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[L][C] What's in Boxes?

Forum-Index Contests User-made contests [L][C] What's in Boxes?
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Posted: Mon, 13/02/2017 12:50 (5 Years ago)
In an attempt to see what the average box contains, I am collecting 100
of each box and key! I'm going to run this with 7 prizes with the top 3 Point Earners winning the top 3

Brown Items - 1 point each
Blue Items - 2 points each
Red/Green/Purple/Pink Items - 3 points each
Gold Items - 4 points each

***UPDATE: I HAVE ADDED BOXES PURCHASED TO THE LOTTERY TOTALS!!!! It will not affect the points you receive for entering, but WILL speed up the PRIZES being given out***

1st Prize - Shiny Regigigas and a Stardust with 20 Rare Candies
2nd Prize - Shiny Charizard and 10 Fossils with 10 Rare Candies
3rd Prize - Shiny Alakazam and 5 Fossils with 5 Rare Candies
4-7th Prizes will include Box Contents (Fossils, Rare Candy, Vitamins) , PD and Shinies of Easy and Medium Rarity and will be chosen by random.org

Please include in the delivery a message with Lottery and Total of points for each sent package!
***UPDATE*** I am adding the boxes I currently own outside of the Lottery to the totals in an effort to get this Lottery done faster, point holders will not be affected by this only less boxes and keys needed to reach the finish line.

Point Holders Totals
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themightyglowcloud - 11
~Hanji_Zoe~ - 74
Jillianyuki - 85
pokeperson00 - 400
Aozora_no_Ange - 28
Dr_Falchion - 9
ashley2003 - 18

Brown Boxes
Brown Keys
Dark Blue Boxes
Dark Blue Keys
Green Boxes
Green Keys
Light Blue Boxes
Light Blue Keys
Pink Boxes
Pink Keys
Purple Boxes
Purple Keys
Red Boxes
Red Keys
Gold Boxes
Gold Keys

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Posted: Wed, 15/02/2017 09:50 (5 Years ago)
Quote I'm going to run this with 7 prizes with the top 3 Point Earners winning the top 3

Could you explain what this means? O.O As in this is a contest where whoever gets the most points will win the prizes? Then it isn't a lottery - it's a contest.

Also, what do you mean 7 prizes but top 3 winning only the top 3? What happens to the rest of the prizes?

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Posted: Sun, 05/03/2017 19:47 (5 Years ago)
So...is this a contest or a lottery? I'm rather confused.