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Posted: Sun, 27/02/2022 12:30 (1 Year ago)
And people are also allowed to state why complaints are invalid too.

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Posted: Sun, 27/02/2022 02:58 (1 Year ago)
That's a cool megable, how much do you want for it? I don't need the mega stone as Retros cannot mega evolve

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Posted: Mon, 14/02/2022 07:45 (1 Year ago)
“Where am I?” Rey slid in and out of consciousness, vaguely aware of the various tubes and needles attached to him. It didn’t hurt, but it seemed to be making him feel weak and dizzy all over. What was it injecting him with? With blurry vision, he squinted at one of the tubes. It was bright red. The tube wasn’t bring stuff into his body, it was taking things out. Blood. Normally, at the rate in which the blood was leaving, it would be no concern of his. But why was he feeling this way? He felt a scratch on the side of his cheek, probably a minor injury when he was (probably) dragged into the room. But minor injuries like that healed quickly. But this time, it didn’t heal.

Everything was silent, and Reyna was nowhere to be heard. Was she the source of his healing powers? “Reyna, you there?” Thought Rey. Normally, a rather rude and arrogant voice would answer inside his mind. But this time, there was none. He couldn’t heal. At the rate this was going, he would be drained. He would die.

Concentrate. Go back. Focus. You have to get to Reyna. Rey closed his eyes, imagining the marble palace he had always seen whenever he met Reyna. Images flooded his mind. Tubes. Blood, all of them so similar, yet undoubtedly not his memories. This was Reyna’s, who had been in one of the same positions as he did. Who was she? Go deeper. Fetch more info. Probing more into his mind, more and more pictures emerged. Then, all shattered. He fell back into the abyss like he always had, and back to the marble palace.

His real body was still chained up. He had to find Reyna, and fast.

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Posted: Tue, 08/02/2022 11:29 (1 Year ago)
The room. The smell. The cold. All this felt so familiar to Rey, but he's never been here, has he? It was so different compared to the lab he first awoke in. Locked in the cell, random images flooded his mind once again, just like in the battlefield, but now quicker than ever, making the images seem almost like a stop motion video. It felt like a memory, not his memory, someone else's. It showed the room, from what seemed to be from a first person perspective. Chains enwrapped the person's arms, chaining the memory holder onto the wall. Tubes went from one giant machine in front of him/her, attached onto various limbs, seemingly slowly draining blood into the machine. The vision was getting more blurry, until there was nothing left. Rey's lurched, not just from the horrid smell of the room, but from the sense of uneasiness, sadness, or was it fear? The memories seemed so familiar, but it wasn't his, was it? "I..." At the back of Rey's mind, Reyna spoke. She sounded confused, but then she said no more.

Over the previous days, he underwent many experiments, mostly those attempting to figure out just how many powers he had. Eventually, he was classified "too dangerous" after those experiments resulted in various explosions and injuries. Whilst the captors had every intent of making his life miserable, the amount of experiments had seemingly decreased, captors perhaps unwilling to risk another explosion.

But nothing probed that memory. Who's memory was that?

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Posted: Fri, 04/02/2022 23:29 (1 Year ago)
Any chance I can snag that Mew and vivillion pride?

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Posted: Thu, 03/02/2022 07:08 (1 Year ago)
Now in the same cell as the others, the scientist guy having recovered from the shock that Rey was not actually dead, he was listening in on the others. He wasn't handcuffed, which wouldn't have been extremely effective, given his lack of 1 arm. His legs were bound, but it wasn't as if he would be going anywhere either way. Upon receiving the chalkboard, He wrote his name "Rey". Did he have a surname? He wasn't quite sure, since no one really told him. Under his name, he wrote "Random". Not exactly a power, but it was easier than listing all the possible powers he could obtain without the ability to choose from, and he passed the chalkboard along. He also noticed the some of the others feeling quite weak, possibly having been drugged. But Rey felt fine, and could probably activate his power if he wanted to. But given the unpredictability of his ability, it was much better not to.

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Posted: Wed, 02/02/2022 02:22 (1 Year ago)
"Welcome back." Rey's eyes snapped open. He was back in the marble palace, with the flickering candles, cracked marble floor, and obsidian pillars. The stone chair lay in the middle, with the young woman chained to it. Compared to the previous encounter, many of the chains had already been snapped, metal rings laying on the floor. But countless more remained. "You will wake up soon, and you don't have the strength right now to free me yet." Rey looked at the woman, heavily chained, smirking but had a tinge of sadness in her eyes. "Who are you?" he asked. "Funny question. I am you, well, not technically. You are me. My name is Reyna, the one who's been keeping you alive all this time." The palace started crumbling and softening, making Rey sink into the bottomless pit that used to be the smooth marble floor. "Ah, you're waking up, see you soon, next time we meet, let's hope it's by will." "WAIT, what did you mean when you said You are me". Reyna smiled, and opened her mouth to speak, but Rey had already gone.

He opened his eyes, only to see white. It was suffocating, yet calm. Was he dead? No, that's impossible. The dream he had felt too real. He sat up, the white cloth that covered his whole body fell of his face. The place was dark, and was as cold as the marble palace he saw in his dreams. People were speaking. Some were screaming. Was that Bree?" Rey's arms were handcuffed to the bed. "Good god, you're supposed to be dead!" exclaimed some guy in a jacket, probably a scientist. Rey ignored him, given that there was no logical way to reply him. Grabbing a random lab coat from the table beside him, he put on the coat and looked around. Many others he was acquainted with was in the room, some still unconscious, some just sitting hopelessly. The person in the plague mask was going around attending to the wounded. Speaking of wounds, all of Rey's stab marks had been healed, undoubtedly Reyna's doing. Dantier was sitting down, arms tied behind his back, but undoubtedly alive. Thank goodness. They were captured, but at least they were alive, for now.

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Posted: Tue, 01/02/2022 15:00 (1 Year ago)
Rey reached out, extending a large arm made from the dirt on the ground, now stained red with blood. Dantier was falling from the helicopter. In the crowd, he saw a man, or maybe it was a woman, taking aim with a gun. Whoever it was, he/she seemed to be aiming right towards Dantier. As he did so, a feeling of dread, of hopelessness enveloped him. Did he do this before? Random images of him trying to save Dantier flooded his mind, as if being shown a slideshow. each one showed himself trying to either catch Dantier or killed the man/woman before she shot the bullet. Each one was using a different power. Flight, air manipulation, bounce, density control. Then, it showed Rey the after images of this, showing Rey failing, over, over, over, over and over again. Some showed him failing to catch dantier, and him falling to his death, some showed Rey getting shot while trying to save dantier, some showed him him failing to stop the man/woman before she shot the bullet. All failures, each one worse than the other. But those didn't happen. Not yet. Not this time. This time, he will succeed, even if he hadn't failed yet, at least in his timeline. He switched his power, since fire wouldn't be able to catch dantier, nor kill fast enough to stop the bullet. one of the images showed him that. the power made the ground around him vibrate, very slightly, giving him a heavy sturdy feeling in his chest. Maybe it was a gut feeling, but he knew what to do. He thrust his hand out, and a arm made from pure, bloodstained dirt erupted from the ground, and he directed it towards the solider. It sped towards the man/woman. This time for sure, he'll save Dantier.


The bullet shot out of the gun, inches away from the dirt arm. it sped towards the crowd, and a cry of agony could be heard. The dirt arm knocked the solider out, but the bullet had been fired. He failed again. But the timeline didn't reset. Dantier was still alive. Rey sped towards the approximate location where Dantier had fallen, only to see Dantier, leg bleeding and another person getting carried away by several others.

No. Not like this. Rey ran towards Dantier, only to be stopped by a knife wielding figure, wearing a black mask. Rey was unarmed, and one armed, but he needed to get to Dantier as quick as possible. He was tired, and couldn’t possibly make any big moves. All he could do was to summon a dagger made out of dirt, solidified and compressed to be as hard as steel. He lunged at the figure, only to be stopped with the knife.

“Rey, look around you. Get out of here.” The tiny voice finally spoke again. Rey stole a glance around. He was surrounded. The area was quiet. Much too quiet. The former chaos and shouting from the battle had disappeared, only to hear a few clashing of weapons and flashes of power in the distance. He had to create a opening, somehow. At least, Dantier was still alive, since the timeline hadn’t reset yet. So right now, his highest priority was to escape. Wielding the dirt knife, he charged at a single enemy, only to be stopped short with a clash of 2 blades. Rey staggered back. Just a bit more power. Pushing past his limit, he summoned some dirt from the ground, enveloping it around himself, as body armor. He charged once again at a single target with new strength, stabbing into the unlucky fellow. Pushing the man aside, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. As a last resort, the masked man had stabbed him, right through a hole in the now crumbling dirt armor. The other knife wielding enemies were quick to follow up. As Rey parried attack by attack, he could feel him getting weaker with each swing, either from blood loss or the poison on the knife. Either way, he had to go, now. Rey pushed another masked man back, and tried to knock him down to create a opening, only to get blocked. He wasn’t strong enough. His armor was crumbling into small pieces, he had reached his limit a long time ago. With the last bit of strength, he thrust the dirt knife into the man, just as 2 other knifes sank into Rey’s back. Rey coughed out blood, both knife and armor softening back into dirt. He collapsed on the ground face first.

Then the world crumbled into black.

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Posted: Sun, 30/01/2022 07:08 (1 Year ago)
"Duck!" Rey ducked. Everything was a dizzy trance, and Rey's bright flame had reduced to a small ember. All he could do was follow the little voice's instructions. In the background there was a faint shouting, from probably the general. He was ordering everyone to charge towards blue. Rey took a step and prepared to run, or stagger, towards the base. "Duck!" screamed the voice. No, too tired. Said Rey's entire body. "Move, Move!" thought Rey. But he couldn't. He was completely drained. Out of nowhere, a bullet whizzed past and grazed the side of Rey's head. Blood pouring, he staggered backwards, and fell. Then everything went black.

The world started spiralling, and Rey fell into a dark cold room. Was he dead? He openned his eyes. The room was large, Cracked, black marble lined the floor, and smooth obsidian pillars lined the walls of the room. It would have been beautiful if it wasn't so dark. Rey turned around, and a stone chair stood grandly at the middle of the room. Red candles, flickering brightly lined the platform where it stood. It served as the only source of light in the room. On the chair, sat a young woman, which probably wouldn't be any older than him.. Chains from the ceiling, the floor and the chair enveloped her, so that only her head was visible. Many broken chains lay on the ground, broken from a obvious struggle.

"You've finally come. Free me." Rey took a step forward, only to collapse on the ground. He couldn't move. The walls started to crack. A bright red liquid started to leak, undoubtly blood. The young woman looked and sighed. "Huh. You're dying. I can't have that happenning. Well then, we'll leave that to our next meeting." That was undoubtly the voice inside his head. It was her. The woman took a deep breath, and somehow, the cracks on the wall seemed to repair itself, and the red liquid on the ground seemed to disappear. "We will see each other again, don't you go dying again, there isn't much I can do like this." And just like that, the room seemed to dissolve, and Rey was back on the battlefield, lying flat on his back.

Rey opened his eyes. His injury on the head seemed to have disappeared. The burn marks had gone too. Practially all his injuries had healed. His arm was still gone, but he felt great. Rey got up. He had a job to do.

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Posted: Fri, 28/01/2022 10:30 (1 Year ago)
Rey was gaining better control by the minute. Despite the lack of his non-dominant hand, the fire was more than enough to keep enemies at bay. Whats more, that weird little voice in his head seemed to have saved him a few times, too. "DUCK!" screamed the little voice, which seemed to grow clearer, louder, and much more bold by the minute. Rey ducked, just to feel a bullet whizz over his head. "Thanks" he said to the little voice in his head, as concerning as hearing little voices in a head would be, it did save him a few times, so he'll let it slide. "Idiot" Replied the voice. The voice was quite clear now. It was bold, loud, and rather feminine, as if it was a girl speaking to him. A rather rude one. But there were much more serious things to worry about other than going insane, such as staying alive. Other than losing a hand, which he didn't have many, things were going great. With Rey's temporary power and the little voice screaming info (and insults, mostly directed at him), it seemed that he will be able to survive this, after all.

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Posted: Thu, 27/01/2022 12:27 (1 Year ago)
Rey jumped, or basically leaped out of the helicopter, mostly surprised by Andrea grabbing him by the shoulder and giving a order. Parachuting down, he spotted Dantier fighting in the crowd. While Rey knew that Dantier was in much less in danger than Rey should he go down, he also knew that Dantier had no special power that could aid him in combat, and his Respawn may put him in a poor position to fight.

Parachuting about 10 meters away from Dantier, Rey activated his power. A Hot, explosive power built up inside him. Rey was rather confused at first, but this confusion was quickly replaced by panic when the power started to hurt. His whole body started burning. Perhaps it was his training, or pure instinct, but he had a voice inside his head whispering at him "Turn your palm towards the enemy! Quick!" He did exactly that. given that he didn't have a viable option. Then, all the energy seemed to flow away from his body and to his arm, launching a decently large beam of fire towards the enemies. The fire wasn't strong, but it was big, and the fire came out at such force that it probably could have knocked a few people off their feet. And it probably could have knocked Rey of his feet too, but he had other things to worry about, since his arm had been quite perfectly been incinerated off. It hurt, and he would probably be on the ground crying, if there wasn't a big number of people wanting to kill him. Rey used his other hand, slowly learning to control the fire. Slowing letting the fire trickle out of his hand at a slow pace, he encloaked his arm in fire. This could work.

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Posted: Wed, 26/01/2022 14:46 (1 Year ago)
For a person who's been alone for as long as he could remember, the sudden increase in people and noise took Rey by surprise, causing him to retreat to a small corner, attempting to stay hidden. Whilst the crowd and it's noise made him uncomfortable, no one was trying to kill him (yet), so it was acceptable. When alighting the helicopter, Rey was given a suitcase, in which had his daily necessities, as well as a high end laptop, no doubt to document information. But Rey had take much interest in this new device, and had already begun searching the web, in his small corner of the room, and had clicked on a Coding website. This new window to the outside world amazed Rey, making him temporarily forget about his nervousness and troubles.

Maybe he could put some of this new info to good use.

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Posted: Wed, 26/01/2022 11:50 (1 Year ago)
Happy lantern rite! I finally managed to spend all 128 fates I saved up, especially for zhongli, and I got



Ah well, I'll be able to hit soft pity, fingers crossed, I'll get Zhongli this time!

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Posted: Mon, 24/01/2022 11:52 (1 Year ago)
A student is dead. Who? Rey looked around in a panic, almost expecting to see a corpse in the surroundings. But he didn't need to go far to find out, for word travels fast when the entire school was talking about it at the same time. Willow Lestrange. Rey never heard of that name, never talked to her, never knew her, but he sense a feeling of panic and deep pain for her. After all, it happened in the school of Magic, hogwarts, the school which had one of the best security in the system.

But it was over, and amist all the panic, the only way to get through this would be to protect himself. He was with the other evacuated students, and had managed to grab his suitcase along before he left. No one would probably notice if he disappeared. He opened his seemingly bottomless suitcase once again, and jumped in.

In the suitcase, now as big as a room, he took out various scrolls, all notes on his latest spell, which may be the only battle related spell he would ever be able to legally learn. (after all, you can't ban it if the spell was just made). It was a Reanimate spell. He originally created the spell to bring a imaginary friend to life, having gotten inspiration to the moving paintings in hogwarts but now, the spell held greater importance to him than ever before. He will perfect it soon.

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Posted: Mon, 24/01/2022 11:38 (1 Year ago)
Rey sat on his room, staring into space. The empty, white walls seemed to get smaller every day, with nothing in between them other than the constantly locked door, desk, chair and bed. He had been staying in this room, if you could call it a room, for a year now. On the desk laid a folder, awaiting his next mission. He would be sent away to fight in the great war. This was probably his last mission, but at this point, it wasn't like he had anything to lose.

A year ago, he had woken up in a lab, without any memory of his past, if he had any in the first place. Apparently, he was the imperfect prototype for a trump card for Red. Supposed to be able to use all powers at will, yada yada. Not sure what quack scientists Red hired, but it didn't work. Rey did have the power to use all powers, but his powers will activate randomly, which makes it pretty much useless. Undergoing much training, Rey tried to master his power, but it seemed that the problem couldn't be solved. Now, he's just sitting here, with nothing to gain, nothing to lose, just awaiting his next mission. This mission, though sounding almost cheerful, made Rey understand that it was probably his last mission after all. To fight a war, sounded like a valiant death for him, a brilliant ending to his dull life that seemed to only last a year.

The door opened, and Rey was escorted to a helicopter, and was brought far, far away, much further than he had ever traveled in his life, which, to be fair, wasn't much. While landing, he saw several other helicopters in the distance. He wasn't alone in this mission, after all.

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Posted: Sat, 22/01/2022 14:48 (1 Year ago)
Username - Chewydabacca
Character Name - Rey Narukami
Age (19-65) - 19
Gender - Male
Appearance -
Power (If Any) - Quirk: Random. Rey can access all possible powers (that can be wielded by a living organism, He also is unable to wield some powers, which will be explained later.) but is unable to choose which power he gets. He is also unable to control the power unless he learns how to. Although it is by default completely random, there are certain factors that may allow him to have a higher chance of using specific power. Upon ingesting the DNA (hair, blood, any dna) of another person, he gets an increased chance to use that power, depending on how much he ingested. Once Rey swaps powers, this chance resets, and he no longer gets an increased chance until he ingests more DNA. His personality will also change depending on who’s quirk he obtains. The more powerful, the more the effect on his personality.

Notes: He will still be able to wield powers that will cause him severe damage, eg being able to self destruct certain parts of his body at will)

Normally, when wielding power, he will be able to access a small portion of the original wielder's memories. This normally gives him an idea on how to activate the power, and the identity of the user, but not enough information to know how to control the power well. If the power he received is strong, or the amount of DNA he ingested is of a large quantity, he will be able to access a larger portion of memories, mainly recent memories. He will still not be able to control the power well just from these memories.

The power he obtains affects his memories, the stronger the power, his personality becomes closer to that of the original wielder of the power. In other words, if he obtains a good person's power, he will have a more heroic personality. If power belongs to a villain, he will have a more villainous personality. Basically, his personality is based on the power he has. Note that for this RP, his personality will be based on the power's nature

If said power is too strong, Rey will lose consciousness and will take on the memories, quirk, and personality of the person the power belongs too. If said person has already deceased, he will take on the personality and memories of the person in his prime. Rey's consciousness will be taken over by Reyna's consciousness. Therefore, Reyna will be able to access the memories of the person the power belongs to, granting her close to full control of the power. Rey's regular healing factor is also increased significantly. Reyna bears a grudge against Red for her death.
Role (Spy, Soldier, Government, Civilian, etc.) - Soldier
Allegiance (Red, Neutral, or Blue) - Rey is Red, tho kinda forced to do it, Reyna is Blue
Personality - Indifferent, lacks a interesting personality
Background - Part of Red's project to create the ultimate "freak", that can use all powers at will. Long story short, didn't work out as planned, now, Rey can use all powers, but he cannot choose the power, and will have to use them at random.
Password - bacon egg and cheese biscuits
Other -
PalPad Group? (Yes/No) - yas

My Form(s?)

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Posted: Sat, 22/01/2022 06:51 (1 Year ago)
Rey was relieved when Dimitri did not question how he knew his name. Moreover, he was slightly pleased that Dimitri wasn't the talkative type, as he saying a few sentences had already exhausted himself. Rey too, whilst not enjoying school homework, did understand the enjoyment of doing something he liked while sitting down for hours. He said no more, grabbed his seemingly bottomless suitcase, and pulled out a stack of spellcrafting books, and a stack of paper. Sitting down near Dimitri, he began working on his spellcrafting.

Glad to have a friend, Rey smiled to himself. But what was Luna doing with Dimitri in the Slytherin common room? Rey decided to not ask anything further, and just focus on his spell crafting.

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Posted: Sat, 22/01/2022 05:43 (1 Year ago)
Perhaps it was a mistake to expose that he knew Dimitri's name. After all, most of the time, he was just sitting around in a metamorphagi disguise, so to most people, he practically did not exist. But while he was practically invisible, he did listen and learn from others, learnt their names, personalities, and others. But he couldn't let Dimitri know that. Attempting to cover up his slipup, Rey continued: "Whatcha doing?" His attempt at being social was failing miserably, but he was trying hard not to hide it.

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Posted: Sat, 22/01/2022 03:56 (1 Year ago)
Rey looked around the slytherin common room, determined to at least try to be social for once. Luna and Dimitri were having a conversation. Suddenly, Luna pointed at him. Rey, in a state of half nervousness, half panic, was thinking about turning around and running, but upon a closer look, Luna seemed to be beckoning him over. Well, this probably is a good chance to make a friend. He took a deep breath, walked over. "Hi, Luna, Dimitri, You probably haven't seen me much, but I'm Rey. Nice to meet you!" Under Rey's grin, he was secretly panicking. Did he mess up?

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Posted: Sat, 22/01/2022 01:25 (1 Year ago)
Rey shuffled around from Common room to common room, taking a temporary stay at the hugglepuff common room during his usual walk. Whilst he was usually not welcome in any common room except slytherin's, his natural ability as a Metamorphmagi allowed him to bypass this, posing as a Hugglepuff, ravenclaw, hugglepuff, however he sees fit. While he is unable to interact with anyone there to prevent his cover from being blown, it was a entertaining hobby, that lets him eavedrop into the likes of others. Deep down, he knew that it just made him feel part of a friendly conversation, something he was not actually part of for a long, long while. Perhaps it was just because he was tired of being lonely, perhaps it was just because he was envious of the other's friendships. Heck, even Emika, a 1st year slytherin, had already made friends with another hugglepuff, much more, he was the hugglepuff head boy.

Maybe, just maybe, he should try making a friend

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