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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 8,047/17,403


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
12826,025 / 61,921
Bulbasaur12 / 9

Please DO NOT contact me about buying/trading my Pokemon.

Current Tasks

1) Nuggets for Premium 2022

4,857 / 8,000

2) Egg Storage #30

0 / 2,250,000 PD

3) Buy missing Boxes

0 / 11 Boxes

Johto - Shadow
(Hoenn - Shadow)
Sinnoh - Shiny
(Sinnoh - Shadow)
(Unova - Shadow)
(Kalos - Shadow)
(Alola - Shadow)
(Galar - Shadow)
Emera - Shiny
Giga - Shiny
Retro - Shiny


Last Action
Reading the news (4 Hours ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #338639569
Registration: 01/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 06/Jan/2022
Game Time: 4157:11 Hours
Total interactions: 7,710,691
Money: 22,126
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


The wedding invitations are finally done. So much stress actually finding oldschool discettes / floppy discs for a reasonable price. I also managed to find the mistake while printing the labels for that, so after almost going crazy for 3 days, they are ready to be shipped :D

(blurred text is obviously time, date and place censored. I love you guys, but that would be too much :D)

Background was made by MirruTatep, used with his/her permission
2 Days ago
I swear to Arceus, I am THIS CLOSE to cancelling my wedding, because the fricking invitations refuse to be printed properly aligned, even though I tested it 16 times yesterday, used the template today and it doesn't fit anymore.
Only by 1-2 pixels, but it DOES. NOT. FIT.
4 Days ago
Very rarely, my dog does this thing where she's looking at cute, as sweet as sugar, with her huge puppy eyes, asking for cuddles. And then you lean down to her, right into this hazardous cloud of fart.
5 Days ago
Since when are there pokedex numbers on the Party page? O.o
9 Days ago
It is amazing how many PMs I get about people wanting to buy Pokemon from my trade box.
I mean, I have a big message on my profile to NOT contact me about this, and in order to see my box, they have to pass through my profile.
Just... why?
9 Days ago
Bulbasaur #289 was a shiny, #281 a mega T_T both male, but still would have been nice to see
9 Days ago
You push the pink key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Nugget found!

10 Days ago
Happy Birthday to my baby Abby!

6 years old now, and looking away because she wants to eat her cake (which is cooked pork loin, covered in mashed potatoes and topped with small mozzarella balls) so bad, but she knows she isn't ususally allowed to go near food on plates.

And then she proceded to carefully destroy the cake in 2 minutes, first eating the mozzarella she can reach, licking of the mash, and then eating the meat. Crouching closer and repeat xD So gentle
11 Days ago
I knew that my Bulbasaur hunt would be tough, as I need a female Shiny for Giga, a female Mega, and a female Shiny Mega.

But 257 hatched Buttsaurs, and I only got 1 mega-able and 2 shinies (male) is ridiculous. It's been 160 eggs without anything.

Come on ò.ó
12 Days ago
It's incredible to see how smart my dog is. I always show her what I am eating (and giving her tiny bits of it to try), and when I have something on my plate that she likes/loves (especially stuff with sauce) she would come running when hearing the fork hit the plate.
If she didn't like the food from the beginning, she would completely ignore my eating sounds
15 Days ago
So many eggs in the daycare :>

Interaction exchange, please?
17 Days ago
Me at the Bug Hatching Contest minigame, every single time:

"Is it bug-type? Is it grass-type? I don't care, Fire works well against it" XD
17 Days ago
Round 2 of interaction exchange, please <3
18 Days ago
Interaction exchange? :> Daycare is busy today
18 Days ago
Does someone have experience with the Market Insider? I can search for Retro Pokemon, because (Retro) is part of their name, but how do you look up mega or shiny or shadow variants?
18 Days ago
I swear my brain is a mess

Is it right, that when you release e.g. all of your Pichus, Pikachus and Raichus (meaning losing their Pokedex entries), you can still get their eggs at the Gem Collector?

Only exception is Ditto, right?
28 Days ago
I don't know when this happened, but thank you Riako for directly showing in the Gem Exchange list that you do not have enough Gems for the trade <3
28 Days ago
I have a weird green thumb for plants.

Only 50% of my plants and flowers survive, but when they survive: Oh boy.

My 7 year old Amaryllis has had 3 babies by now and blooms every 1-2 years. My Pitahaya cacti grow incredibely fast (I gave some away to friends and family, and they almost didn't grow in the time).
And now my Basil plant is brown and leafless on the bottom half and green and blooming on the top half
29 Days ago
Damnit, loketoke, I had to do it as well

sorry for shamelessly stealing that. It is a brilliant thing for mad completionists
1 Month ago
Here I am, thinking of nothing bad, looking out of my window. Wondering where the hell the mist came from, as it looks pretty "bright" outside.
Then I took a closer look.


Everything is white.
1 Month ago

Shiny Hunt

Mirej is currently hunting Bulbasaur.
Hunt started: 22/03/2021

Chain: 419
4 3 0

Current Hunt Goals

#001 Bulbasaur


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