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Trainerlevel: 69

Trainerpoints: 3,316/14,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Absol)
3,97137,796,395 / 56,663,079
Treecko230 / 48
Treecko16 / 9
Treecko322 / 39

Please DO NOT contact me about buying/trading my Pokemon.
They are all going to the auction house / GTS. If I want so sell them directly, I will put up a feed.

Shiny Hunt

Mirej is currently hunting Treecko.
Hunt started: 07/01/2020

Chain: 1,200
38 16 0


Last Action
Viewing a Pokemon (6 Hours ago)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #338639569
Registration: 01/07/2013 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Jun/2020
Game Time: 3498:23 Hours
Total interactions: 5,681,388
Money: 51,956
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


tfw you have been calling your new internet provider every day this week (multiple times) and now realize that the confirmation SMS actually did arrive on your phone, but you didn't know because notifications were turned off.

Whoopsie, sorry for bothering you I guess :'D
Yesterday, 09:57
What a way to start the morning.

Gonna make a pretty angry call to Vodafone (company who offers Internet contracts for your home) in 15 minutes.

I don't want to deal with those idiots again -.-
1 Day ago
Oh look, its Speed Click Saturday. Guess who made plans to renovate the new appartment today?
5 Days ago
German only

Da jetzt alle zuhause bleiben sollen, geht (hoffentlich) momentan auch niemand ins Kino. Gerade kleine Kinos sind davon schwer betroffen.
Klickt auf Hilf deinem Kino, wählt euer Lieblingskino aus und guckt euch freiwillig Kinowerbung an, um trotzdem Einnahmen zu generieren. Damit der Alltag so bleibt, wie er vor der Krise war
7 Days ago
How I feel hearing about Coronavirus all day AND not getting a Shiny Mega

Raise your hands :3
8 Days ago
Guys, check this out. We can contribute a part of our computers GPU to develop treatments for Alzheimers, Cancer, Corona and many more diseases.
Just follow the instructions. It will keep on running in the background and the impact on the computer is super low. I can still watch videos and play WoW while doing this. Just choose one of the diseases ("Any disease" for Corona).
Great thing to do while in quarantine!
17 Days ago
You know, 4 weeks around I tried planting some Dragonfruit seeds. The first try last year didn't work at all, but the second try...


I roughly counted 100 plants. Each has the potential to grow 1,5m in height.
What am I gonna do with all these cacti?
18 Days ago
Are there any requirements to see White Powder on the Bulletin Board like level or anything? And is there any hint that this special task rewards WP? Aaaaaand in general, how often do they show up, like 1 per day or every few days
19 Days ago
Alright, interaction exchange, please? :3
28 Days ago
Tfw you put together a playlist of old songs you used to listen to, and you realize that you almost were a Rapper/HipHoper instead of a metalhead
29 Days ago
Oh look, it's SCS again. Guess who made plans to look at a new appartment and visit both parents and parents-in-law and getting some stuff from a garden store today?

Spoiler: It's me. I will miss this SCS again
1 Month ago
Soooo... regarding Shiny Megas, how long was your chain in average before you hatched a Shiny Mega?
I am not annoyed by all these green geckos or anything
1 Month ago
Does anyone have a hole where I can hide from all of the problems for a week?
My best friend is heavily depressed, but I can't handle him right now because of my own problems, but I can't tell him because I am basically his only friend.
*stressed noises*
1 Month ago
Day 6.
I might have been able to grow a tiny little Pitaya plant from seeds taken from a fruit. This is the third time I tried to do this.
I shall not get overly exited and accidentally destroy tiny plant.
Though I am open for name suggestion :3
(My plants are called Bruno, Bob and Paul (all 3 Amaryllis), Conny (the valentines flower in a tiny watering can) and Carla (I forgot what she is) :'D)
1 Month ago
To sleep or not to sleep...
1 Month ago
People always complain that moving into a new appartment sucks, but I personally think looking for a new appartment is much worse.
Let's say you find 10 suitable appartments, and you write an E-Mail to all of them. 8 of them don't even reply, 1 gets taken down while waiting for an answer, and the 1 appartment you can actually visit is shaped so bad or is smaller than it first seemed.
Gnarf >.<
1 Month ago
So, I asked my boyfriend to get me flowers this year for Valentines Day (for the first time in 9 years). But, as we are not into romantic stuff and I got him a cheap card that says "I like you. A lot" I said I only want 1 single flower.
Let's see if he follows that or actually surprises me
My bet is 1 flower tho
1 Month ago
Well, I wanted to interact a lot today to get a higher chance for the Shiny Event.
Guess what, I just downloaded ARK: Surival Evolved again.
No interacting for me :'D
1 Month ago
I just served a "cup" of chocolate milk to my boyfriend. In a cereal bowl. With a straw. On purpose. Because I'm crazy.
My face hurts from laughing. I might die from dehydration. It was worth it. Might be single soon xD
1 Month ago


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