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Posted: Sat, 26/11/2022 09:58 (2 Days ago)
I occassionally do this, for example when I am shiny hunting, I would put the hatched non-shinies in the auction house for like 9 PD (depending on the Pokemon), because otherwise I would just be releasing them. By putting them in the AH I can still get some PD from them, as other players might need these Pokemon for their Pokedex

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Posted: Thu, 24/11/2022 22:18 (3 Days ago)
I support this, though (if you dont care about the prize pop-up window) you can (at least on desktop, sorry mobiles) spin 1 time with disabled animations and then HOLD F5 (or ctrl+R). That way the page will refresh a lot in a short time. With this method, you can not see the popup window in case you win something, but it makes spending GGC very easy and fast.
But again, this only works for desktop, so big support for all the mobile users out there

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Posted: Wed, 23/11/2022 23:43 (4 Days ago)
The family tree is just a fun addition so you can see the parents etc of your bred Pokemon. The exeggcute you got from Rowan is for the Quest, and as it was not bred before it does not have a "family".
The text with "discover the family tree" does not mean you can unlock it through any means, it just means you can check for parents and children etc

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Posted: Wed, 23/11/2022 17:12 (4 Days ago)
They will travel for 1-2 days, and then you will be able to engage a "Boss battle" versus the legendary pokemon there. If you win the battle (you have to fight with the rumbling pokemon), your Pokemon collects a summon item for the legendary and travel back for a day. If you lose, your Pokemon will travel back for 1 day without the summon item

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Posted: Mon, 21/11/2022 13:55 (6 Days ago)
I have not tried yet, but even IF you can't breed right now, you will be able to breed them later

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Posted: Tue, 08/11/2022 15:27 (19 Days ago)
We don't know, but they will not be available right away after game release. I would estimate roughly 6 months (maybe?) for regular Pokemon

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Posted: Mon, 07/11/2022 15:11 (20 Days ago)
I also made a cheat-sheet for this on my PH Guide. On the right side, you can see which items need to be traded for the Fisherman hat:

Here is the guide

You don't have to start at Relic Copper, basically you could just buy the Relic Crown from other players and trade it. But that item is very expensive, so if you want to go cheaper, you would start with the Coppers.

Btw, the trades at Leah change everyday, and (especially the Relic trades) have a fixed rotation. So if today she wants to trade copper for silver, that means she will trade silver for gold tomorrow, and then gold for the vase the day after tomorrow, and so on.

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Posted: Fri, 28/10/2022 13:33 (1 Month ago)
I just tested putting a Rufflet and a Pidgey in Daycare, they "dont seem to like each other", which means they will produce eggs (both Rufflet and Pidgey at random), but very slowly. Any female Pokemon from the Flying EGGgroup should work.

Also, Eggs from Event Distribution (which also means like the Halloween Event) will never break your chain :)

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Posted: Sat, 15/10/2022 11:21 (1 Month ago)
Boomers D:

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Posted: Sun, 09/10/2022 19:55 (1 Month ago)
You can buy the White Flute (7 Days boost) or Black Flute (30 Days boost) at the Item Shop. They increase your breeding chances a lot, but they cost Nuggets.

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Posted: Thu, 29/09/2022 20:08 (1 Month ago)
Yes, Market Insider also works for items :) in the URL, you type i=[itemname] for items, and p=[pokemonname]

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Posted: Wed, 28/09/2022 09:56 (2 Months ago)
I guess that's because the Guide hasn't been updated in a while. It only features Pokemon until Generation 6. Cosmog was added in Generation 7

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Posted: Wed, 28/09/2022 08:54 (2 Months ago)
Possible reasons why a Pokemon can't be released:
- It is in the Daycare
- It's on a rumble Mission
- (Not Sure, but I think holding an Item does not prevent release)

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Posted: Mon, 26/09/2022 10:51 (2 Months ago)
What you basically do on PokeHeroes is adopt eggs, interact with other Peoples Pokemon and eggs, and hatch your own eggs. There are a lot of minigames and activities, which will reward you with different Pokemon.

For Shinies, you first need the Pokeradar (bought at the Item Shop). A Ditto is not necessary except for genderless Pokemon and some legendaries. (Also, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but nobody will just "give" you a Ditto. They are very rare and valuable.)

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Posted: Tue, 20/09/2022 12:05 (2 Months ago)
Everybody can shiny-mega-hunt :) It is a lot easier with premium, because (as you said) the shiny chain doesnt reset, and it can take approx. 1000 eggs (on average, in my experience) to get a shiny mega.

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Posted: Fri, 16/09/2022 08:47 (2 Months ago)
They should be able to breed White Basculin. I haven't tried it in Basculins specific case, but I did breed Hisui Growlithe, and I got Hisui Growlithe eggs

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Posted: Wed, 14/09/2022 09:39 (2 Months ago)
When it comes to pricing, you can always check the Price Check thread (though information in the first post might be not up-to-date), but still you can ask there :)

Also you can check the Market insider. You only need to adjust the Pokemon name in the URL to your desires. In your case it would be

https://pokeheroes.com/stonks?p=shiny riolu

If you want item prices, change the "p=" in the url to "i=" and then enter an item name instead of a pokemon

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Posted: Wed, 14/09/2022 08:32 (2 Months ago)
Interaction (=doing clicklist) is the easiest and most common way of getting PokeDollar, but the most tiring. But interacting with other people will most likely make them interact back with your Pokemon, and your eggs will hatch faster. You can sell unwanted Pokemon in the auction house (though the 'normal' Pokemon will mostly give like 100 PD).

A nice passive income can be achieved by the Rumble Missions. You can buy the first rumble bag in the Item Shop, find more bag in rumble missions and as reward from puzzles (if I am not mistaken). You can set how long rumble mission will go, and they will bring back PD, items (which can also be sold at the Item Market in the GTS) and, depending on the region, Pokemon.

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Posted: Tue, 13/09/2022 13:12 (2 Months ago)
But, in my honest opinion and from my experience, it is not really worth waiting for a shiny. It might give you more tickets than the others, but most shinies I caught there gave me as much as any regular Ducklett.
I feel like the most valuable is the baby ducklett. It spawns uncommonly, but often enough that you dont have to wait minutes for it, and they give around 7-15 tickets.

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Posted: Tue, 13/09/2022 09:20 (2 Months ago)
That is not entirely correct. Interacting with other Pokemon gives you GOLDEN Game Chips. They can only be used for the Golden Slot at the Game Center. But you can win 'normal' Game Chips at Golden Slot :)
Alternatively, I find that playing Hangman and Concentration game makes you actually win more GC than you lose, as these require skill instead of luck.
(Also, if you have questions about PokeHeroes, you should always ask in the Help Forum instead of the discussion forum :)

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