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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 4,353/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Absol)
4,43569,635,336 / 70,692,212

Shiny Hunt

Mirej is currently hunting Tympole.
Hunt started: 26/12/2020

Chain: 298


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MoonRider 3 Days ago
Mirej 4 Days ago
ChikoritaMining 7 Days ago
Jore 10 Days ago


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Missing Pokemon - Galar

#144 Articuno (Galarian)
Zapdos (Galarian) #145

#146 Moltres (Galarian)
Slowking (Galarian) #199

#555 Darmanitan (Galarian)
Darmanitan (Galarian Zen) #555

#812 Rillaboom
Cramorant (Gulping) #845

#881 Arctozolt
Arctovish #883

#889 Zamazenta
Zamazenta (CS) #889

#890 Eternatus

Game Records

Trainer ID: #338639569
Registration: 01/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 06/Jan/2022
Game Time: 3937:54 Hours
Total interactions: 7,137,467
Money: 515,990
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Kyurem 2021 Statistics:

Egg #1 after 39,627 interactions
Egg #2 after 3,163 interactions
Egg #3 after 38,834 interactions

After the third egg, I made 134,556 interactions.

It started off so good :/
Today, 00:32
My shiny Tympole auction just ended after 3 days.

Someone actually paid 190k PD for that. Am I still asleep? This must be a dream
Yesterday, 16:51
Me: makes a plan to collect a monthly amount of PD to increase my motivation, so I can buy Premium and still have some extra PD

Also me: Whoops, spent 400k on a Fancy Vivillon to finally get that Pokedex entry :)
5 Days ago
I made my family-in-law successfully cry today.

Why? Because they received this portrait of their deceased cat from me today :3
7 Days ago
My new chair arrived today.

My back is in love with it. It has been only 5 days since my old chair broke down (after 4 years of daily use), but my dining room chairs are really uncomfortable if you sit on them longer than a regular dinner :'D
8 Days ago
Click this guy, please?
Need to speed up my Raylong Hunt preparations <3
10 Days ago
Our dog Abby just did the smallest and softest 'woof' you can imagine at our balcony door.

She needed to go poop. What a smart girl, even though she almost never goes to the balcony, but still knows it's "outside"
15 Days ago
Aw, the magic of Minecraft again.

You just place like 2 blocks and WHOOSH, 2 hours have passed.
20 Days ago
Uncommon trick for pet-parents:

If your pet is stressed, try playing them the Elfen Lied music box song. I don't know why, but it calms human babys, animals and basically everyone.

My dog is super stressed right now because she heard some fireworks explode in the distant, and after playing the song for 1 minute, she just laid her head down and stopped shaking
22 Days ago
Results of Magearna's Raffle:

We are afraid that you didn't win this time. ... But better luck next time!
Your chance of winning was 44.98%.

Well, thank you, I guess?
25 Days ago

All the memories from my favourite club, listening to my favourite music, dancing hard and chatting with friends there <3
1 Month ago
Me, as ignorant as ever: I'll just do the HoL Raylong task before decorating my cookies.

My cookies, when I finally win: Crumbled to dust and returned to the earth they came from
1 Month ago
We just died
1 Month ago
My dog just received a bag full of treat from our neighbours.

This world is such a lovely place <3
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange? :3
1 Month ago
Just made snacks for my dog, including oatmeal, liver sausage (she is absolutely crazy for this), egg and grained cream cheese.

Holy macro, I have never seen my dog so hyper for food.
1 Month ago
I just gave my dog Abby a cooked egg.

This derp carefully and gently peeled off the eggwhite and only ate the yolk.

What a lovely weirdo <3
1 Month ago

Moving into the new appartment (without roommates, just my fiancee and me) and adding this adorable derp to our family <3
1 Month ago
That's it.

1st of december AND the first snow for this winter.

Cookie baking and christmas decoration, HERE I COME
1 Month ago

306 & 11 - Psychic typed Aggron :D I got the muscles AND the brain
1 Month ago

Please DO NOT contact me about buying/trading my Pokemon.


Kyurem 2021
#1 - 39,627
#2 - 3,163
#3 - 38,834


301,000 / 1,200,000 PD
Monthly PD

Jan [X] - Feb [ ] - Mar [ ] - Apr [ ] - May [ ] - Jun [ ]
Jul [ ] - Aug [ ] - Sep [ ] - Okt [ ] - Nov [ ] - Dec [ ]

842 / 8000
Nuggets for Premium

2 / 50 Green Powder for Virizion Hunt

14 / 50 Raylong Eggs

Missing - Unova & Kalos

#565 Carracosta
Aurorus #699

#640 Virizion

#641 Tornadus
Zygarde (Cell) #718

#641 Tornadus (Therian)
Zygarde (50%) #718

#645 Landorus
Diancie #719

#645 Landorus (Therian)
Hoopa (Unbound) #720

Missing Pokemon - Alola

#773 Silvally (Rock)

#730 Primarina
#773 Silvally (Steel)

#750 Mudsdale
#773 Silvally (Water)

#754 Lurantis
#773 Silvally (Fairy)

#772 Type: Null
#774 Minior (Blue)

#773 Silvally
#774 Minior (Blue)

#773 Silvally (Bug)
#774 Minior (Green)

#773 Silvally (Dark)
#774 Minior (Indigo)

#773 Silvally (Dragon)
#774 Minior (Orange)

#773 Silvally (Electric)
#774 Minior (Red)

#773 Silvally (Fighting)
#774 Minior (Violet)

#773 Silvally (Fire)
#774 Minior (Yellow)

#773 Silvally (Flying)
#801 Magearna

#773 Silvally (Ghost)
#801 Magearna (PokeBall)

#773 Silvally (Psychic)
#801 Magearna (GreatBall)

#773 Silvally (Grass)
#801 Magearna (UltraBall)

#773 Silvally (Ground)
#801 Magearna (MasterBall)

#773 Silvally (Ice)
#804 Naganadel

#773 Silvally (Poison)
#806 Blacephalon

#809 Melmetal
#808 Meltan