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Posted: Tue, 12/04/2022 14:55 (3 Months ago)
I need a place to dump all my thoughts that aren't related to roleplays or characters maybe. This is probably going to end up as a collection of Star Wars rants with a few other thoughts sprinkled in here and there. I'll touch this up more once I've got more posts here.

Also one last thing I guess. I love talking about opinions, lore, etc. but please don't post here. If for some reason you had a strong feeling to talk to me about anything I post here (lol) please just PP or PM me. And don't forget to sign the waiver, agreeing that by contacting me about anything fandom you accept the risk of being bombarded with random paragraph-long thoughts at random hours of the day.

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Thoughts on SWTOR story classes, race and gender
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Posted: Tue, 12/04/2022 15:44 (3 Months ago)
Kicking this thing off with some slight controversy maybe? Star Wars the Old Republic (for those who are unaware) is a MMO game designed by Bioware, taking place way before any of the movies, like 4,000 years roughly. It's awesome. 8 story classes, half on the side of the Republic, half on the side of the Sith Empire. You pick a class, pick a combat style (there used to be just 2 per class but with 7.0 I can have a smuggler wield a machine gun!), pick a race, pick a gender, design an atrocity and play where you can pick to do war crimes for those sweet sweet dark side points or let masses of criminals go free for light points apparently. Being entirely honest playing through a full light or dark run is dumb because some choices are just stupid. But that's a rant for another time because today I'm going to announce what I believe the "canon" character for each story class seems to be.

Bioware has left everything ambiguous about the story class characters so that the player can play whoever they want and it all makes sense (mostly), so there's no set gender, race or preferred route for these roles. So with that in mind this is just what I believe to be the most fitting type of character, all runs will be neutral so I'm not putting that down.

1. Jedi Knight
Male - Human
I'll admit I haven't played this one enough to feel like I can truly keep to this opinion, but from what I do know the Jedi Knight seems to be kind of a generic character, so a generic toon seems right. Also Bioware reveals some of their new content using a human, male Jedi Knight so that's probably influenced my decision.

2. Jedi Consular
Male - Mirialan
It was either this or a female miraluka, but honestly something about the male mirialan feels more right to me. They are both pretty in tune with the force but I think what swayed this in the end was just that I ended up playing through more of the story with my mirialan than my miraluka. Also I like the male voice better it sounds so narrate-y.

3. Republic Trooper
Female - Human
Okay sitting here I realize that unfortunately many of these may be humans, which is a shame because the other races feel so much more fun! Anyways, I think that the female is best because Jennifer Hale. Need I say more? Her voice is just perfect for this role, and if you've played a female Shepard on Mass Effect then you know what I mean. Human seems best for this just because of the original Havoc squad line up. Cyborg, mirialan, cathar, and zabrak all on the team with only one other human on the team (and of course he's in charge). And I really feel like human and zabrak fit best, but man... Fuse should be the only zabrak it just feels right.

4. Smuggler
Male - Human
We were all thinking it. This story was literally written to replicate Han Solo let's be honest, all smugglers are. They toss so many ladies in your path to romance, but nothing for the female (I've heard). I'm not going to spend more time explaining because once again, heavily Han Solo inspired.

5. Sith Warrior
Male - Sith Pureblood
The warrior comes from a high status family which gives your character a huge advantage in the Sith Academy. You learn incredibly early on that the more "pure" your blood is, the more important you are. So obviously a sith pureblood. Male because Mark Bazeley is the sith warrior. Also because male body type 3 for them muscles and intimidating stature.

6. Sith Inquisitor
Female - Twi'lek
You start as a slave, so uh... yeah. If you've ever seen the Star Wars movies you know. Female because Zash's ultimate plan. I literally cannot explore this in depth without spoiling and even if this game is 10 years old I still hate spoiling.

7. Imperial Agent
Female - Chiss
Okay, I think the popular opinion here is a male human, but they have lines in there that directly talk about you being a chiss if you pick that race. Also a chiss was literally their icon for a while. Female because you can't tell me that canonically the agent wasn't girl bossing her way across the galaxy with Kaliyo. Also why can't my f!agent romance Kaliyo like... she's bi canonically and still even after Makeb she rejects you???

8. Bounty Hunter
Male - Human
Okay. Bounty Hunter could literally be anything it's feels pretty disconnected from the rest of the conflict strangely enough. I'm going with male because they push the Mako romance basically the entire game until like, the middle of act 3 where you can set Mako up with Torian. Also body type 3 again. Human because the bounty hunter could literally be anything and have the story make sense but knowing Bioware if they had to pick a canonical race they would pick human.

So that's that. But ignoring lines and the story here's a few I think would be fun to play!

Any - Nautolan

Any - Cathar
(On Ord Mantell a Rep Trooper NPC gives you a quest hating on Cathar and I just think it would be funny)

Any - Sith Pureblood

Bounty Hunter
Any - Miraluka

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 21:27 (2 Months ago)
I'm going to be honest this post is all over the place but I'm leaving it here to help me remember and commit to actually working on the project. No specifics just a general word vomit.

Tl:dr - I'm planning a big personal project to analyze the social/political relationships between the various civilizations in the Old Republic era.

I love the Old Republic era of Star Wars and honestly I find it holds a lot more interesting content than the canon material. It's a shame really that many people don't know anything about this time period. As far as I can understand certain characters from the Old Republic are being made canon, but the average viewer wouldn't even know because it's only ever just been small cameos. Maybe if a name was mentioned with something the character had done. It's also somewhat frustrating because I cannot understand if the character's story still remains the same if the important figures in their life aren't canon yet. (Revan, for example, is said to be canon again but we haven't heard anything about Malak or Bastilla being brought into canon. If these two aren't canon then Revan isn't really Revan, right?)

I have a lot to say about the Old Republic because the lore and characters are interesting. There's just so much potential for all kinds of interesting stories to be told in this era. Unlike what we see from the more explored time periods (High Republic, Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, First Order ew), the Old Republic has more than one ruling power. The rebellions weren't established governments. The Confederacy of Independent Systems exists at one point, but they were only officially an opposing power for 4 years before being reabsorbed into the newly established Galactic Empire. The Old Republic is full of different governing bodies, but mostly they could be shuffled into three distinct territories.

The Republic and the Sith Empire are natural rivals and even with a "peace treaty" in place both sides seem to often test just how far they can go without breaking the treaty and reigniting the war. Then there's also the Hutts, and they're trying to reap as many benefits from this rivalry as they can. The Hutts are in an interesting predicament in my mind because both the Republic and the Empire are trying to gain the Hutts favor as the Hutt families obviously have a lot of funds, but also produce weapons and other resources meant specifically for warfare. Yet if push comes to shove both the Republic and the Empire won't hesitate to retaliate against the Hutts if they cannot be swayed.

The Old Republic is absolutely filled with conflict. Honestly just saying that there's only three major powers is a huge generalization. It's just me grouping all these different civilizations and organizations together based on if they are good, bad, or neutral, or if they side with the good, bad, or neutral. This Summer I'm planning to try and layout a deeper analysis of these three power bases with as much information as I can find. I probably won't get too far but obviously I won't stop once Summer is over. Once it's in an organized state I'll try and remember to share it here lol.

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Posted: Mon, 30/05/2022 01:38 (2 Months ago)
So I've watched the Kenobi episodes. I've lost a few thoughts I had but that just means that I'm saying the things I thought were most important, right? So let's go!

Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of the Kenobi show lie ahead! Be warned!

First off, I'll start by saying it was incredibly nice wonderful to see Alderaan in more mainstream Star Wars content! It's such a beautiful planet and a place I would really love to live if it were real. It felt pretty nostalgic not gonna lie.

The twins are already stealing my heart. Luke taking on Anakin's need for speed and acting like he's driving a pod racer is something I didn't even know I needed. And Leia, well she's the perfect blend between Anakin and Padme. She got both of her parent's attitudes and I would hate getting on her bad side. She's amazing so far.

Episode two, Kenobi is rescuing Leia and he fights an Iridonian zabrak. Maybe it's just me but the zabrak's markings appear more like that of a Dathomerian zabrak. I'm not sure if that was a mistake or bot but I'd love to know what's up with that. Or maybe I just saw things funny.

Kenobi escaping capture he first time using spice was honestly hilarious.

Genuinely feeling really bad for the Jedi in episode 1. The man spent ten years surviving all on his own and when he came across a member of the old council he probably felt more hope than ever before. And Kenobi basically told him to ditch his only line of defense while he was being hunted. Seeing him die just hurt me, and I may end up writing a fanfic or two with this Jedi just because he deserves so much better.

The Inquisitors be looking fine! Love seeing them in action again! And honestly the Grand Inquisitor doesn't look that bad guys- Reva gives me life. Also Grand Inquisitor isn't dead. He literally cannot be dead as he still has to appear in Star Wars Rebels fellas. I'm not being fooled with your fake deaths Star Wars!

Finally I owe the Kenobi show a hesitant apology. I was worried that by adding in Vader and the Inquisitors to this show it would mess with canon because Kenobi's cover would be blow on Tatooine. They have done a wonderful job however keeping the timeline mostly organized (the Jedi were supposed to be painted in a bad light but the Inquisitors seemed to not do that. Jedi are supposed to he evil according to the Empire but the Inquisitors said "Jedi so nice and helpful to people lol"). I mean, how do you ensure Kenobi stays hidden? Throw him off Tatooine so they don't know he is hiding there. So I admit I was wrong to worry about this show, for now at least.

Good show, 10/10 and that is a 100% not sarcastic review.