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Do you have any super-awesome ideas for new features? Or want to improve existing ones? Post it here!
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Do you have suggestions for trading (GTS, Auction House etc.)? Share them here!
GTS: Advanced ''Search for a Pokémon''
From Akiruru
1 Day ago
245 Topics
2,293 Posts
Do you have suggestions for communication on PokeHeroes (PM-System, Pal Pad etc.)? Share them here!
Selective Hearing
From VinceandFrisk
2 Hours ago
285 Topics
2,865 Posts
Do you have suggestions about battling on PokeHeroes? Share them here!
Battle royal
From meme
11 Days ago
96 Topics
702 Posts
Emera Town
Do you have suggestions on how we could improve existing features/places on PokeHeroes (Game Center, Lab, Daycare etc.)? Share them here!
Secret Bases
From Luckylikeit
2 Days ago
479 Topics
3,836 Posts
New Features
Do you have an idea for a completely new feature? Share it here!
Naming Beauty Contests Photos
From Fernsong
16 Hours ago
454 Topics
3,538 Posts
Other suggestions
Do you have a suggestion that doesn't fit into the other categories? Share it here!
Emera Square Notifications
From Jacharias
6 Hours ago
957 Topics
7,775 Posts
View suggestions that have already been implemented.
Search Bar
From Fernsong
26 Days ago
321 Topics
3,554 Posts
View suggestions that have been rejected before.
Idea of a new event
From CatLady
3 Months ago
566 Topics
3,703 Posts
Suggestion Guide
By AutumnStar (30/May/2014 02:06)
1 Post
1,818 Clicks
By AutumnStar
2 Years ago
Supporting a suggestion
By Riako (07/Sep/2014 21:05)
4 Posts
1,932 Clicks
By Book
2 Years ago
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