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- hello, child !

- flamey | minor | they/them pronouns -

hi!! i'm some idiot who spends all their time drawing or crying over fictional characters. please just call me flamey, it's the only good nickname i have. as of right now, i'm totally head-over-heels for pokemon, hollow knight, and ace attorney. please discuss these things with me.

talk to me if you want, i guess. i try to be nice but i joke around a lot and am incredibly stupid. but yeah i'm pretty much always bored so i'll try to respond to messages, but i am awfully forgetful and just lazy as all hell, so no promises.


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- the vessel

You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams.

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the only thing this site is good for is commissioning artists without having to actually use real money and even then i kinda just feel bad for doing that. you guys deserve so much more than fake pokemon currency
2 Days ago
is it just me or are people really awful about mental health on here?? it seems like everybody is so quick to throw around terms like "insane" and just calling people mentally ill in general as if that's an insult. not to mention how gross everybody acts about systems, which is just silly...

sooo here's some stuff to remember

- self diagnosis isn't inherently bad!! not everybody can afford to go to a professional, waiting lists are incredibly long and some parents don't allow their kids to get help for their problems. just be sure to do the right research and you're good!

- being mentally ill doesn't make you evil, a bad person, less than others, etc. people who say stuff like that are quite literally just being ableist i'm sure. you're just as worthy of love as everybody else!
17 Days ago
[ fun little raffle ]

so!! i keep listening to the same, like, 10 songs over and over. and i'm desperate to change that. comment here with one song you'd like to share with me for a chance at winning 200k PD or 100 nuggets!!

> my favourite song out of the ones posted will win 100 nuggets
> one randomly generated person will win 200k PD

ends at midnight, may 31st
22 Days ago
from what i've gathered, the issue from last night was... somewhat solved? said staff member got her status revoked and most of her profile is empty, which is something. i feel like the fact it was handled totally silently is kinda weird. that and basically silencing people for sharing the post and evidence kinda sucked, even if naming and shaming is against the rules.

if there's one thing to do here, it should be that we don't forget this. if something like this happens again, remember what happened yesterday. continue to hold people accountable for the things they've done. if by chance this person isn't banned, and does decide to come back, don't let her be welcomed here anymore. there should be absolutely no place for a creep in a website primarily aimed at children. or anywhere else, really.

forgetting things like this is what allows terrible events to happen over and over again.
3 Months ago
some reminders for everyone:

- believing in and defending victims should always be the highest priority. even if something is just alleged, the possibility of disregarding it means you could be letting an abuser go free. think of how many more people they could harm. it's not worth it. being sceptical is okay but you should keep it to yourself.

- mental illness is not, and will never be, an excuse to be a disgusting human being. certain illnesses can explain some actions but that absolutely never makes it justified. do not sympathise with an accused predator just because they "could be going through a lot". the victims are always going through more pain.

- if somebody doesn't want to be called out across a whole site, they shouldn't have acted like a freak in the first place. they bought it upon themselves.

- some victims don't feel safe calling out their abusers until months or even years after the events initially took place. it's a very long, tiring and painful process.
3 Months ago
3 Years ago

- contacts

here's where you stalk me on other sites, i guess! have fun.

deviantart: @flommo
discord: flamey#9130 (ask before adding me pls)
artfight: audinette
youtube: pearlous
instagram: @pearlousthetic
twitter: @pearlousthetic

art credit: all gifs on my profile and in my signature are from Hollow Knight. my icon is from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


- rainbow