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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 445/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Brussel Sprout~
252193,484 / 239,086
(Zoroark (Hisuian))
5731,073,103 / 1,166,943
309132,889 / 335,661
(Giga Hatterene)
382497,652 / 548,649
(Lycanroc (Midday))
40522,342 / 493,291
41975,913 / 621,045

🌸Mhm Hm~!🌸

🌸 Hi! I’m RoyalUltima! You can call me anything! Even my real name if you know it (please say it somewhere private!), but others also call me anything else! (Some people call me Royal, others call me Ultima, some others call me by a popular RP name I use *Kaori*, and yeah!) 🌸

🌸 I'm Korean, but I immigrated to the United States when I was 2. But Korean is my home language, and you can always talk to me in Korean! (@PA- YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED, BECAUSE I NEED TO FLEX ON YOU XD) 🌸

🌸 I'm addicted to roleplaying, so you may have seen me before! 🌸

🌸 I'm in Middle School, and my online best friends are (not in order!): 🌸

🌸 (Hopefully, I got everybody, but I have no memory, so pleaseeeee remind me!)
Friend them if you want! 🌸

🌸I am unhealthily obsessed with KNY, 🌸N E Z U K O🌸, and books~🌸

🌸My PokeHeroes Family🌸

My PokeHeroes Parents Are:

AprilxSkye - The Best Father Ever Created <3 - @Pa

Serendibite - The Best Mother Ever To Exist<3 - @Ma

My PokeHeroes Aunts and Uncles Are:

Catherine_Elysandre - The Best Aunt In The Whole Universe - @Auntii

My PokeHeroes Siblings Are:

~--moully--~ - My Big Brother - @Brother

-NeoSanchez- - My Big Brother's BF - @Brother-in-Law

AngelicMew~ - My Sister - @Sister

Cardboard_Spaghetti - My Sister - @sIster

AlicaDragon~ - My Bestii Sister

-Supernova- - Also my Bestii Sister

My Legal Owner Is:
~Celestine - @LegalOwner

My Relatives Are:
AthenaLuminiaLediana - @Brother-in-law's Sister/ @BilS

🌸Something I Live By🌸

Quote from RoyalUltima"What it means to be a best friend is to be loyal and show that you care for them. Sharing and receiving that shows that you are a best friend to them, and they are a best friend to you. Being a best friend is hard work, but it's worth it when you meet your bestie every day and show that you care about them, and see that they care, too. Otherwise, they're not a best friend of yours and don't deserve your kindness and hospitality"

I made this when I lost my best friend (She's still alive, don't worry). She started ignoring me, then something really mean. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) Here's the story:

My friends and I were discussing what parts of a tree we would be. One of my friends was the stump, another the branches, one the twigs, and I was the leaves. That one mean friend said, "We don't need the leaves. We'll be perfectly fine without them". Obviously, I was right there when she said that, so I was really upset. She had basically said that the friend group doesn't need me and that they won't miss me if I left. So obviously, I left them. I still eat lunch with them, but I don't treat most of them with my kindness, since they didn't show me theirs. So here's my story. I hope you enjoyed it ~ "We can do whatever we want, as long as we strive for it. We can survive anything we want as long as we strive for it. We can do and survive anything!"


WARNING: this is all in my opinion, so please do not take this personally. Thank you~


Nezuko has hit a spot in all of our hearts with her adorable face, adorable personality, and her undying love for Tanjiro. Of course, she even found a way into Zenitsu's heart! She is always our favorite character, the best too! Now, here is a small gallery, featuring... Nezuko~Chan!

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

Game Records

Trainer ID: #830851223
Registration: 08/04/2022 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 400:29 Hours
Total interactions: 56,397
Money: 2,514,553
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


i have finished emoji-fying my polls...

they look a mess
Today, 15:18
Actually, instead of aestheticizing my polls, I'm going to redo them but with e m o j i s

^ bc i cannot do aesthetic at all twt
Today, 04:44
Question of the day ik its late ok:

Should I do my best to ✨aestheticize✨ my polls the best i can
Today, 04:28
honestly tho... the only good thing abt being on that debate team is that i get free snacks :D
Today, 01:29
When you are on a debate team representing your school... yet you hate being on the team... yet you want to quit but your parents wont let you... they say that you can quit after the school year ends... when the school year is only halfway though...

welcome to my life


when you are bad at debate...
Today, 01:24

art is worth fighting for :D

especially s p r i t e s

and others :D
2 Days ago

my mom just looked at my phone lock screen and she said:

"You really like Japanese anime, do you?"

2 Days ago
Comment 'AYE' if you believe that Pa's OC Ayran, should become a simp and then Ayran's new name would be Agatsuma Ayran XD
2 Days ago

guess what i used-

✨mUzAn JaCkSoN✨

3 Days ago
Can you name characters from Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba?

And not popular ones please~~
4 Days ago
I'm doing the Akinator: Kimetsu no Yaiba edition-

It guessed every single one under 25 questions.
4 Days ago

We are all praying for you~

You are in our prayers~

Don't give up just yet-

There is still hope.
5 Days ago
*points to last feed*

evidence that i no longer can retain my sanity as it has gone too far away from my reach
6 Days ago



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RoyalUltima hasn't collected any medals so far.

🌸Extra Info~🌸

WARNING - this is all my opinions, please do not take them personally. Thank you~

Stuff that you need to know:

*AGGRESSIVE ASIAN PATTTTTTTTTT* is a form of kindness- NOT aggression

#VoteForAyran is the most definite # ever.

And AyranDemiKebabCowboys of yumminess are yumminess

I will do my best to be the best friend I can be, and I hope you will too!

I do my best to make friends, but you know, people can be shy! I hope I become friends with you! ♥

Also, if you friend me, I probably will not friend back as I will only friend people that I've chatted with, known for a bit, and/or are actually friends with. Thank you!

Stuff that should be known:

~* Demon Slayer is Forever
~* Nezuko is Forever
~* #ShipZenzuko

Nezuko is the best, and I mean BEST character in Demon Slayer. None others.


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