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The Poke Asylum

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Posted: Sun, 25/10/2020 02:18 (1 Year ago)
Hello, kiddies. It's the SilverWarrior here, opening the doors to my new home, The Poke Asylum.

I have many options for getting the Pokemon in question. First, of course, is my Trade/Sell box. Any pokemon in this box is available for purchase

Another option is breeding, which the selections for breeding can be found in the National Dex and Emera boxes.

Do note that, if ordering a Pokemon in the Emera box to be bred for you, it may take a little longer, due to it being a specialty pokemon.

My Fish Box at Emera Beach is also open, and the pokemon that can be found there are listed here. And, along with my Fish Box, I now have access to the Galar Rumble Map and will, on occasion, bring in some of the Galarian versions of previously released pokemon (i.e. Meowth). Though, with it being on Stage 1, the selection is a little sparse (which is why I have a Price Comparison chart below, for alternate payment options).

For 'quick' options on getting a Pokemon (no Daycare breeding), there is also the Tall Grass & the Gem Collector.

And, if you want a particular evolved form (i.e. Narichu/Naruchu/Raizumaki or any of the evolved forms of Pumplin and/or Orryrm), be sure to swing by The Evolution of Pokemon to see how to get the form you want.

So, some ground rules down for the Asylum...

PH users who have been a member for less than 3 months will have a 50% discount on any pokemon purchases made (with the exception of future SM hunts) from me. And, if I should happen to be in the middle of a hunt when a Breeding Order is placed, the price I tell you when said Order is placed will remain the same if my hunt should go past the 3-month mark.

There will be a limit of 2 different breeding pairs requests per user at a time (i.e. Shuppet & Gastly). Any user who requests a breeding pair/pairs CAN NOT make another breeding pair request until their previous request is fulfilled.

Anyone who requests a breeding pair of pokemon will get a 20% discount on the purchase price (with a max of 40% for 2 different breeding pairs).

Also, with me being active at the Wonder Trade Station, any Ho-Oh passcode I get will be sold for 475k PD. With the randomness of getting the aforementioned passcode, I felt it prudent to sell it through the Shop when I get it.

Recently, I added a section call SilverWarrior's Waiting List. It's a reminder to me on orders made to me personally while I'm on Shiny Hunts. With that being said, there's a couple of rules that go with it. Rule #1 is I will only take on a max of 5 orders on the List. Rule #2 is, if any order has 10 or more Pokemon requested, the amount of accepted orders will be reduced down to 2. Please keep that in mind when placing an order with me.

The price guide for the pokemon that I'm selling will be as follows...

Price Guide

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Starter: 2,000 PD
Female Starter: 3,800 PD
Easy Rarity:100 PD
Medium Rarity: 500 PD
Hard Rarity: 700 PD
Rare Rarity: 900 PD (until further notice, this price also applies to all Alolan & Galarian rarity pokemon)
Special Rarity: 3,500 PD
Unown Rarity: 5,000 PD

Shiny Pokemon

Easy Rarity: 80,000 PD
Medium Rarity: 130,000 PD
Hard Rarity: 200,000 PD
Rare Rarity: 280,000 PD (until further notice, this price also applies to all Alolan & Galarian rarity pokemon)
Special Rarity: 280,000 PD
Fossils: 280,000 PD
Unown Rarity: 1,000,000 PD
Starter Rarity: 280,000 PD

Potential Mega-able Shiny Pokemon (meaning their evo line has the capacity for Mega Evolution)

Easy Rarity: 25,000 PD
Medium Rarity: 55,000 PD
Hard Rarity: 100,000 PD
Rare Rarity: 130,000 PD (until further notice, this price also applies to all Alolan & Galarian rarity pokemon)
Starter Rarity: 130,000 PD

Event Pokemon

Common Rarity: 3,000 PD
Uncommon Rarity: 6,000 PD
Rare Rarity: 10,000 PD

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Common Event: 450,000 PD
Shiny Uncommon Event: 650,000 PD
Shiny Rare Event: 850,000 PD

The price for Mega-able pokemon, whether they're an Event or not, will depend on their individual price range on the Price Check thread.

Payment can be made mainly with PD, but will accept payments made with Mega Stones, Ultra Saddles, Dynamax Crystals, Meltan Candies, Rare Candies, Nuggets and/or Gems... as long as the total amount of items being used as payment comes close to how much the Pokemon would be (for example, 1 Meltan Candy and 2 Dynamax Crystals would be an acceptable payment for any Shiny Common Event Pokemon like Swelluhodo).

Below is a 'price comparison' chart to use for placing orders (if wanting to pay with Items instead of PD)

Price Comparison Chart (a.k.a. the Price List)

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Price List (for using items as payment instead of PD)

List updated: 03/04/2022


Armor: 4k PD
Bird: 25k PD
Claw: 4.5k PD
Cover: 4k PD
Dino: 30k PD
Dome: 4k PD
Drake: 28.5k PD
Fish: 24k PD
Helix: 6k PD
Jaw: 9k PD
Old Amber: 19k PD
Plume: 6.5k PD
Root: 4.5k PD
Sail: 10k PD
Skull: 6k PD

Rumble Maps

Sky Pillar: 180k PD
Marine: 180k PD
Terra Cave: 180k PD
Submarine Volcano: 230k PD
Spooky Manor: 130k PD
Hollow Space: 150k PD
Vortex of Time: 150k PD
Volcano Cave: 150k PD
New Moon: 500k PD
Full Moon Map: 500k PD

Summon Items

Eternal Rock: 119k PD
Emerald: 210k PD
Sapphire: 250k PD
Ruby: 185k PD
Frozen Lava: 109k PD
Dark Orb: 145k PD
Lustrous Orb: 170k PD
Adamant Orb: 210k PD
Magma Stone: 134k PD
Red Lunar Wing: 500k PD
Yellow Lunar Wing: 530k PD
The Art of Combat: 280k PD
The Art of Defense: 285k PD

Cooking Ingredients

Honey: 20 PD
Lemonade: 80 PD
Moomoo Milk: 160 PD
Soda Pop: 65 PD
Flour: 20 PD
Super Honey: 1.5k PD


Aguav Berry: 3 PD
Apicot Berry: 2 PD
Aspear Berry: 10 PD
Babiri Berry: 40 PD
Belue Berry: 20 PD
Bluk Berry: 10 PD
Charti Berry: 2 PD
Cheri Berry: 2 PD
Chesto Berry: 3 PD
Chilan Berry: 749 PD
Chople Berry: 400 PD
Coba Berry: 2 PD
Colbur Berry: 250 PD
Cornn Berry: 39 PD
Custap Berry: 3 PD
Durin Berry: 38 PD
Enigma Berry: 1k PD
Figy Berry: 2 PD
Ganlon Berry: 3 PD
Grepa Berry: 2 PD
Haban Berry: 2 PD
Hondew Berry: 2 PD
Iapapa Berry: 2 PD
Jaboca Berry: 3 PD
Kasib Berry: 40 PD
Kebia Berry: 3 PD
Kelpsy Berry: 2 PD
Lansat Berry: 3 PD
Leppa Berry: 2 PD
Liechi Berry: 20 PD
Lum Berry: 3 PD
Mago Berry: 2 PD
Magost Berry: 49 PD
Micle Berry: 3 PD
Nanab Berry: 45 PD
Nomel Berry: 2 PD
Occa Berry: 3 PD
Oran Berry: 20 PD
Pamtre Berry: 80 PD
Passho Berry: 3 PD
Payapa Berry: 3 PD
Pecha Berry: 29 PD
Persim Berry: 40 PD
Petaya Berry: 20 PD
Pinap Berry: 3 PD
Pomeg Berry: 50 PD
Qualot Berry: 2 PD
Rabuta Berry: 3 PD
Rawst Berry: 24 PD
Razz Berry: 20 PD
Rowap Berry: 3 PD
Salac Berry: 3 PD
Shuca Berry: 450 PD
Sitrus Berry: 2 PD
Spelon Berry: 2 PD
Starf Berry: 3 PD
Tamato Berry: 40 PD
Tanga Berry: 3 PD
Wacan Berry: 80 PD
Watmel Berry: 85 PD
Wepear Berry: 20 PD
Wiki Berry: 3 PD
Yache Berry: 3 PD


Star Piece: 22.5k PD
Mega Stone: 180k PD
Ultra Saddle: 185k PD
Dynamax Crystal: 15k PD
Rare Candy: 9k PD
Nugget: 1.72k PD (minimum 50 Nuggets equals to 86k PD)
Meltan Candy: 94k PD
Rusted Sword: 145k PD
Rusted Shield: 130k PD


Relic Copper: 3.5k PD
Relic Silver: 15k PD
Relic Gold: 30k PD
Relic Vase: 320k PD
Relic Band: 500k PD
Relic Statue: 900k PD
Relic Crown: 1.5m PD


Bug Gem: 700 PD
Dark Gem: 2.1k PD
Dragon Gem: 15k PD
Electric Gem: 850 PD
Fairy Gem: 2k PD
Fighting Gem: 400 PD
Fire Gem: 3k PD
Flying Gem: 1k PD
Ghost Gem: 1.5k PD
Grass Gem: 500 PD
Ground Gem: 450 PD
Ice Gem: 1.7k PD
Normal Gem: 1.2k PD
Poison Gem: 450 PD
Psychic Gem: 1k PD
Rock Gem: 350 PD
Steel Gem: 550 PD
Water Gem: 850 PD

Decided to include hatching eggs you get from the Gem Collector as well to the Shop. For this particular case, the PD price is waived in lieu of gifting me the required Gems (i.e. 20 Normal Gems for Teddiursa). The selection of Pokemon I can hatch for you via the Gem Collector can be found at the Gem Collector Egg Shop. This particular service is mainly for those who are on Shiny Hunts, but is open for anyone who's low on PD, but has the Gems required.

Gem Counter

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49 Bug Gems
5 Dark Gems
8 Dragon Gems
42 Electric Gems
10 Fairy Gems
30 Fighting Gems
28 Fire Gems
6 Flying Gems
21 Ghost Gems
24 Grass Gems
77 Ground Gems
15 Ice Gems
33 Normal Gems
50 Poison Gems
30 Psychic Gems
6 Rock Gems
31 Steel Gems
19 Water Gems

On top of making egg purchases from the Gem Collector, I can also use any Ancient Cave summoning item that you have on hand. The following are the summoning items that are available for use, along with the Pokemon that can be obtained from it.

Ancient Cave

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Adamant Orb Dialga

Armor Fossil: Shieldon

Bird Fossil: Dracozolt

Claw Fossil: Anorith

Cover Fossil: Tirtouga

Dark Orb: Giratina

Dark Stone: Zekrom (Zekrom Quest; must answer right & level Wounded Pokemon to Level 100)

Dino Fossil: Arctozolt

Dome Fossil: Kabuto

Drake Fossil: Dracovish

Emerald Rayquaza

Eternal Rock: Eternatus

Fish Fossil: Arctovish

Frozen Lava Volcanion

Grey Feather Moltres (Galarian)

Helix Fossil: Omanyte

Jaw Fossil: Tyrunt

Light Stone: Reshiram (Reshiram Quest; must answer right & level Wounded Pokemon to Level 100)

Lustrous Orb Palkia

Magma Stone Heatran

Old Amber Fossil: Aerodactyl

Orange Feather Zapdos (Galarian)

Plume Fossil: Archen

Purple Feather Articuno (Galarian)

Red Lunar Wing Darkrai

Root Fossil: Lileep

Ruby Groudon

Sail Fossil: Amaura

Sapphire Kyorge

Skull Fossil: Cranidos

Star Piece x5 (and Happiness): Jirachi (Jirachi Quest only)

Yellow Lunar Wing Cresselia


On top of the items mentioned above, there is one more summon item to list. But, due to how it's used, it gets its own little section. That's right, folks. I'm talking about the Ultra Saddle.

This little item doesn't seen like much. But, if given to either Solgaleo or Lunala as a held item (while they're in your party), it opens up a new section of the Ancient Cave known as Ultra Space. By entering the Wormhole, you can then be transported to one of 10 places. If you complete the tasks required once entering one of those places, you can leave with the Ultra Beast egg from that area.

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Deep Sea: Nihilego
Jungle: Buzzwole
Desert: Pheromosa
Plant: Xurkitree
Crater: Celesteela
Forest: Kartana
Ruin: Guzzlord
Megalopolis: Poipole / Naganadel (via evolving Poipole at Level 40)
Castle: Stakataka
Palace: Blacephalon

Galar Rumble Map Recruitment

As you can probably guess, this spot is to let you guys know what Galarian variants I can pick up for you from the Galar Rumble Map. And, though Shinies & Mega-ables can be obtained from the Map (got 2 Shiny Galarian pokemon this way), I won't be taking requests to get a particular Shiny (took nearly 11 months from my first Galarian Shiny to get the 2nd one). This list will 'expand' when I get the Galar Map upgraded.

Show hidden content

Meowth (Galarian)

Ponyta (Galarian)

Rapidash (Galarian)

Slowpoke (Galarian)

Farfetch'd (Galarian)

Weezing (Galarian)

Mr Mime (Galarian)

Corsola (Galarian)

Zigzagoon (Galarian)

Linoone (Galarian)

Darumaka (Galarian)

Darmanitan (Galarian)

Yamask (Galarian)

Stunfisk (Galarian)

Though PD is not required for the Gem Collector & Ancient Cave services mentioned above, I will not deny any PD donations.

SilverWarrior's Waiting List

This section is in place, mainly for me to keep track of orders made to me personally while I'm in the middle of Shiny Hunts and/or other orders. Once a Shiny Hunt/order is finished, the Waiting List will be worked on.

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Order -
Price -

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 91

Forum Posts: 409
Posted: Sun, 25/10/2020 02:45 (1 Year ago)

Title: Dr. Cranes Shiny Haunts closed

i just cant do it anymore
Trainerlevel: 22

Forum Posts: 137
Posted: Sun, 25/10/2020 05:25 (1 Year ago)
I will be available to shiny hunt for people or just breed eggs and let them go for people prices will depend on how long it takes

Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Fri, 30/10/2020 18:34 (1 Year ago)

Title: Asylum Update

Added a new service to my lineup, involving the Ancient Cave (currently with all available Fossils & the Eternal Rock, will update with more AC summons later).

Also, please welcome Lonewolf8600 to the staff of the Asylum.

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Mon, 02/11/2020 01:20 (1 Year ago)

Title: Asylum Update

Added more Ancient Cave summoning items to my personal shop. Will have a special section for the Ultra Saddle & the Ultra Beasts in a later update.

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Wed, 04/11/2020 03:28 (1 Year ago)

Title: Asylum Update

Added the Wormhole section (which contains the Ultra Saddle & the Ultra Beasts)

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Sun, 15/11/2020 03:54 (1 Year ago)

Title: Asylum Update

added a spoiler section for the current Staff Members, a Price Comparison chart (for those who pay with Items instead of PD) to my post & a Gem Counter.

More 'cosmetic' updates on the way.

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Tue, 17/11/2020 01:34 (1 Year ago)

Title: Asylum Update

Transferred the GTS Trades section from the Road to Galar thread over to this thread.

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 44

Forum Posts: 172
Posted: Thu, 19/11/2020 06:31 (1 Year ago)

Title: Breeding Pair Order

Howdy there! I'm not entirely sure if this is where I should be replying, and if it isn't, let me know and I shall PM my order/take it to an appropriate thread instead- However, I'll get into the order itself!

Is it alright if I'm able to be bred a pair of Galarian Mr. Mimes? [One male, one female, just standard breeding pair stuff, nothing more.]
I assume since they're both Rare, I'll have to pay 1,800 PD for their combined price, However both being Galar, it's alright if the pricing's a bit higher, say, 20,000 PD combined if Galar counts as Event- I'm certain no matter what, I'll be able to pay any amount for them.

I'm also willing to wait a while, no worries!

Clowns r,,, pretty rad,,

Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Thu, 19/11/2020 12:12 (1 Year ago)
@ToonyRcads first, you can place the order here (though it would help to note who you're wanting to fill the order for you).

Second, I'll work on that as soon as I finish with my current hunt

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 44

Forum Posts: 172
Posted: Thu, 19/11/2020 17:13 (1 Year ago)

Title: Breeding Pair Order [continued]

@UncleJoker Alrighty then!

My order is still going to be 2 Galarian Mr. Mimes [Breeding pair]

-One Male Galarian Mr. Mime (Rare=900 PD OR Galarian=10K PD)
-One Female Galarian Mr. Mime (Rare=900 PD OR Galarian=10K PD)
TOTAL: 1,800 PD OR 20,000 PD

[The OR is still in case if a "Galarian" variant would count as an Event pokemon.]

I don't mind who breeds it at all, but I guess since I have to note, either @UncleJoker or @Scare_Crow when the time's available indeed. LMK when it's fulfilled as well via PMs so I can look for the private trade in the GTS when the time comes please.
I'm cool waiting for your hunt to finish as well, thanks! ^^

Clowns r,,, pretty rad,,

Trainerlevel: 91

Forum Posts: 409
Posted: Thu, 19/11/2020 17:15 (1 Year ago)
galarian Mr. mime isnt breedable must be gotten through rumble and since i have the only rumble available to get the pokemon ill fullfill this order.
Trainerlevel: 44

Forum Posts: 172
Posted: Thu, 19/11/2020 18:15 (1 Year ago)

Title: Breeding Pair Order [continued]

Darned, the breeding part is unfortunate but, understood, thank ya'lls a ton!

Clowns r,,, pretty rad,,

Trainerlevel: 24

Forum Posts: 127
Posted: Sat, 21/11/2020 13:18 (1 Year ago)
@UncleJoker -

Hello there. May I please request a Ralts breeding pair and an Aron breeding pair? I am assuming this is 1,400 PD and 1,000 PD respectively. Do let me know the final total with the breeding pair purchase discount applied.

Thank you.
Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Sun, 22/11/2020 03:18 (1 Year ago)
@deaky a couple of things. Though you did get the right price for Aron (Medium Rarity) at 1k, Ralts' rarity is Rare, bringing that price up to 1.8k PD.

With the Breeding Pair Discount Price, it would've brought it down to 1,680 PD. But, after seeing that you've been a part of PokeHeroes for less than 3 months (in fact, 5 days as of this post), it automatically qualifies you for the 'New Player' discount, which is 50% off your order.

Taking into account the New Player Discount, it brings your total to 1.4k PD. I'll get started on your order and will let you know when it's ready for pickup.

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 24

Forum Posts: 127
Posted: Sun, 22/11/2020 05:13 (1 Year ago)
My apologies, I must not have been paying attention when I was scrolling through the list of egg rarities. Thank you though.
Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 248
Posted: Mon, 23/11/2020 02:59 (1 Year ago)

Title: Shiny Hunt notice

Though it won't start up for a bit, I am getting ready to finish my 2016 hunt of Shiny Charmander.

More information can be found at the Shiny Charmander Hunt part 2.

Rumble Crew

Wormhole Tag-Team

Trainerlevel: 24

Forum Posts: 127
Posted: Mon, 23/11/2020 05:51 (1 Year ago)
@UncleJoker -

I hope you don't mind me sliding in an order before your shiny Charmander hunt. I would like a Zigzagoon pair and a Snorunt pair, for 200 PD and 1400 PD. If it's not too late to get these requests in, let me know what the price is with the discounts applied. If it is too late, may I request that @Scare_Crow does it?

Thank you.
Trainerlevel: 91

Forum Posts: 409
Posted: Mon, 23/11/2020 06:28 (1 Year ago)
I cannot do it through breeding i can only do it buy buying the pokemon from someone else or hope someone is giving away the said pokemon for free. I'm already on a zompette hunt.
Trainerlevel: 24

Forum Posts: 127
Posted: Mon, 23/11/2020 06:39 (1 Year ago)
Ah, my apologies, I did not realize. Good luck on the hunt.