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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 3,854/7,853


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sin(ny) / 21yo / friend
trash mammal / makes ok art

PoGO: 2498 3832 5733

Switch: 2228-8684-7401

3DS: 4399-5067-7574
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anime, manga, reading, writing, cats, pink
blue, dogs, birds, stars, aesthetic, flowers
plushies, creepypasta, pokemon, warriors
jacksepticeye, markiplier, pewdiepie
game grumps, daz black

Game Records

Trainer ID: #198913975
Registration: 17/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Apr/2019
Game Time: 522:16 Hours
Total interactions: 445,043
Money: 2,572,977
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Click my eggs~!
Today, 14:28
I came up with another little PH project where I collect all shiny bird pokemon (not counting mega and legendary) ^0^)/
3 Days ago
I don’t know about y’all but I think Colress is a dreamboat with his internet explorer lookin-
3 Days ago
I got an awesome comment on my Pokemon Platinum fanfiction and it’s made me smile this whole day - I should stop doubting if people actually like my work, because clearly SOMEONE does / will. Gotta remember this!
4 Days ago
Finally got my hands on a spiky-ear Pichu TwT so cute!
4 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Audino hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #743)!

Congratulations! A shiny Audino hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #744)!

pfft, twins (but no SM ;-;)
10 Days ago
Signed up for Xanje because why not (profile linked in my contact list)
12 Days ago
I downloaded some more Pokémon ROM hacks. Resolute, Flora Sky, and Glazed ~
12 Days ago
I just remembered that I used to have an OC who found and raised a wolf (thinking it was a puppy at first). She lost her mom in a house fire then grows up to be a badass sword-wielding warrior that rides atop a wolf into battle ^0^)/ I kinda want to bring her back lol
13 Days ago
God, I really want Game Grumps to play more main series pokemon. Arin said they'll play them all, but that's gonna take ages! FireRed took like 2-3 years!
As much as I want them to do HGSS, they should really finish up Sun. I'm just curious about what team Arin will come up with. Sure as heck, Mimikyuu is gonna be the new Splart XD

Honestly, they're not really playing anything good now. Nothing that catches my attention
15 Days ago
I made some s'mores and I just... devoured them all ;-; I think I need help??
15 Days ago

Green: Have a safe trip to the Alola region!

Blue: I have no say in the matter.

Green: Then die.

Red and Pikachu: o.o

i saw this on Tumblr and i just- pfffff, the last bit is my brain finishing the moment XD
17 Days ago
I love watching/listening to all the Pokémon anime intros and crying while bopping T^T
18 Days ago
I love how the mom on Pokemon Sweet immediately gives us the running shoes like TAKE THIS AND GET OUT JUST LEAVE XD
23 Days ago
Dare I say that the Ice Worms are scarier than the Reaper Leviathan??
1 Month ago
The Squidshark from Subnautica BZ is so amazing! I love it!
1 Month ago
I'm glad that the beauty contest was updated. I didn't really like seeing the same entries win over and over again in a row ;/
1 Month ago
Stop saying the earth is flat. You’re going to hurt her feelings
1 Month ago
I can never make up my mind on which one of my fanfictions I should work on
Like, I can read back on them and get my mind going, but when I run into a blank page, my mind goes blank too :,]
1 Month ago
I’m going to work on more designs for my auction when I get home! ^^ and instead of just one at a time, I’ll bump it up to two or three.
Drop some suggestions for me below! Must be a Pokémon though - either a fusion or a theme~
1 Month ago

Shiny Hunt

Sobble is currently hunting Tyrunt.
Hunt started: 25/04/2019

Chain: 10



- price check post⠀//⠀ - shiny chain break?

- free avatars uwu⠀//⠀ - more free avatars

- character auction⠀//⠀ - my berry booth

- needing Nebula Stones!

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