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QueenWeiss Have a good day/night :) 5 Months ago
Alysrazar 6 Months ago
GlitchMode 9 Months ago
GlitchMode JULES?????!!!! Do you think you are available on Sunday at 3:30 p.m? I think my family is holding a party during that time. Also, is there a way you can contact our other friends that I'm having a party? I can send you my address again. (I literally sent this to you a billion times, pls reply in the pm) 9 Months ago
BlGGlE 10 Months ago
Hfishgn 10 Months ago
Tobster1214 10 Months ago
Noobishgod 11 Months ago
SilverBoi 11 Months ago
Nicoliole Have fun plushie collecting <3 11 Months ago
Nicoliole Happy plushie collecting <3 11 Months ago
GlitchMode :D 11 Months ago
whitefeathersrain 11 Months ago
Shibishirasu 11 Months ago
Farigiraf 🐛🐛🐛🐛 11 Months ago
HepHasTus 1 Year ago
Starlame :) 1 Year ago
Tensazi Pekaboo~ 1 Year ago
Gojirath 1 Year ago
Flyingfish 1 Year ago
VortexGG Quick Tip: There are items called gems that can be used for various things such as making evo stones amd buying pokemon eggs
A good way to get gems is theough rumbling and using dream points at the dream world shop located in emera mall
1 Year ago
RoyalUltima i felt like you need a nice little plushie! here you go! 1 Year ago
claudster75 Ello random person! I hope you are having a good day! 1 Year ago