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Forum Thread

Pokeheroes Discussion Forum.

Forum-Index Discussion Pokeheroes Discussion Forum.
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Posted: Tue, 27/06/2017 17:49 (5 Years ago)
Hello and welcome to the Pokeheroes Discussion area!

Quick Links:
Event Discussion
Update Discussion
Price check Discussion
Pokeheroes Records

In this thread you'll find help and tips about posting in this section. It'll guide you through what shouldn't be posted and what can be posted, some rules about posting, SPAM and about what happens if your thread is locked and why it is locked.

Alright. So first what is this section of the forums for?

To talk about anything Pokeheroes related!

What isn't allowed?
Quote✘ Anything NOT Pokeheroes related
✘ Random off-topic discussions
✘ Duplicate threads
✘ Asking or offering to give clicks of any kind.
✘ Forum Games*
✘ Fan Art or Fanfiction*
✘ Diaries or logs*
✘ Anything hashtag or contest related*
✘ Advertising
✘ Bugs and Complaints about the site*
✘ Help*
✘ Battle requests*
✘ Selling/Trading anything*
✘ "Hi I'm new" or "hello it's nice to meet you threads*

*We have sections for these:
> Forum Games
> Fanmades (For art and stories)
> Diary's
> Contests
> Bugs/Complaints
> Help (There are also guides in this section!)
> Fight Area/Battle
> Global Trade Station (To trade, sell or buy things on site!)
> Introduce yourself! - You can say hi and introduce yourself here.

Examples of what is considered about Pokeheroes:
Quote✔ Things you enjoy about Pokeheroes
✔ About events
✔ What you do on Pokeheroes
✔ What Pokemon you like or what Pokemon you aim to get
✔ Your time on Pokeheroes
✔ Sharing first experiences
✔ Favourite things (like favourite shiny's, type, mega's etc)
✔ About specific things on PH, like the Berry Garden
✔ Advice - There's asking for help and then there's asking for advice, like if certain things on PH are worth investing in and see what others think or say, this can be a discussion topic.
✔ Basically anything related to the site you can think of
✔ What you'd love to see on the site (You can talk about these things without making it a suggestion, if you want to make it a suggestion, please visit the suggestion section

Here are some examples of talking about things in this section: (Ticks = Okay. Cross = Not okay)
Quote✔ Types of Pokemon
✘ Favourite Pokemon video game

Pokeheroes does have Pokemon types on it, you can see it in the Pokedex and you can take advantage of it during battles when you use the Vs. Seeker on here - Therefore this is a topic about Pokeheroes.

Video games whilst Pokemon related isn't Pokeheroes and should go in the general discussion section

Quote✔ Pokeheroes Art work (like the art work for the higher or lower guy or the daycare man or the honey tree etc)
✘ Posting your art work.

Pokeheroes does have its own art work and people can talk about that because it does make it Pokeheroes related.

You shouldn't be posting your own art work in this section, that belongs in the Fanmades section.

Deleted and moved threads:

If your thread has no comments after a month, it'll get locked. We recommend if you want to keep it active to either bump it or post a link to it in your feeds. This would also be the only reason we don't comment, the thread that hasn't had any comments on it will simply be locked.

If you post a duplicate thread, it'll be locked and deleted a month later, any thread locked is deleted a month later.
We do this to keep the section tidy and organised and easier for users to browse through.

Thread won't get deleted or locked randomly, a reason will always been given and if you don't like it, contact the Moderator who locked it. But make sure you have a strong valid reason for it being unlocked - older threads not being updated aren't an excuse, especially if users are still posting and using the thread.

If you think your thread has been deleted but it hasn't been a month since you made it, double check it hasn't been moved somewhere. We recommend you subscribe to the threads you make so you don't lose them, because a moderator will comment where they have moved it to and that way you'll be notified.


Q: Why was my thread locked? ):
A: Refer to the section about deleting and moving threads - It was probably for one of the reasons listed above. Whatever the reason, one of the moderators will leave a comment about why it is locked before locking it, if you don't agree with the lock, contact that moderator.

Q: My thread is gone..
A: It was more than like either moved or deleted. Check the moved and deleted thread section of this thread, it'll explain what may have happened.

Q: What about talking about Pokemon in general?
A: Well we welcome most topics about Pokemon since most of it ties in with Pokeheroes but anything about the video games, TV series or any other kind of merchandise, should go in general discussions.

Q: I want to post something in this section but I'm not sure if it's correct?
A: Ask! This thread will remain open for users to post their questions and concerns on.

Q: What is considered SPAM?
A: Posting threads that just include "Hi" or "I like it here" etc, it needs to something people can talk about. Don't forget you also have your feeds that you're more than welcome to post these things! :3 Threads that just have emotes will also be considered SPAM. Anything that includes a widget to interact with Pokemon will be considered SPAM.

Q: How do I know if my thread is a duplicate?
A: The only thing we'd recommend is looking through the pages, there aren't really that many. There's also the General discussion section you may want to check. A little tip; Most of the common idea's for topic are probably already a thread, like favourite type and mega.

Q: I don't think *insert thread here* belongs here!
A: Link it to one of the Moderators in this section, they'll review it and lock it or move it if need. Or you can report the thread and include the reason you think it's incorrect.

Q: Can I advertise my Youtube channel here?
A: No, the discussion forums isn't really for advertising, this goes for similar things that might be considered advertising.

Q: What do you do with "Hi i'm new" and multiple threads that say "I love this game" or something similar?
A: They are considered discussions because any one can talk about Pokeheroes on them but at the same time they are duplicate forums because they'd be telling others they love this game so they get locked and eventually deleted, it is a little bit like SPAM since there is a thread in this section to share what it is you actually like about the game. The "hi I'm new" thread do get comments and stuff but we do have an introductions section in the forums which they'd have done as part of the tutorial so they do get locked and deleted.

Any more questions? Just ask :)
-Naoto- moderates this section if you ever need to ask something.
Remember! If it's a question about the game, use help section or the support center!