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User Made Contest Guide & Rules [2022]

Forum-Index Contests User-made contests User Made Contest Guide & Rules [2022]
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Posted: Thu, 18/08/2022 17:25 (7 Months ago)
​​Guidelines to creating a contest

* Contests that require moderator approval are Raffles
* Contests that Do NOT need approval are Giveaways

What is the difference?

Raffles require participants to render something of value - PD, gems, other items, Pokemon, etc​​

Giveaways do not require payment to enter - asking to heart a feed, share a hashtag, interact with your party etc

Types of contests

-= Raffle =-
- Description:
It is a contest where people "buy" tickets by sending items (PD, gems, etc) to accumulate chances to win
The more you send - usually - the higher the chance of winning
At the set ending time, winners are drawn (usually by random.org or similar site)

-= Giveaway =-
- Description:
Giveaways are a way to spread cheer and awareness, often with a hashtag
Entries are marked by hearting a feed, sharing a hashtag or commenting on the creator's post
Winner(s) are chosen at random

-= Art Contest =-
- Description:
It is a contest where the best Art wins the prize
It may be decided either by the creator or as a group
Art can be Hand-drawn, Digital, Spriting or any other method that was specified in the main contest post
Art should be created by you, stealing art is unacceptable! (Rules 8.1 & 8.1.1)

-=Writing Contest =-
- Description:
It is a contest where the best Writing wins the prize
It may be decided either by the creator or as a group
Writing can be either a Story/Description/Poetry/Joke or any other method specified in the main contest post
It should be written by you, stealing is unacceptable! (Rules 8.1 & 8.1.1)

-= Miscellaneous =-
- Description
Posts such as "Gift the user above you a plushie" or "Give a Shiny Get a Shiny" also go here
Every post is a winner!
Follow all PokeHeroes rules
If you receive the gift but don't send one, you will be dealt with accordingly and possibly booted from participating

Getting started

1] ALL contests need to be reasonable to prevent users from entering contests that are unlikely to finish
1a] Contests should not last longer than 3 months
1b] Contests should at least give back about 5% of the "fee" to enter
1c] All contests must clearly label an end date or goal
1d] Any contest with a larger goal such as 10000 gems, 1 mil PD or 1000 nuggets etc needs to have smaller goals. For example: if you are trying to get 10k normal gems for a Ditto, you should make an interim prizes for reaching each 1000 gems

2] You cannot ask your participants to go offsite to register/sub as a requirement - keep it on PokeHeroes

3] It is forbidden to ask users to change any of their account settings (username, avatar, profile layout, etc.) in order to participate in a giveaway/contest

4] Start your raffle post in this forum by giving your thread a title - "Absol-utely Awesome Raffle!" etc

5] List rules of participation

6] List prizes

7] All prizes need to be owned BEFORE the contest begins
7b] You cannot say you'll buy nuggets later, hunt the shiny after the goal is met or that you'll get PD after the contest is over
7c] Exception to this is artwork as the prize as you don't know what the winner will ask for

8] Prizes need to be sent out within a week of the end date. IF there is a delay, contact a moderator for help or your contest will be considered a scam and dealt with accordingly

9] When your contest ends, edit the title to add [CLOSED]

10] If there is no activity on your raffle after 30 days, it will be locked. If you need it reopened, contact a Mod to do so

Good Luck and have FUN!
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Posted: Sat, 20/08/2022 17:53 (7 Months ago)
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