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KotLC Keefe Fanclub!

Forum-Index Fan Clubs KotLC Keefe Fanclub!
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Posted: Fri, 16/12/2022 00:20 (3 Months ago)
Welcome to the KotLC Keefe Fanclub! This is where we show our appreciation to Shannon Messenger for gifting us the ability to simp over him, ship #SoKeefe, and more! Feel free to chat anything RELATED to Keefe (or Keeper of the Lost Cities!) But of course, since I am in this Fanclub, there must be rules.
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1. All PH rules Apply
2. Make it Me-Friendly (ex. no swearing, cussing, foul language, unless it is censored)
3. This is a Fanclub for Keefe, SoKeefe, and KotLC - any other topic will make me go into my Beast/Rage form (you don't want to see this!)
4. Have fun and make friends!

You can always use the form (below!) or say your favorite thing about Keefe, SoKeefe, or KotLC to become a member!
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Favorite Character:
Who is the best author of Keeper of the Lost Cities?:

Members have access to the PalPad group chat (yes, there is one!), and they also get the VIP pass to enter the realm of Keeper of the Lost Cities (a separate forum that is restricted to only members)! The VIP Section is where you can socialize, have more expansion of the rules, so you can talk about things that are KotLC-related, not just Keefe related! You can talk about your favorite character, simp, ship, etc!

So feel free to sign up! I will post a question every week to speed things up if the Fanclub is 'dead' or inactive.
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Posted: Fri, 16/12/2022 02:42 (3 Months ago)

Title: yes

What ability does everyone wish they had irl? Mine is a bit weird, but i rlly like ice and stuff like it, so a hydrokenetic or froster would be my dream.