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Trainerlevel: 97

Trainerpoints: 22,375/28,323


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Semper Invictus
4,43520,482,435 / 59,020,981
Ephenia (1st OS)
5,75178,209,256 / 124,049,071
Symphonia (1st OS)
(Tapu Lele)
4,85724,928,984 / 88,482,399
Octavia (1st OS)
(White Kyurem)
5,5453,530,797 / 115,322,139
Sylph (1st OS)
(Shaymin (Sky))
3,2494,850,902 / 37,915,917
(Mega Gardevoir)
5,44231,554,681 / 111,078,024

Ephenia | 24 | Gay

• Formerly known as Ribombee •
• Former Wiki Staff member •
• Pronouns: She/Her •
• Loves Writing & Coding •
• Technical Specialist •
• Digital Artist & Tattooist •



Q: Do you do commissions?
A: No, I currently don't and what you see is work from me being bored in quarantine. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Programs you use?
A: Mainly Clip Studio Paint and a bit of Photoshop occasionally. I alternate between using both tablet and mouse.

Q: How long have you been doing art?
A: About 11 orso years with a solid 4 years of solid high schooling in Digital Design.

Q: Are you pursuing art?
A: Nope! I'm actually a Technical Specialist in the IT field with a Professional certification.

Q: What references?
A: My MapleStory characters I use


Pokésona art by Hime-Nyan
Pokésona sprite in banners by Castalia

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #708283049
Registration: 26/09/2017 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Nov/2022
Game Time: 4091:57 Hours
Total interactions: 41,778,859
Money: 129,477,685
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


accepting wifey applications
Yesterday, 18:19
wait did some guy actually PM me asking me out and also made a feed about it

Yesterday, 18:07
;point_right: :point_left:

;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P
Yesterday, 17:00
you can't steal my art but you can steal my heart :­)
Yesterday, 06:08
i can't wish you all a wonderful day but i know who can
2 Days ago
When ur state starts to reopen from COVID-19 but now u got riot squads coming down ur street and telling u to stay inside and shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at u cuz of recent events and now ur stuck inside on PH and ur losing ur mind

2 Days ago
Which gay girl are you trying to ship me with
2 Days ago
so excited uwu i love june uwu PRIDE MONTH UWU excited uwu so excited uwu best month of the year uwu so gay uwu have i showed you my new pet uwu i named her uwu uwu i love my uwu uwu she's such a cute uwu uwu i love you uwu!!! uwu have i told you my bday is also in june uwu in pride month uwu every day is gay uwu happy days uwu wonderful days uwu
2 Days ago
What's at the end of the rainbow
2 Days ago
Whoever can comment on this feed every color of the rainbow without being interrupted by someone else trying to comment doing the same thing will receive something special from me. Spamming is allowed and you have as many attempts as you want. If you you've got it, then you can send me a message.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
2 Days ago
7 Days ago
2 shiny karp at beach in a day with no bait nice
15 Days ago
new avatar sketch and full piece on profile ❤️
17 Days ago
PH: oh No tHey was BAnNEd!!!
Me: This Impidimp plushie is lovely
18 Days ago
Project update notes in comments
1 Month ago
updated avatar coloring and shading all done & complete piece on my profile ❤️
1 Month ago
new temporary avatar until whenever its finished ❤️
1 Month ago
comes out of quarantine to check out what's going on around PH

immediately goes back into quarantine
1 Month ago
All done only took 20 minutes
2 Months ago
How about instead of stalking people's profiles all the time, gifting things that have been gifted to you to other people just to spite them... you know like clearly causing a disturbance for many.

How about you take some time away from being social and limiting the interactions from others on the site and reflect off yourself? Focus more on yourself? That's exactly what I've been doing especially when I was doing wrong things and had such stuff pointed out to me, thus why I haven't been around (aside from the whole coronavirus pandemic going on in recent times). I've been doing much better ever since, and I've felt much better about myself.

I'm back to being MIA, but I just wanted to make a feed offering good and positive advice which may hopefully help as it has helped me. Also, just because it's a game doesn't mean it's okay to display scummy/toxic behavior. Trust me, I know.
2 Months ago


These plushies pls thnx

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