 28/30

(Last Updated 07/02/24)


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ZeeThePMTrainer 22 Hours ago
-XYZ- 1 Day ago
FrankieGray 5 Days ago
purries 5 Days ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #719078784
Registration: 25/11/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 827:17 Hours
Total interactions: 554,453
Money: 981,287
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


what's the chance for maushold three again? 1/100?
3 Days ago
cute event <3
5 Days ago
interaction exchange please? :)
5 Days ago
anyone got the Emera Town lore lol, where exactly is it set? need my sprite to win ;)
6 Days ago
Might be a little waste of a x2 day but I need a bunch of pokemon leveled up to 100 for giga evolving, so interaction exchange/feed a berry please? Will feed berries back if I can :)
6 Days ago
okay, so, the answer to how many type: null eggs I can get with the valentine's day boost is...

TWO!!! 2!!!!
9 Days ago
Now how many Type: Null eggs will I get from the daycare today, lol.
10 Days ago
sick of getting >100 points in the BHC, with good stats (totally fabulous, etc.) and still only getting surskits or volbeats LOL
18 Days ago
oh! random harvest sprite!
18 Days ago
anyone selling a shiny pichu/pikachu and/or shiny arrokuda? :)
18 Days ago
interaction exchange please? :)
19 Days ago
53 legend spins or 530 plus spins in the golden slot?
20 Days ago
Not wanting to keep the 'drama' going, but this is important.

You cannot be 'neutral' on the topic of respecting a group and giving them basic human rights. You either support them, or you don't. Don't cower behind "oh i don't support them or hate them."

"I don't support feminism but I don't hate women!" Same logic.
If you don't 100% support LGBTQ+ people, please unfriend me and/or block me. I don't want to see people questioning whether we should actually let people live their own lives because "my religion says its bad" or whatever illogical nonsense you want to provide as an excuse.
20 Days ago
Uhhh.. is the sprite of Raylong that appears when you claim the egg representative of whether it'll be shiny?
22 Days ago
very nice update to the GTS!
22 Days ago
note to self:
26 Days ago
Calling it quits for today.

Interactions made – 30,145
Interactions received – 10,829
Eggs hatched – 173 (maximum ever, my previous record was ~90)
Kyurem – 1 (and that was just after reset, so none in ~29k interactions)

No lab legends/ditto or random shinies/megas unfortunately, but I got 4 Unown's, 3 of which I needed eggdexes for which is nice + finished Paldea Research with all the lab hatches.

Good day! And we're already 36% towards the next x2 lol
27 Days ago
Koraidon egg! :D
27 Days ago
You obtained a new badge (Click Professor)!

4 more in Set 4 and 1 more in Set 3 :)
27 Days ago
ok 2nd kyurem during that, can't complain! 1 more, then i'll get as many plushies as i can until my last kyurem :)
28 Days ago

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I'm -XYZ (he/him)! I've been here for a while now, and now my way around; if you need help with anything, ask and I can try! Friend me if you want, I'd love to get to know more people :)

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