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🌟💫Roleplay Weekly💫🌟

Forum-Index Discussion 🌟💫Roleplay Weekly💫🌟
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Posted: Sun, 11/04/2021 04:38 (2 Months ago)
🌟💫Roleplay Weekly💫🌟

Hello guys!!! Depending on when you read this, my name may be RoyalGecko, or QueenOfVillains, or SUPREME LEADER... so hi! Over a year ago, I was the Roleplay Expert for the PH Times, but I ultimately stepped down twice from that position due to my own reasons. But now I'm going to bringing you guys a new "newspaper" solely created to talk about anything to do with roleplaying! Some content that I hope to start doing are "Interviews with Roleplayers" I did these with the PH Times so dont say I copied them as they were my idea originally, "Roleplay Advertising", and also, hopefully, "Roleplay Reviews"! In the spoilers below will be explanations of how things will work but one thing is for sure, I'll need help! Below are instructions on how to sign up for a job very limited slots and/or how to sponsor the paper!

Interviews with Roleplayers
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If you are unfamiliar with how the PH Times interviews worked, basically a Roleplayer will be chosen to discuss things such as their style, their roleplay friends, why you should RP, and more!

Roleplay Advertising
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In the PH Times, roleplays were advertised every week. However, if you would like to have a roleplay advertised, all you have to do is contact RoyalGecko and set up how long you would like your roleplay to be advertised for

Roleplay Reviews
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Assuming I'm able to get a staff on this project, the reviewers who have the option to be anonymous will review their first impressions of a roleplay or just review a roleplay that they know of, talking about what they liked, didnt like, etc.

How to apply for a job
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To apply for a job, you must PM RoyalGecko with an example of your writing abilities to show your value to the team. Every week, you will be paid based on the work you did. So, if you didn't work one week, you dont get paid. If you do work the next, you will be paid based on the amount of work and/or quality of work you did. You are free to leave at any time you wish, but do notify RoyalGecko in advance (a week or so in advance, but if u must leave suddenly, that's fine)

How to apply for a sponsorship
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Every month, sponsors will pay a to be determined amount to have whatever they want publicized (i.e. shiny shop, roleplay, etc.) But what if you want to cancel a sponsorship? No worries! Just notify RoyalGecko of how long you would like to sponsor the paper when you first join and she'll keep you updated when your sponsorship will be coming to an end

That's all for now! Share what's in the spoiler below to publicize our humble little thing! I cant wait to start!!
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RoyalGecko has created a new newspaper for Roleplays guys!! [url=https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=85159&post=2719859]Check it out!![/url]