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Posted: Sun, 23/03/2014 13:11 (8 Years ago)
Now since increasing the money comes to point, i would rather suggest the aamount which is worthy of it.
However, BUSP (Bring Up Someone else's Post - if you are interested in it)

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Posted: Sun, 23/03/2014 11:43 (8 Years ago)
Toothless's correct.

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Posted: Fri, 21/03/2014 17:41 (8 Years ago)
It was like a contest which was told to only one person, and pardon me, if there is only one particpant, there is no winner

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Posted: Fri, 21/03/2014 17:26 (8 Years ago)
Glaceon only.
Sylveon looks like fashion addict who never looked into the mirror, coz it doesnt like to face monsters.

Best Ever

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Posted: Fri, 21/03/2014 17:19 (8 Years ago)
Username: Shreyash_Jain
Favorite Bird Pokémon: Altaria
Why Do You Like Bird Pokémon: I love everything that flies (living) coz even I wanna fly.
What Is Your Dream Bird Pokémon: A bird pokemon which would be both dragon and ice (ofcourse it should be flying, but a pokemon cant have 3 types)

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Posted: Thu, 20/03/2014 17:54 (8 Years ago)
I dont think those who use mobile should feel uncomfrotabe in any way.
Full support.

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Posted: Wed, 19/03/2014 11:13 (8 Years ago)
Idea's nice, but impractical.
I suppose if we all could look up for a practical nice idea.

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Posted: Wed, 19/03/2014 07:23 (8 Years ago)
Waiting for a shiny.......

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Posted: Wed, 19/03/2014 07:14 (8 Years ago)
Guess how many i got

a big aryabhattan - 0

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Posted: Wed, 19/03/2014 07:09 (8 Years ago)
mujhe dialkia ka point bilkul smajh nahi aaya
explain again

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 20:08 (8 Years ago)
Shouldn't the number of eggs hatched by a user somewhere stated in the profile??
If someone disagrees by saying that nobody is interested in knowing number of eggs hatched by others, then answer this:
Then do they have any intrest in knowing number of interactions made, game time etc.

I know that a user must know all this, but shouldn't he know the number of eggs he hatched till now.

And perhaps there should be a ranklist of this too.

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 19:59 (8 Years ago)
Since it is an event egg and is breedable, it is to be about 7-10k.

A skull fossil must be about 20-25k, as it might be obtained from a box, but is surely a bit common.

My question: Price of Shiny Dedenne in terms of pd and nuggets

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 18:31 (8 Years ago)
Added you ariace.
And added a bunch of recolors more.
Thanks to Finhawk.

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 18:01 (8 Years ago)
Oh I dont seem to collect much support from you all.
It's okay, as I think I gave an impractical point.
This may be locked.

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 09:36 (8 Years ago)
Found a treasure of recolors, just waiting for the reply and permission from the user.
The collection will now become triple.

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 09:21 (8 Years ago)
What a nice idea.

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 04:45 (8 Years ago)
Chain has already begun, and 5 have hatched till now.

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Posted: Tue, 18/03/2014 03:20 (8 Years ago)
When we post a new message in a thread, then it comes at the top of the list of that particular subforum, and also a link is present in the forum index. However, we do not come to know if someone has edited his post, until we open it. Can't it be like, if someone edits his main post, that also brings the thread at the top, and a link of it comes in the index.
This would avoid Bumping and and since we cannot double post, this would notify the suscribers and would become prior in the list, when the last poster edits something.

I hope I wrote in an understandable way.

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Posted: Sun, 16/03/2014 17:53 (8 Years ago)
Well the reason for a support should not be because the supporter wants to level up faster.
Truely speaking, if you began levelling up faster, then everyone else will, and even the limits of ancient cave and royal tunnels(and some other things) would be increased by the staff. However, you remain in the same relative position.

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Posted: Sun, 16/03/2014 05:23 (8 Years ago)
#Hatched 1 before the chain to confirm.

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