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LF Art of New Character

Forum-Index Fanmades LF Art of New Character
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Posted: Sun, 03/04/2022 05:15 (4 Months ago)
Hihi! I am looking to buy art of this character nwn/

I am offering PD, shinies, characters on here / here / here ( Not the Cosmic Fox nor Ninetales ).

Just let me know the style of art ( Fullbody, halfbody, headshot, ect ) you wanna do and what you'd like in return qwq. Also include examples, if I haven't seen your art before qwq. Oh and please let me know the value of your art!

Also would like to apologize ahead of time if I end up rejecting qwq! It does depend on what character is being picked for the type of art qwq

Ps. Tigerblue is not for exchange either. It is just a freebie for close friends only ( Need to chat often, know who I am as a person, bonded, ect, ect. Not just gonna give it to someone who I only chat with at once of a blue moon ) owo