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cosplay pikachu outfits

Forum-Index Suggestions cosplay pikachu outfits
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Posted: Tue, 01/01/2019 00:40 (4 Years ago)
i haven't seen anyone talk about adding this and i had this idea for about a month now and think it's about time i should post it here! ^^
the cosplay pikachus have been here since X&Y and i feel like many people including me really like them and would like to see them in PH, all the outfits could be located in different spots and would have different ways of getting them, like Pop Star would be a reword in the emera square. i have ideas of the places the five outfits would be obtained

-Pop Star would be a reword in the emera square
-Rock Star would be found in boxes or bought in the Battle Shop
-Ph. D would be a gift from Prof. Rowan
-Libre would be like rock star
-Belle could be bought at emera beach this one doesn't really make sense be eh

there could also be outfits for each of the evil teams in the pokemon games too!
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Posted: Tue, 01/01/2019 00:46 (4 Years ago)
Like how Teddiursa has its Misdreavus costume.
Support cuz popstar Chu is my favorite ~!

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Posted: Tue, 01/01/2019 00:51 (4 Years ago)
One of my favorite Pikachu variants is Pikachu Belle, so I'd love to see them added to the site too!

While we're on the topic, what about a "Detective's Outfit" as well? Maybe via the Game Center?
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Posted: Tue, 01/01/2019 00:56 (4 Years ago)
Detective's Outfit would be really cool!! the game center would be a really good place for the outfit, maybe it could be in the Treasure Hunt :o
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Posted: Tue, 01/01/2019 03:00 (4 Years ago)
Full support
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Posted: Tue, 01/01/2019 03:22 (4 Years ago)
I support! It would be great to have them since we don't have them already!
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Posted: Thu, 24/01/2019 21:28 (4 Years ago)
Full support! Especially for the villian Pikachu costumes!

they're best friends :)
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Posted: Sat, 19/06/2021 14:01 (2 Years ago)
Cosplay boxes have already been added and are obtainable through opening boxes, but, its a good suggestion for getting them through another way for the users which cannot obtain them through boxes and because of expensive prices. Support.