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Pokeheroes Tips,Tricks, and FAQ

Forum-Index Diaries Pokeheroes Tips,Tricks, and FAQ
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Posted: Sun, 07/05/2017 20:20 (6 Years ago)
Please don't post in this guide

Baby Pokemon
Berry Garden Legendary Recipes
Castform Weather
Gender Specific Pokemon
Giving Furfrou a Permanent Haircut
Harvest Sprite, Rainbow
Helpful Links
How to obtain MissingNo (Glitch)
Medal Rally and Emera Square
Mew Plushie Event
Obtaining Alcremie
Relic Crown
Safari Zone
Speed Click Events
Medal Rally Tips
Rowan Quest Tips
Daycare FAQ
Does It Break My Chain?
Event Distribution
Baby Pokemon
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The following are classified as “Baby” Pokemon, and therefore CANNOT breed. If you wish to do so, you must raise them to at least the second Evo stage.

Mime Jr.

Satichu, Clawfa, Princess Smoochum, Blossomly, Jolly Jr, Sad Jr, Candy Belly, Rokkyu

Berry Garden Legendary Recipes
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Wepear x15 Level 15
Figy x10 Level 10
Enigma x5 Level 5
White Powder x5
Silver Powder
Summons Cobalion

Nanab x15 Level 15
Iapapa x10 Level 10
Custap x5 Level 5
White Powder x5
Brown Powder
Summons Terraklion

Aguav x15 Level 15
Lum x10 Level 10
Micle x5 Level 5
White Powder x5
Green Powder
Summons Virizion

Castform Weather
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Muggy: Special Effect: All Bug Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Very Foggy: Special Effect: All Dark Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Meteorites: Special Effect: All Dragon Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Thunderstorm: Special Effect: All Electric Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Gusty: Special Effect: All Fighting Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Very Sunny: Special Effect: All Fire Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Windy: Special Effect: All Flying Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Foggy: Special Effect: All Ghost Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Sunny: Special Effect: All Grass Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Small Earthquakes: Special Effect: All Ground Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Hail: Special Effect: All Ice Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Clear Sky: Special Effect: All Normal Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Smog: Special Effect: All Poison Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Mystic Aurora: Special Effect: All Psychic Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Strong Earthquakes: Special Effect: All Rock Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Cold: Special Effect: All Steel Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.
Rainy: Special Effect: All Water Pokémon gain 50% more EXP.

*Note that if your Pokemon is of two Types, it will gain 50% more EXP during either Weather

Weather changed as you evolved? No worries. Evolution is not permanent. Simply wait for the Weather to return to the type you need, and place a Weather Balloon on the extra to change its forme again.

Gender Specific Pokemon
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Nidorin M

Male Only Evolutions:
Kirlia > Gallade
Burmy > Mothim

Female Only Evolutions:
Burmy > Wormadam
Combee > Vespiquen
Snorunt > Froslass
Salandit > Salazzle

Female Only Events:
Queen Jynx
Princess Smoochum

Nidoran F

Event Partners:
Toraros + Drindltank
Flower Boy + Flower Girl
Groomicott + Lillibride

Partners M + F:
Tauros + Miltank
Volbeat + Illumise
Latios + Latias (Unbreedable)
Rufflet + Vullaby
Braviary + Mandibuzz

Giving Furfrou a Permanent Haircut
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Day One:
Select Haircut
Select Cut
Choose Normal Furfrou

Day Two:
Under Permanent Section, click "Select Furfrou"
Choose Furfrou with Haircut you wish to make permanent

If time is as shown below, you have done it correctly:
Basic 40 minutes
Fancy: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Royal: 2 hours

This is done in Server Time. Meaning, if your Debutante, for example, was finished five minutes before reset, you can now make the haircut permanent as soon as the New Day starts.

Harvest Sprite, Rainbow
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In order to obtain Rainbow, you MUST:
-Have hatched all 7 Other Sprites
-Go to their House during 1 of 2 specific timeframes (SERVER TIME)
-Have room in your Party

Helpful Links

How to obtain MissingNo (Glitch)
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Go to Storage Boxes (Bill's House)
Rename first box to "billrockz", press enter

Type "reboot storagesystem.bl" (that is lower case BL), press enter
Type "shutdown", press enter
Type "shutdown", press enter (Yes, a 2nd time)

Make sure you have room in your party.
If successful a bunch of code will appear for about 30 seconds.

This DOES work on Mobile. I, however, had to play around a bit to get my keyboard to pop up.

Medal Rally and Emera Square
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Medal Rally Part One: 1st-14th
Medal Rally Part Two: 15th-28th/29th
^ Ends when Server Date becomes the 15th and 29th/30th

Emera Square Bug Hatching: 1st-7th, Rating on the 8th, Winners on the 9th
Emera Square Beauty Contest: 14th-20th, Rating 21st-23rd, Winners on the 24th

Beauty Contest Reminders:
-Interact with User Clicklist? You only have to do 300 interactions to complete the task
-Hatch an Egg? If on a hunt, nothing from the Game Center will break your chain.
-Hangman? HoL? Raising Level? If it's going to take more than half an hour to complete the task, simply skip it and move on to get the most Festival Points and accessories out of it.

WARNING: After the second Rally of the Month ends, the Coin Flip and Berries Fed categories reset. Anything achieved in those 2-3 days counts for the NEXT Rally.

Check out this Visual List! Hope it helps you gain more points per game.

Bug Hatching Contest Reminders:
Do NOT play in the last 2 minutes of the day on the 6th! Contest ends at 23:59 on the 6th. If you are still in game, you will not be able to claim another Bug. You will, however, still be able to rate your Pokemon on the 7th!

Mega-Evolving does not give you more points. The Mega Score is decided when you first rate it. You can get more points from evolving into Scizor, though.

Mew Plushie Event
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In order to acquire Mew, you must spend a certain amount of Dream Points. The more Mew Plushies you acquire, the higher your chance of getting a Shiny Mew.

41k DP Total
1st - 500 DP
2nd - 1500 DP
3rd - 2250 DP
4th - 3000 DP
5th - 3750 DP
6th - 4500 DP
7th - 5250 DP
8th - 6000 DP
9th - 6750 DP
10th - 7500 DP

Relic Crown
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x1 Relic Silver < x5 Relic Coppers
x1 Relic Gold < x2 Relic Silvers
x1 Relic Vase < x5 Relic Golds
x1 Relic Band < x2 Relic Vases
x1 Relic Statue < x2 Relic Bands
x1 Relic Crown < x1 Relic Statue + x1 Relic Band
x1 Fisherman's Hat , x1 Relic Crown

1 Relic Crown or
1 Relic Statue + 1 Relic Band or
3 Relic Bands or
6 Relic Vases or
30 Relic Golds or
60 Relic Silvers or
300 Relic Coppers

Safari Zone
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What can be caught in the Safari Zone?

(High Plains)
(Icy Snow)
......Forces of Nature Trio......
Eggs Received
Cold Rock:
Light Rock:
Hard Rock:

Weedle, Beedrill, Caterpie, Butterfree, Pikachu, Rotom, Scyther, Pinsir

-To chain, pick a Pokemon, and catch only that Pokemon.
-Any Vivillon Pattern other than the one you are hunting will break your chain
-Only the Forces of Nature Trio will break your Daycare Chain

Want to get rid of your balls, but don't want to catch a Flyby?
Go all the way down to the ground, and then in the bottom right corner
Position the ball to where you barely see the tip
This is too low to catch even Weedle or Caterpie, so you can safely throw your balls away

Speed Click Events
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The very first SCE I participated in, I used the Newest Adopts. It would count the same number for 1-30 Eggs in a row. (It also does this on a normal day if you have left the page open long enough. On those days, simply refresh to fix the problem).

The reason for this is because you have 125-300 people doing 75k-250k Interactions. If you are doing Newest Adopts, Friendlist Party, or Online User lists, Eggs are going to be hatching faster than you can hug them. Pokemon are also going to be released faster than you can train/berry them.

So. It's not really a "bug". It is simply too many interactions happening too quickly.

What I did, was switch to the Random Clicklist. The Pokemon in this list all appear to be 10+ days old, which means they aren't going to be released any time soon. Friendlist Storage Boxes are also a safe bet.

Helpful Links + Site Map
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Posted: Fri, 02/06/2017 17:29 (6 Years ago)

Title: Medal Rally Tips

Going for Strongest Pokemon Medal Rally? Some things to keep in mind:

-Pokemon must be obtained after the Rally begins (00:00:00 on the 1st or 15th of each month)

-Rally is not based on highest level, but on total EXP, which is why the more EXP it takes to level them to 100 (regardless of what level they started out as), the better

-Also keep in mind that Pokemon gain 50% more EXP if the Weather matches (Flying Pokemon gain in Windy Weather). If the Pokemon is two types, it will gain 50% more during both Weathers (You can see entire list for Weather and what type it benefits under Castform Weather listed above.

-Index Page. Feed a free Berry as often as you can. Interact with Online User List often. If your Pokemon gets in the Free Berry, it will gain x2 EXP while there (more if during Matching Weather period)

-Rare Candy. NEVER use on first day. Save until last day. A candy at level 10 will raise you less than 50 points per level; whereas at Level 200+, it will raise you over 50k EXP per level

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Posted: Fri, 02/06/2017 18:02 (6 Years ago)

Title: Rowan Quest Tips

-Get the Quest as early as possible (especially for the Wailord Quest). The farther into the week it is when you start, the harder it will be to catch up

-Save your Rare Candy for the last day. The higher the level you are, the more EXP you will gain out of it

-Contact Atalina to be put on the Rowan Quest Clicklist. Make sure you also help out the others on the list

-Bishop has a Level Tracker for Rowan Questers. It shows you how many levels Oak will gain by Server Time Sunday 08:00. Add that amount to your current Level to know how many more levels you need to gain in order to ensure victory

-Go to the Index Page and feed a Free Berry as often as you can. If you get your Quest Pokemon in there, you will gain x2 the EXP

-Take a look at Castform Weather, listed above. If your Pokemon is Water, it will gain an additional 50% when it is Rainy. If your Pokemon is Bug/Flying, it will gain 50% more during both Muggy and Windy Weather

-Interact with the Online User List. Stay online even when you are afk. Keep in mind that "Logged In" is not the same as being "online". To be online, just leave a game tab open on your phone/computer

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Posted: Fri, 02/06/2017 18:07 (6 Years ago)

Title: Daycare FAQ

Q: Why aren't my Pokemon giving me eggs?
Solution 1: Do you have money in Daycare? You won't get any Eggs if not. Make sure you check on that every time you go to Daycare, just so you don't run out.
S2: Are the Genders the same? You cannot breed M+M or F+F, and you require a Ditto for Genderless
S3: Are you trying to breed a Legendary? Only Legendaries that can breed are Mewtwo X/Y, Deoxys, Arceus, Genesect and Diancie and Shadow Mewtwo. Basically, if it cannot be sold or traded, it is breedable.
S4: Are you trying to breed an Event? Special/Legendary Events cannot be bred
S5: Take a glance at "Baby Pokemon" listed above. Those Pokemon cannot be bred. You will have to use 2nd or 3rd Evo to get Eggs.
S6: Depending on Rarity, it may take a while to get an Egg. You can even go hours without an Egg from an Easy couple. If you've done everything right, just be patient.

Q: Why don't I have a Perfect Match?
S1: Are they both hatched by you? Try swapping one with another Trainer for different OT
S2: Breeding with Ditto? The best you can get is "Get along very well"
S3: Are your Pokemon different Evos? Totodile+Totodile would have better odds than Totodile+Croconaw

Q: I'm having no luck. Should I break my chain and start over?
A: Absolutely not. You are only guaranteeing that your first 40 Eggs have a much lower chance of hatching Shiny.

Q: Should I break my chain for Double Day?
A: How long will it take you to get back to 40? If it will take over two days, then no. Will you have the time to play on Double Day? If you're only going to be able to claim 5-25 Eggs from the Lab, it's not worth losing the Max Chance.

Q: How do you hatch so many eggs the day after Double Day?
A: I let Eggs build up in Daycare during Double Day. Then I pull 1-3 hours worth out so I have at least a little more time for Lab Adopts. As soon as I lose the first Egg or am close to losing it, I start the Hunt, emptying Daycare before I work on Eggs in Storage.

Q: If I take my pair out of Daycare, will it break my chain?
A: No. You can only break your chain by hatching a Pokemon that is not the one you are chaining.

Q: Will I get more Shinies or Megas out of parents that are Shiny and/or Mega?
A: No. Still the exact same odds as if they were a normal couple.

Q: How often do I get eggs?
A: You have a chance once every 15 minutes (:00, :15, :30, :45). The easier the Rarity, the higher the odds of getting one are. On Valentine's Day, your chances, although still once every 15 minutes, are greatly increased.

Q: Can I do anything to help get eggs faster?
A: Flutes help. But at that point, it would also be helpful to have the Flame Orb and Party Flute so you can get your Party cleaned out faster.

Q: I've heard mention of other methods. Do these work?
A: Everstones? Gems based on primary Type? Switching Pokemon out on occasion? Love Test? Offline/Online providing more? I've tried all of these, for days to a week at a time. It had no effect on production. You have bad days and good days. Just because you get an Egg within an hour of doing one of these methods, doesn't mean it helped. You have four chances an hour to get an Egg (Based on Rarity and how well they get along), regardless of what you do. Some people swear by these methods. They will neither help, nor hurt, so feel free to try.

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Posted: Fri, 02/06/2017 18:49 (6 Years ago)

Title: Does it break my Chain?

Not sure if something breaks your chain? Hopefully, this helps.

These areas count for chains, and therefore, WILL break them:

These will NOT break your chain:
GARDEN (Guaranteed Shiny on 50th Egg)
GIFTS (Sweethearts, Sky Gifts, Christmas Cards)
HOOPA (Guaranteed Shiny on 50th Egg)
MISSINGNO (GLITCH) (Guaranteed Shiny on 50th Egg)

*The Event Shop (“Event Points”) and Event Distribution (“Activity Points”) are separate. The eggs that you receive during the Limited Time Events will not break your chain.

*Ongoing Events include ANY Limited Time Event, such as Halloween, the Advent Calendar, Shaymin, Kyurem, Victini, etc.

*In the Game Center, you can receive Shiny Lugia, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Manaphy. It is impossible to get a Shiny by buying a Normal Egg.

*Nearly everything from the Ancient Cave will break your chain. The Harvest Sprites that can be found on the site by completing various tasks, however, will not. Neither will the Mew you summon from cuddling the Plushie after the Mew Event is over.

*Quest or Gift Eggs from Professor Rowan will not break your chain. This includes Dex Completion Awards.

*Retro Eggs are obtained from
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-Daycare (Togepi)
-Concentration Game (Sentret, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Hoothoot)
--Yellow Forest (Pikachu)
--Route 102 (Poochyena, Taillow, Zigzagoon, Girafarig, Celebi)
--Burned Tower (Ho-oh, Lugia)
-Christmas Cards (Delibird, Stantler)
-Riako's Birthday Event (Ducklett)
-Vouchers (Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mew)
-Rowan/Oak Quest (Magikarp)

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Posted: Wed, 21/06/2017 15:58 (5 Years ago)

Title: Event Distribution

From the Event Distribution Page, you can see how many points you've collected so far. Point sections reset every hour to allow you to earn more. This does not remove your points collected, but adds to it. Note that the Event gives you an egg for your hard work, time, and dedication. They will not break your chain.

Underneath where it says "Event-Distribution", you will see two Links.

"View Your Wondercards" will take you to a List of all the Events you have collected through Event Distribution. It shows your Ranking among both Unique and Total Wondercards earned.

"Wiki Article" takes you to the Wiki Page and tells you how to earn Points in each of the six categories. Below, I have provided a breakdown of what you can acquire from each. Most Events seem to require 5000 or less for the first Egg. You can get that in less than a week, even if you only do the bare minimum.

Interacting: 250 Berries Fed=750
Game Center: 3-5 Concentration Games (Hard)=50
Battling: Won Battles=15-40; Lost Battles=2-10
Rumbling: 1 Per Item
a) Trading (You set up)=2 Points
b) Auction Wins=2; Auction Losses=1
a) Tall Grass Succeeds=7; Tall Grass Fails=1
b) Adopts: 7 (This is from Fishing, Safari, Daycare, Gem Collector, Event Claim, and Bug Hatching Contest Egg Claim)
c) Royal Tunnels: 5 Correct Answers per 1

Limited to Mobile? Not a problem at all! You should still be able to acquire your Events in as little as 30 minutes of your time a day!

Interactions a pain due to Double/Triple Tap Zoom? Download Firefox or other Browsers in which you can disable that setting.

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Posted: Mon, 03/07/2017 02:15 (5 Years ago)

Title: Dex Completion Requirements

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Required: Everything

Hardest to Obtain:

Show hidden content
Required: Everything

Hardest to Obtain:

Show hidden content
Required: Everything

Hardest to Obtain:
All Castform Formes

Show hidden content
Required: Everything

Hardest to Obtain:
All Rotom Formes (Except Mixer, Drill and Monitor)
Giratina (Origin)
Shaymin Sky

Show hidden content
Everything except Reshiram and Zekrom (As of now. May change on 10-01-17. Will update accordingly)

Hardest to Obtain
Tornadus (Therian)
Thundurus (Therian)
Landorus (Therian)
Kyurem (Black)
Kyurem (White)
Keldeo (Resolute)?
Meloetta (Pirouette)

Show hidden content
Required: Everything except Hoopa, Hoopa (Unbound), Vivillon (Poke Ball) and Vivillon (Fancy)

Hardest to Obtain:
716 Xerneas
717 Yveltal
718 Zygarde
721 Volcanion

Show hidden content

Dex Completion Rewards:

*Reminder: These are not sellable/tradeable. They are the only Legendary (aside from Manaphy-which only produces Phione eggs) that are breedable with a Ditto.

These eggs, if Mega-Able possible, are guaranteed Mega-Able from the Professor

Show hidden content
Kanto: Mewtwo X
Johto: Mewtwo Y
Hoenn: Deoxys
Sinnoh: Arceus
Unova: Genesect
Kalos: Diancie
Alola: Type: Null
Galar: Unknown

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Posted: Wed, 27/09/2017 04:24 (5 Years ago)

Title: Berry Battle Help

Step 1: Make and Plant Seeds
Step 2: Prepare the next group of Seeds. If you have Berries remaining, make Tonics.
Step 3: Do 100 Berry Feeds, Claim May's Bonus
Step 4: Harvest Berries, Repeat

Garden 1: 24 Spots
Garden 2: 60 Spots
Garden 3: 96 Spots (Very Slow, Would be Great for Eggant Berries)
Garden 4: 27 Spots

Basic 0 Seeder: 10 Berries
Basic 1 Seeder: 25 Berries
Basic 1 Seeder: 50 Berries
Basic 3 Seeder: 75 Berries

Fancy 0 Seeder: 20 Berries
Fancy 1 Seeder: 30 Berries
Fancy 2 Seeder: 40 Berries
Fancy 3 Seeder: 50 Berries

Super Deluxe 0 Seeder: 5 Berries
Super Deluxe 1 Seeder: 10 Berries
Super Deluxe 2 Seeder: 15 Berries
Super Deluxe 3 Seeder: 20 Berries

*Keep an eye on your Berries. Since the Tonic requires 10 Pumkin and 5 each of the others, your Pumkin should always be double the amount of the others.

*If one berry starts to run low, make a little extra of it during your next Seeding

*You do not have to claim your Tonics as you make them. Keep making them, preferably for 1-3 days. Then, since you have to place at least three times for all Rewards, claim 20-40 on any day you think you can make it in.

*You will have to use an evil thing called math when it comes to determining how much you can/should make, and what Garden to plant in.

*May's Bonus can be claimed as many times as you'd like. Simply feed another 100 Berries, and claim again.

2017 Rewards
Show hidden content
Pumkin Berries
Route 102
Drash and Eggant Berries
May's Green Thumb Bonus

Berry Battle
Route 102 Upgrade
Fancy or Poke Ball Vivillon

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Posted: Wed, 10/01/2018 07:15 (5 Years ago)

Title: Tall Grass Hunts

Doing a Legendary Tall Grass Hunt? Has it been frustratingly long? With this "Map", it will only take you 12 tries maximum to get the Egg. The "Map" set to the left is for a 8x8 Pokemon Rarity. I shall explain the 12x12 Legendary "Map" to the right. But the same concept applies to all "Maps".

The Process
Show hidden content
Step One: Your first step is to try each of the four corners. If it's "Very Far" in all four, you move on to the next numbers. If it's "Very Close" or "Nearby", then look to the chart at the right.

If it's "Very Close", then use the 3x3 square step, and pick one of the corners. If it says "Nearby", then it's on the opposite corner. You have three tries max before finding the egg. If it says "Very Close", then it's a 50-50 chance for the egg. It obviously won't be the center of the 3x3, as that's what made you choose a corner.

If it's "Nearby", then use the 5x5 square step to the right. Same logic as above step applies.

Step Two: Next step will be the four insides. If "Very Close", then one of the five yellow spots touching the one you picked. If "Nearby", then it is one of the two green squares separating 5-8 from 9 and/or the two on the outside border.

Step Three: Your final step is the absolute middle. This is pretty much a 25% chance of getting the egg.

Step Four: You missed it somewhere. Go back and do it all again. Embarrassingly enough, I've done this twice.

Note: You don't have to pick the spots in the above order. If you wanted to do the middle first, sides second, and corners last, feel free to do so. I suggested it as such because 70% of the time, my egg is in one of the corners, 3% of the time in the middle, and 27% of the time in one of the sides.

The "Map"

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Posted: Thu, 01/04/2021 02:06 (2 Years ago)

Title: Site Map

Don't forget to try the following:
Exchange Gems (click on Gem Info), Offer on a Trade, Make a Forum Post, Edit a Forum Post, Profile, Report User, Search Treasure Chests

About Pokeheroes
Add contact links
Advent Calendar
All Auctions
Alpha Omega
Ancient Cave
Anniversary Gift
April Fool Advent
Auction House
Battle Shop
Battle Team
Beauty Contest
Berry Battle
Berry Booth
Berry Dex
Berry Garden
Berry Market
Bill's House
Bug Contest
Bulletin Board
Buy Event Points
Change Avatar
Christmas Gift
Christmas Premium
Compare Normal
Compare Shiny
Contact Links
Country Settings
Create a Pokemon
Darktober Event
Digi Heroes
Does it break my chain?
Dream World
Ducklett Week
DW Points
Edit Signature
Emera Bank Nuggets
Emera Bank PokeDollar
Emera Beach
Emera Mall
Emera Square
Event Distribution
Event Pass
Event Shop
Favorite Vote
Forum Subscriptions
Forum Thread
Friendlist (Party)
Friendlist (Storage Boxes)
Game Center
Gem Cauldron
Gem Collector
Gem Exchange
Gift a Plushie
Gift Some Items
Global Trade Station
Golden Slot
Safari Zone
Salon Haircut
Sell Items
Send a Private Message
Set up an Auction
Set up New Trade
Shadow Radar Game
Share Widgets
Shiny Wonder Trade
Site Features
Sky Gift
Slot Basic
Slot Legend
Slot Plus
Speed Click
Staff Application
Staff Members
Start a Mission
Start a new conversation
Stonks (Market Prices)
Storage Boxes
Style Settings
SUB forum (bug)
Support Center
Take Item
Tall Grass
Ten Million
Tool Shed
Treasure Hunt
Trending Hashtags
Twenty Million
Ultra Wormhole
Union Room
Unreturned Favors
User List
User PokeDex
Valentine's Gift
View Collection
View Gift Log
View Rumbling Pokemon
View Unreturned Favors
View Your Tickets
View Who is online
VS. Seeker
Wheel of Fortune
Wonder Trade History
Wonder Trade Station
Yellow Forest
Your Offers
Your Party
Your Trades
100k PD Challenge

Hangman Suggest
Harvest Sprites
Higher or Lower
Harvest Sprite Spoiler
Honey Comb
Honey Tree
Interaction Stats
Item Bag
Item Bag Value
Item Market
Item Shop
Kalos Eggs
Leah the Mermaid
Los Seashellos
Love Test
Magearna Raffle
Medal Rally
Merging Gems
Misc. Settings
Missing Dex Entry
Moomoo Ranch
Mystery Box
Newbie Mentoring
Newest Adoptions
Newest Adoptions
Newest Posts
New Year's Countdown
Notification Settings
Notification Wall
Odor Calibration
Online Userlist
PokeHeroes News
Pokemon Recovery
Pokeheroes on Wiki
Pokeradar History
Poll Manager
Premium Features
Premium Members
Premium Settings
Private Messages
Privacy Policy
Private Trades
Prize Exchange
Professor Rowan's Lab
Profile Settings
Public Trades
Puzzle Collection
Random Clicklist
Referred users
Retro Radar Game
Route 53
Royal Tunnel
Rumble Areas

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Posted: Mon, 13/09/2021 16:24 (1 Year ago)

Title: Obtaining Alcremie

Unlock Wheel of Fortune in Game Center (Hatch 3 Milcery Eggs)
Decide which Alcremie Flavor you wish to acquire
Give a Milcery a Sweet, and place it in your Party
Refer to below chart to get your specific Alcremie
Speed Stats are Higher/Lower than 100/50

*Note that Speed Stats were suggested to be Higher/Lower than 100. When implemented, it may/may not have been changed to H/L than 50. I will edit the Speed Stat requirement once confirmed one way or the other.

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Title: Mega Pokemon



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