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2023 Goals NYR

Forum-Index Discussion 2023 Goals NYR
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Posted: Sat, 31/12/2022 12:49 (2 Months ago)
Hello! The New Year is upon us and I just wanted to make this forum post to show my goals for the upcoming year and to see yours as well!
Its crazy how helpful some members of this community are! Post your goals below and check back to see if you can help others with their goals!
My Goals:
1- 9,000 Water Gems
2- 40 Storage Boxes - Currently at 13
3. Hatch another Shiny Mega Mudkip and not impulse trade it.
4. Help other users as much as I can.
5. Finish my Kanto and Johto Shadow Radar.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your goals everyone!
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Posted: Sat, 31/12/2022 12:59 (2 Months ago)
hello! Love this idea!

goals for 2023:
- shiny hunt virizion! (24/250 White Powders)
- shiny hunt Keldeo and Cresselia (hopefully!)
- Get a female shiny Morelull/shiny hunt
- Get a male shiny Furret/shiny hunt
- Get shiny cats: purrloin, glameow, litten (done), mienshao
- event hunts: female Nocnoc, yanlift, messenger Fletching, gloweon, solar eevee
- egg storages?

Om the immediate basis im looking for a female yanlift, and a female solar eevee, I'm willing to pay! (Also white powders but my ability to pay is a bit limited ehe)