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Posted: Sun, 26/07/2015 09:45 (7 Years ago)
Wish granted. You are the president of Antartica(no one lives there)

I wish my Shiny Mareep was Mega-able

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Posted: Mon, 29/06/2015 14:57 (7 Years ago)
Auction-sniping is already is already too easy to do

This button would be lazy and makes auction sniping WAY too easy.

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Posted: Sun, 28/06/2015 19:21 (7 Years ago)
Hai :3

Mag ik erbij?

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Posted: Sun, 28/06/2015 07:57 (7 Years ago)
Pretty sure this is already a rule...
Just report the scammer
(with proof)
And he will get banned

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Posted: Sat, 27/06/2015 19:08 (7 Years ago)

@HenryTheGreenEngine You litterally edited your comment after my last post

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Posted: Sat, 27/06/2015 19:05 (7 Years ago)
I am talking about RANDOM plushies not regular ones.

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Posted: Sat, 27/06/2015 19:00 (7 Years ago)
So i've been receiving a lot of random plushies lately and that made me come up with a idea.
Basically random plushies have no value for me,So maybe make an option which prevents you from receiving random plushies? that way people won't waste their money on random plushies you may not want.

I don't really think this need much more explanation.

(I'm not sure if this should be here or in the COmmunication subforum)

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Posted: Sun, 21/06/2015 14:26 (7 Years ago)
I think this is a very useful suggestion, what maybe would be better is that you can make it so that a certain user can take it for free

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Posted: Sun, 14/06/2015 19:53 (7 Years ago)
Ow that"donut click dis" site, it was entertaining the first time. After that i just started pressing the "prevent this page from sending dialogue" button, i'd support because it's very annoying

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Posted: Sun, 14/06/2015 19:45 (7 Years ago)
First of

Secondly the events are supposed to be a suprise, anyone who sees this would know what the next event is gonna be (if this gets implemented)

SO yeah
No support

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Posted: Sat, 13/06/2015 21:14 (7 Years ago)
There should be a karp wondertrade too

I don't really supportsince it just makes us have too much wondertrades,and Events aren't worth much more than regular pokemons.

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Posted: Sat, 06/06/2015 12:21 (7 Years ago)
*clicks the "i like this idea" button*

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Posted: Mon, 25/05/2015 10:38 (8 Years ago)
I support.
i get annoying messages like: "Is dis pokeman 4 sale?" or:" dis pokeman for dat one" regurlarly and if i can put my prized pokemon in a secret box i can avoid that.

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Posted: Sat, 23/05/2015 09:16 (8 Years ago)
It's a nice minor update so i support :3

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Posted: Wed, 29/04/2015 12:31 (8 Years ago)
I kinda support this.But if this will get implemented do the normal evolutions have to get added...
And Riako could hav egotten a good reason to not add evolved retro's.
i honestly don't know :p
Quote from Riako
Please do not suggest ways to get new Pokémon/evolve Pokémon.
We're already working on adding all missing Pokémon and all of them will be added sooner or later

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Posted: Tue, 28/04/2015 10:06 (8 Years ago)
Sending :3

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Posted: Mon, 27/04/2015 18:27 (8 Years ago)
"I'm not going insane"

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Posted: Mon, 27/04/2015 17:55 (8 Years ago)
I'd support this. :3

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Posted: Mon, 27/04/2015 17:50 (8 Years ago)
Even though i have a qwerty keyboard i kinda support this idea. i hold my fingers on the screen to see how it was like and i think azerty people have a hard time with the safari. I won't use it but it's very handy for certain countries.

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Posted: Mon, 27/04/2015 17:42 (8 Years ago)
First off i think that if this will be implemented you should be able to turn it off at any time.
Secondly If Riako will do this he would have to search up all cries and stuff.
And it's a bit unneeded don't you think? especially since you can easily listen to music in the background . :p

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