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Posted: Fri, 14/01/2022 22:21 (5 Months ago)
Quick question! I hope it's okay to ask it here in the thread.

If somebody did finish their claim but it didn't line up with the DFTUAY rules, would it count as an unfinished claim? I recall getting an uncoloured pencil sketch from somebody when all artwork finished has to be coloured :/ I'm not too upset about it since it happened ages ago but I just wanted to check!

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Posted: Thu, 13/01/2022 15:25 (5 Months ago)

edit: done! here you go

taaffeite preferably!! if he's too hard then valentine or soda

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Posted: Tue, 11/01/2022 16:09 (5 Months ago)
I personally don't want them to remake anymore of the mainline games, B/W is (in my opinion) the best looking Pokemon game and I don't think I could handle seeing it in 3D. As for side games... I really wish they'd bring back Pokepark!! Maybe they could remake those and also put out a third one

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Posted: Tue, 21/09/2021 14:07 (9 Months ago)
username - -Flamey-
reference - Soleil
payment - 1000 Nuggets ; Might send over some extra PD too though!
type - Fullbody
anything else? - Could you make their outfit dark purple or almost black rather than red like it is on their ref? Oh and please include their collar if that's okay! (I also don't mind if you send the sketch first or not)
pw - Purple

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Posted: Sat, 18/09/2021 19:00 (9 Months ago)
Claim >:3

Edit: Done

Anyone here

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Posted: Fri, 17/09/2021 17:02 (9 Months ago)
Oh you made them look gorgeous! I do love the shading and the colours,, you got all their patterns perfect!
Thank you!!

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Posted: Mon, 06/09/2021 21:31 (9 Months ago)
Aa oh my gosh! I adore how Hyasynthe looks in your style, thank you sm!!

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Posted: Mon, 06/09/2021 19:24 (9 Months ago)
Howdy RC! My User is -Flamey- and I would like to commission an Icon from you.
Character Reference/Pokemon Link: Could you do Soda and Beatrix?
Expression: Up to you; I think it'd be cute if the icons could be matching in some way since they're in a relationship, like maybe looking at each other or something. As a basic bit of info, Soda is reserved and awkward while Beatrix is more outwardly affectionate. They both have a bit more personality info on their profiles! if you need it
Payment Method: Nuggets! Should be 300 for two icons, right?
Any Accessories you'd Like?: N/A - it's up to you whether you include Soda's glasses :)
Anything else you'd like to tell me/Let me know?: Beatrix is my gf's character and I have permission to order art of them!! Just to clarify that ^^

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Posted: Sun, 05/09/2021 20:54 (9 Months ago)
Make me some art!
What I want: Fullbody, if possible! Whether it's shaded can be up to you
Character: Thistle
Payment: 500k PD? I can do more if you want!
Extra: If you're not comfortable drawing them, I can find somebody else!

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Posted: Sat, 04/09/2021 21:19 (10 Months ago)

Reference: Shortcake
Type: Fullbody
Shading? Yes
Background? (Tell me if you want a specific background) Up to you!
Additional Notes: You can simplify their outfit if you want!

Payment/Tips: 38k & Tip
Password: Orange

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Posted: Fri, 03/09/2021 14:27 (10 Months ago)
Draw something for me please~ ♥
Username: -Flamey-
Reference: Christine
Type of art: Icon
Any additional details?: N/A
Payment: 150 Nuggets
Any other stuff you want to say? owo: Hi again :3c If they're too complex I can pick someone else to draw!

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Posted: Fri, 03/09/2021 14:23 (10 Months ago)
I want: Unshaded Fullbody Artwork
Reference of my character: Hyasynthe
Background? (transparent, theme, etc): Something flowery / plant themed
Comment (e.g. special wishes): If you're uncomfortable drawing her stitches you can draw her wearing a jacket or something to cover it up! Or I can just pick another character I'd like drawn~

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Posted: Fri, 03/09/2021 14:08 (10 Months ago)
Whip me up a pixel, Furret!
Username: -Flamey-
Type of pixel [Stagnant, Simple]: Stagnant
Type of movement requested [if animated]: N/A
Character reference: Soda

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Posted: Fri, 03/09/2021 14:02 (10 Months ago)
Username: -Flamey-
Link: Robin
Type: Icon
Nuggets or pd?: PD; I'll probably tip you tho :)
Other: Your art's cute!!

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Posted: Sat, 28/08/2021 13:45 (10 Months ago)
Bitter Choco Decoration - English cover

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Posted: Wed, 04/08/2021 17:26 (11 Months ago)

edit: blap

Anyone here would be good

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Posted: Fri, 18/06/2021 16:21 (1 Year ago)
0/10 that is not a username I've ever seen unfortunately

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Posted: Fri, 18/06/2021 16:15 (1 Year ago)
:eyes: Helloooo there

Could I get a halfbody of Thistle? (both the first and second image in his gallery are references) I have a feeling he'd look really neat in your style!! Would 100 Nuggets be enough payment?

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Posted: Fri, 18/06/2021 16:10 (1 Year ago)
Hey, Vulpix! Draw me something!
Username: -Flamey-
Art Type: Fullbody
Reference: Amour
Anything Specific?: Could you incorporate the pansexual and aromantic flags into the drawing somehow? She can be holding them, wearing pride merch (like bracelets or a scarf) or if neither option works out just some little hearts next to her can have the colours! Apart from that, you have total artistic freedom with the pose and such!
Payment: 150k PD
Password: Amber

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Posted: Fri, 04/06/2021 16:37 (1 Year ago)
Hey hii hello I'd love to get a sticker drawing of Val!! I'd be paying w/ 500k PD!

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