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Bug/Complaint Gem Cauldron Boiling Gems

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Bug/Complaint Gem Cauldron Boiling Gems
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Posted: Sat, 17/11/2018 14:27 (5 Years ago)
I had all my gems ready and I kept on clicking to boil a mega stone and made some mistakes. Doing so wasted some of my dragon gems. Since gem cauldron only adds it if it was the 'right' one the dragon gem one came back and now I didn't have any dragon gems and couldn't proceed and slowly the timer went down and I lost. I think this is something that should be made aware of. I don't know if this is considered a bug/complaint (not intentional and intentional) but anyway. There is one way that I think would be the best way to fix this:

>Make gems count even if they were failures. Your gems shouldn't get destroyed, they just went in the cauldron early and messed with your recipe thats all.

Screenshot of how it looks like:

People often think the PH sprites are bland. Do they shade? Well, yes they do. You'll be surprised how much care is taken for these sprites.