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Advent calendar

Forum-Index Discussion Advent calendar
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Posted: Tue, 03/12/2019 00:27 (2 Days ago)
Hello mates, I'm going to keep track of the advent calendar, it's task and rewards and compare it to the next year with the next and so on. This is my own thread for the calendar so don't tell me someone already did it or something. Feel free to correct my errors.

Advent calender 2019

1 December (Make 1500 interactions)
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Reward: mega able egg (ponyta)

2 December ( spread #ThanksGiving and say what are you thankful for)
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Reward: any 10 random gems

3 December ( send Plushies to any two users with the minimum dp being 10)
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Reward: 20 dp

4 December (Buy 10 lottery tickets)
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Reward: 200GC

5 December ( Fill your party with fire type Pokemons)
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(Reward: any 20 random berry)

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Posted: Tue, 03/12/2019 12:42 (2 Days ago)

Title: I got 10 rock gems for #2

I got 10 rock gems for #2
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Posted: Thu, 05/12/2019 02:41 (12 Hours ago)
Is there any way to do a door that you missed?
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Posted: Thu, 05/12/2019 04:26 (10 Hours ago)
@trilz Sorry there is no way to do that if you missed a door. But you can try again next year
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Posted: Thu, 05/12/2019 05:23 (9 Hours ago)
Its shame. We should be allowed to do door of day before if we miss it. Can't do 5th door because of legendary eggs. Now have to wait until next year? Poor design choice, and upsetting. Don't know what to do.
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Please click so I can get Day 5 of Calendar, thank you!