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Join the Wiki Staff! [CLOSED]

Forum-Index News Join the Wiki Staff! [CLOSED]
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Posted: Tue, 09/06/2020 18:44 (1 Month ago)

Wiki Helpers Wanted!
Become a part of the Wiki Staff!

Hello, everyone!
As you may have noticed from the title, we are looking for more Wiki Staff Members! The PokéHeroes Wiki is closed for everyone (apart from the Wiki staff) to prevent users from making unnecessary SPAM.

By becoming a member on the Wiki Team, you will have full access to the Wiki. This will allow you to edit and make articles and also keep all information up to date for everyone.

How can I join?

Good question! To apply, you will need to write one or more articles on specific topics (which are listed below). It's important that you submit them to me (imagine) in a Private Message with the title "Wiki Helper Application".

This is the list of the articles which will need to be made for submission. You can pick any topic you want to write about.
Note: You can make a minimum of 1 article. Making more than 1 article will increase your chances of being hired on the Wiki Team.

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Note: You are not allowed to use information from pre-existing Wiki Articles in your submission.

• "Emera Beach" article - (Must include "Magikarp Patterns", "Los Seashellos", and "Leah the Mermaid" information).
• "Emera Square" article - (Must include "Professor Oak's Contest", "Bug Hatching Contest", and "Pokémon Beauty Contest" information).
• "PalPad" article - (Must include "Groupchat" information).
• "Global Trade Center" article - (Must include "Public Trades", "Private Trades", "Gifts", "Item Market", and "Menu" information).
• "Berry Garden" article.
• "Tall Grass" article.
• "Route 53" article - (Must include "Honeytree", "Honeycombs", and "Moomoo Ranch" information).


When applying, or writing/submitting an article, you will need to look out for the following:

• Trainerlevel: Please make sure your Trainerlevel is 30 or higher before applying. Your Trainerlevel can be seen on your profile and on your user bar.

• Activity: It is extremely important that you are active on Pokéheroes (Having at least a total of 72 Game Time Hours) and will be active on the PokéHeroes Wiki.

• Language: Please write your articles in good English. Chat language, swearing and inappropriate language are not allowed in any articles.

• Grammar: Grammar is the key when writing an article. Your article will need to be clear and understandable to read. This includes correct spelling and punctuation.

• Information: Make sure what you're writing about is related to the topic you're meant to write about. In other words, don't go off-topic.

• Helpful: Your article will need to be helpful and informative as possible for everyone. This means going into detail about certain features.

• Images: Images/Screenshots are important in articles, as they will guide users who are stuck with something. If possible, try including some screenshots in your articles. (If you don't know how to take screenshots, read the FAQ.)

• Discord: The PokéHeroes Wiki has its own Discord Server in which we mainly communicate through. Though it is not a necessity to be accepted, it is highly preferred that you have a Discord account.


Q: Will I get a Wiki Staff banner if I'm accepted?
A: Yes, you will!

Q: How many helpers will you accept?
A: Currently, we're looking to hire at least two new members. We will also be picking helpers based on how good your article submissions are. Being active on PokéHeroes will also be beneficial to your application.

Q: How many submissions can we make?
A: As already stated, you can make one or more, about topics stated in the spoiler box above. There is no limit to how many articles you're allowed to submit.

Q: How can I take screenshots?
A: I'd recommend you to use Lightshot, as it is an easy tool. If you don't want to download a program, you can use these guides: How to take screenshots in Windows or Mac

Q: How can I add screenshots in my submissions?
A: Check out this BBCode guide.

Q: Will we be able to use BBCode when making articles on the wiki?
A: The Wiki does not use BBCode. It instead uses HTML Code.

Q: Where will the accepted helpers be announced?
A: If you are accepted on the Wiki Team, you will receive a Private Message from me and later it will be announced in this thread!

Q: Is there a time limit for this?
A: The applications do not have a definite time-limit to them, but they will be open for at least two weeks.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here or message me directly.

Thank you for your interest and good luck to everyone!

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Posted: Fri, 12/06/2020 07:47 (1 Month ago)
I have a small question. About the tall grass. The tall grass needs updates for every rarity of the pokemon, from easy to legendary. How can I remember how much the updates costs? Or in the wiki it's not necessary?
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Posted: Fri, 12/06/2020 13:38 (1 Month ago)
You aren't entirely required to put the price in on the article, so if you don't remember it's okay. :)

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Posted: Tue, 16/06/2020 00:49 (28 Days ago)


Wiki Staff Applications will be closed in one week! The last day to submit applications will be June 23rd!
New Wiki Staff Members will be announced June 24th.

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Posted: Sun, 21/06/2020 22:00 (22 Days ago)
When will the next one be?...
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Posted: Mon, 22/06/2020 21:35 (21 Days ago)
Excuse my late response!
There's never really a "set" time when we're looking for more Wiki Staff.
Just like the other staff positions, when there is a need for more volunteers, applications will open.

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Posted: Tue, 23/06/2020 00:20 (21 Days ago)
Today is the last day to submit Wiki Staff Applications!
All Wiki Applications will be analyzed accordingly and New Wiki Staff will be announced by the end of the week.

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Posted: Tue, 23/06/2020 01:40 (21 Days ago)
I'd apply, but I do note fit the requirements. Sorry
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Posted: Wed, 24/06/2020 00:23 (20 Days ago)

Wiki Staff Applications are now closed!

I would like to thank everyone who applied and showed interest in joining the Wiki Team and there were some really good applications. With that being said, I would like to say don't be discouraged if you weren't accepted! There will be opportunities in the future to apply [It took me a few tries to get on the team at first, too :p]

Joining another team, as she already has been contributing to the site as a moderator for some years now, please welcome CatLady to the Wiki Team! Please also welcome back Ephenia and welcome newcomer, reapu!

Once again, thank you to everyone and if you have any questions or concerns regarding your application/tips, you're more than welcome to message me directly. :)