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Trainerlevel: 97

Trainerpoints: 7,022/28,323


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Heracross44 / 76
Heracross344 / 46
Heracross443 / 76
Heracross10142 / 414
Heracross44 / 76
Heracross476 / 76

♤Painful Gem hunts notice♤

When I get to running the painful gems hunts after.my required shinies have hatched I will offer to hatch that pokemon for you for the cost of the gems. if you are unsure what that means you send the gem cost for the egg and get what hatches, will the odds be in your favour to get a shiny much easier, only one way to find out.

Shiny Hunt

ShyreniaRose is currently hunting Heracross.
Hunt started: 04/06/2021

Chain: 6,760
182 175 1

Future Hunt slots

♤ Painful Hunts♤
♤ Shiny Mega Diancie □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□ Will come back to one-day
♤ Yveltal
♤ Ditto
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo Y □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Shiny Mega Mewtwo X □Shinies,-2k Nug, 3.5Mil Pd, 150 Dg□
♤ Moltres
♤ Zapdos
♤ Articuno

Live Gem Counts

534 Bug Gems
103,268 Electric Gems♤
418 Fighting Gems
104,099 Flying Gems
8,755 Grass Gems
1,244 Ground Gems
577,136 Normal Gems♤
22,084 Poison Gems
11,412 Rock Gems

33,416 Water Gems
6,157 Dark Gems
6,878 Fire Gems♤
6,186 Ghost Gems
32,556 Ice Gems♤
11,078 Psychic Gems♤
7,974 Steel Gems
1,528 Dragon Gems♤
2,901 Fairy Gems

♤ Required in Painful Hunts

Articuno in Storage x8
Zapdos in Storage x 20

Milcrey in storage x3

Owe my soul in bug gems
Scare Crow 500
Braixie 5000+ also 5000 fighting

Game Records

Trainer ID: #684550172
Registration: 06/10/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Jan/2023
Game Time: 3640:49 Hours
Total interactions: 3,816,665
Money: 928,738
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Well working a minimum of ten hours yet again today........ hope I don't have to stay late ontop of going in early.
Yesterday, 14:04
I thought summer hours were over, why I still stuck working overtime every damn week. We just hired more people. like seriously I lost a lot of time with my kid now that's she's in school I see her an hour a day 5 days a week.
Yesterday, 02:34
Well seem like my rumblers finally know what feathers are they seem to like going on the boss mission now that I don't need feathers......... why
2 Days ago
Going to start plucking 🪶s out of s and making a bird🦆🍲. if I don't get a pink 🪳with a mega bubble
2 Days ago
sadder fact normal gems are cheaper that what people want for bug gems............ damn at this rate I should just get the ditto hunt done...... to bad I ain't restarting Heracross
2 Days ago
Pretty sad when fire gems are cheaper than bug gems..............
2 Days ago
Thank you to the users who sent gifts, I appericate it very much ❤
3 Days ago
Anyone selling reasonably priced bug gems...........
3 Days ago
You guys tired of me yet today?

On a side note if I were to shiny hunt Zapdos would anyone be interested in paying the gem cost of an egg to hopefully get their own shiny? Thinking Zapdos will start when this bug ends, so if there is interest maybe yall will be nicer with your estimated sm chain.
3 Days ago
I have come to the conclusion a bunch of you are evil.and enjoy my suffering so interaction exchange so I can get in with my suffering
3 Days ago
Anyone wanna guess what evil chain number I will finally get the next.shiny mega on. There will probably be something in it if someone guesses correctly.
3 Days ago
Anyone wanna tell me.how.to.do the the glitch...... might as well start getting towards the shiny
4 Days ago
I don't care how bad this hunt sucks I refuse to pay the price of bug gems past a certain point....... bug gems going to end up like fairy...... yeah no thanks.
4 Days ago
I would abandon Heracross for this new SM but bug typing is a no go I'm staying away from bugs after this............ blasted things
4 Days ago
Gotta live every single person coming through and telling us there's a tornado warning........ we all have cell phone we all got the alert ⚠️
4 Days ago
I have put over 112k gems into this hunt i don't remember where I started but I know it was before 30% discounts so there's that
4 Days ago
Wake me up when this hunt is over........ I can't with it anymore.
5 Days ago
Interaction exchange
5 Days ago
Interaction exchange, going kill my gems and keep suffering......... why am I do stubborn
6 Days ago
Arfh. Seriously two parties.in a row you gotta be this.way.........
7 Days ago



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