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Leah the Mermaid not deducting pokemon in trades

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Solved Leah the Mermaid not deducting pokemon in trades
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Posted: Sun, 22/08/2021 06:16 (2 Years ago)
Just as the title mentions, I thought I'd check Leah's offers for a bit before I went to sleep for the night and decided to trade a bit. I decided on trading for a few black mystery boxes and clicked absentmindedly on the trade for a bit on auto-pilot. A minute or so into non stop trading, something clicked and I realized that there was no way I had enough pokemon to do all of the trades that I had.

I experimented a few times, opening another tab on my phone to the main fishing screen so I could check my fishing box. This is when I realized that the trades I was supposedly making were not taking the appropriate pokemon out of the fishing box.

I then opened another tab to check my item bag and saw that I had about 38 black mystery boxes! I admit to testing the trade one more time with another mystery box, and then with 1 shiny bait just to make sure it wasn't an issue specific to that particular trade, and have concluded that, for whatever reason, my Leah trades are not functioning properly.

I am unsure if this is a problem with my account specifically, or if it is more widespread, but I can say whatever might have happened must have happened recently, as I'm pretty sure I traded for some magnetic bait either yesterday or earlier today for me, and it functioned normally.

Whatever the case might be, it would be preferable if the offending 39 black mystery boxes and 1 shiny bait be removed from my inventory if that is at all possible, as I don't think there is a way of being rid of items asside from just selling them(?). I'm willing to send the items to a mod if need be, though I have to sleep after I finish with this post, so it could take a few hours to do so.
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Posted: Sun, 22/08/2021 10:46 (2 Years ago)
Thank you, I fixed the bug and removed your black mystery boxes.

If anyone else has also "exploited" this bug, then please send me these items via gift trade.