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Trainerlevel: 92

Trainerpoints: 13,754/25,483


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Ephenia (1st OS)
3,1934,008,140 / 38,244,159
Symphonia (1st OS)
(Tapu Lele)
2,59418,047,449 / 25,242,864
Com Truise (1st OS)
(White Kyurem)
3,2518,104,886 / 39,645,946
(Mega Gardevoir)
3,33622,533,714 / 41,745,871
1,6553,620,674 / 6,577,632
14646,201 / 51,510

Ephenia | 24 | Big Gay

“The only thing stopping you is you.”

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Pokésona art by Hime-Nyan
Pokésona sprite by Lemon

My fun/test panel


Game Records

Trainer ID: #708283049
Registration: 26/09/2017 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 23/Nov/2019
Game Time: 2758:19 Hours
Total interactions: 33,905,394
Money: 126,733,634
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Already waking up today feeling amazing.

Mostly because Dunkin' Donuts brought back that Pumpkin Spice so early this year which I absolutely LOVE, oh yes.

Couldn't be any happier for a day of work, bless.
4 Days ago
Not in the greatest state of mind right now, anxiety through the roof, stressed out, but I'm going to try giving myself some advice which would be...

That sometimes to take steps forward, you may have to take some steps back first. You may really want something or to achieve a goal, but what could be best to do may not be in your best of interest with the approach that you'd like. These things can take time and that's okay, remember.
13 Days ago
In regards to my last feed, if you wanted to see all 153 names/strings, then it's all up on the wiki page under Useful Resources. You may find it insightful/interesting, or even helpful!

also finished adding the last few codes and the page is p much done in the meantime <3
14 Days ago
Fun little fact:

There's currently a total of 153 valid names/strings that the BBCode for Text Color would support here on PokeHeroes. Not talking about hexadecimal values obviously.
15 Days ago
I mean...

If you're so focused on other people liking you, and them thinking good/positive things about you. Then, you never will find yourself and truly be happy with that, will you now?

Just a thought.
15 Days ago
I guess I'll say what I have to.

Maybe people would want to hear an opinion from myself, or just a Staff member here in general. I think an important point is that we're no different from the rest, and we're still entitled to have our own opinions from the perspective of just being another player here on site.

I used to criticize this site a lot, still do. I think that a lot of changes would need to be made for things to be better.

What I mostly want to see changed? I want to see priorities be different. I always wanted to see the suggestion section get gone through and focused on, and see QoL changes and features people really want to see implemented. I don't like how we have events back to back even though they can be great, but honestly they really just feel like a chore after a while when they're like this. It can be overwhelming.

I make all the suggestions I would for good reason, and put lots of effort/time into them. It's fun and I love what I do, but it can feel wasteful.
17 Days ago
Let's be real for a second.

How many of y'all actually make use of this button?
21 Days ago
Been nonstop thinking about you girl. I'm so glad we got to finally meet after so long.

You make this girl here a very happy one, and who knows maybe you feel the same way ❤️
23 Days ago
I don't think you have any idea...

How fast I really am
24 Days ago
Aesthetic update on the Kanto Region table there with the rarities

Basically what I got so far and can tell me if y'all like it or not, since it will be reflecting off the other tables when they update. But, I'm liking what I've come up with for the most part.

jeez tho this is like tons of code and it's a headache to look at it all but thank god for scripts to manage all this xd
24 Days ago
Stuff like this is why I love my job here XD

Seeing such a large change of bytes like that is EXTREMELY satisfying to me especially when it took like no time at all to do what would of been very tedious work otherwise.

If you look on the Shadow Radar page it's just the spoilers down at the bottom with the massive tables containing the Shadow Pokémon. Gen 2~4 contains all broken images, but majority of the links of them would be all correct (even though I winged it). So as soon as they get released and become available on site, then they should all automatically update there. Johto should be 100% accurate and all set to go afaik.

It's great that the tables are all set up now and out of the way. The rest should be smooth sailing from here with adding all rarities and doing extra styling, and just making whatever minor changes would be necessary.
24 Days ago
Which username did you meet me at?

25 Days ago
Please, may I ask you all for your time.
1. Show support on this suggestion if you can
2. Drop a ❤️ on this feed to get this out there
3. Tell your friends and just spread the word

I know many of you are Dream World lovers just as much as I am, and I'll tell you I worked hard to bring you to bring you all that.
28 Days ago
Tfw going to claim and hatch this shiny bab at reset like... you guys have no idea this is the most amazing and satisfying thing like legit I'm actually so damn happy to complete this RNG task 100% ez LOL it's literally like a free space in bingo

AHHHHHHHHHHH must be nice
29 Days ago
If y'all pay enough attention, feeds like my previous one usually means something nice is coming to you guys.

Both Trainerlevel and Newbie Mentoring level/experience information is now available for you all to know!

You can check out each respective Wiki article for this information:
Newbie Mentoring

The Trainerlevel one is in a spoiler because it's gigantic.

Shoutout to Riako for being awesome. I'd still love to have Dream Level information up, but that's complicating and bit of a mess currently. I have a pretty decent understanding of how it's like now though, a lot more than before anyway.

I'm tired don't judge.
29 Days ago
Ridin' 'round town, they gon' feel this one
29 Days ago

Does anyone know the total amount to Dream World tasks needed to be completed that's required for each level?

1 -> 2 = ?
2 -> 3 = ?
3 -> 4 = ?
etc etc...

Also, the total amount of Dream World tasks to reach Dream Level 8 starting from nothing?

I remember seeing this information somewhere long ago, but forget where

Asking for a friend here, rewarding anyone that can be of help with this information
1 Month ago



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