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Cow's Adopts and Ideas!

Forum-Index Fanmades Fanarts Cow's Adopts and Ideas!
Posted: Tue, 20/06/2017 03:57 (11 Months ago)


This is where I store all of my adoptable ideas!
These adoptables are from the present, past, and future!
Although some are not in stock anymore,
I can make an exception or two (:

If you wish for an adoptable of mine, read the rules first!

yeah they all full

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~ Use the form that is provided
~ Payment in PD only
(50K for adopts 70K for custom adopts)
~ If no slots are open, don't comment
~ This is not an art shop! It is only for my adoptables!

~ Payment in PD only
~ All auctions start at 0 PD
~ Auctions usually end in 3-5 days
~ Highest bidder gets the prize

Feel free to comment and post on this forum!

Art theft is a sin and you will be punished with eternal fire.
Thank you!

Posted: Tue, 20/06/2017 06:58 (11 Months ago)
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The options on the side are only examples.
I can do anything to the Drakami!

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The options on the side are only examples.
I can do anything to the Goob!

Space Babes
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Space Babes are randomly designed so there is no set you can choose from!
Order at your own risk!
For a reference, choose from this list of space terms for a theme or pick a space noun!

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suggested by plant!

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Adoptable Type:

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Adoptable Type:
Specific Details:
Posted: Sat, 24/06/2017 22:47 (11 Months ago)
Username: Nobody / Navuso
Adoptable Type: Goob
Posted: Sat, 24/06/2017 23:02 (11 Months ago)
yay! my first customer!
accepted! (:
Posted: Sat, 24/06/2017 23:23 (11 Months ago)
Username: konoha
Adoptable Type: goob

signature made by svenja
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 04:25 (11 Months ago)
my second request
Accepted!! (((:
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 04:41 (11 Months ago)
Username: xCharizardx
Adoptable Type: Drakami
Specific Details: I'm basically going with fuzzy dark red dragon (looks really fluffy and tries to be scary, but fails and is just a big ball of angry fluff). That slitted eye pattern looks cool, the wolf tail, long floofy fur, long nails, and perhaps the clean wing pattern?

Also, could you pal pad me about pricing? :3 I don't want to underpay since your work is awesome!!
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 04:44 (11 Months ago)
Username: Everyone / Nessy
Adoptable Type: Drakami

Other: shut up and take my money

If you can read this, you know how to read.

Trick and Treat art by Podunk

Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 05:15 (11 Months ago)
all right ill accept yours for now BUT THATS IT NO MORE LOL
((: thank you for looking here!
for now the art is supposed to be free but i guess ill have to add some prices
i'll make yours free but you are the last ones!
pay if u want it doesnt matter to me :L
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 05:24 (11 Months ago)
Ok, so I would like to start off by offering 100k PD for Space Babe, Full Moon ^^

Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 07:51 (11 Months ago)

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(yeah i got the username wrong sorry about that! I'll fix it later! my hand hurts so much right now aahh!

Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 08:18 (11 Months ago)
(Is there a form for bidding on the auctions? If yes, please let me know and I shall edit the post because rn I'm a little confused by the form options tbh :'3.)

Bidding 100k for the half moon bab. *w*

avatar and signature art Koushi

Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 08:20 (11 Months ago)
AH! gosh im so sorry its so confusing!
no there isnt a form for bidding on auctions!
ill ty to make it more straight forward!
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 11:13 (11 Months ago)
ahdjshfjnek wehhkh safjhw rwklejkl

I'm totally going to come back with more PD for that Goob later~ (Because 50K feels like it's a bit cheap >.<)

I love the shoulder spikes! YAS~
And missing the front right leg. Awesome. Not sure if that was intentional or if it was missing a detail, but I don't really care. I like it.
I also love the goop pocket behind the eye =D

I can't wait to get settled back in at home in several hours, that way I can start figuring out the best way to draw him, lol. (Him? Her? It? Not entirely sure, lol)
-clings to the goob- -is totally covered in the goop- -doesn't care-
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 15:43 (11 Months ago)
Bidding 150K PD on the half moon bby and another 150K PD on Full moon bby ;>

Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 18:34 (11 Months ago)
AH! thank you so much nobody!
im really really glad that you like it! and 50K is enough for me! thank you for asking for one hehe it makes me happy to draw for other people! (((:
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 18:44 (11 Months ago)
ohh thank you! i love them so much! would 90k be enough for the goob?

signature made by svenja
Posted: Sun, 25/06/2017 18:53 (11 Months ago)
you are so welcome!!!
if 90K is enough for you its enough for me!
it's supposed to be free for like the first 5 people but i dont mind
i hope you enjoy it !!
Posted: Tue, 27/06/2017 22:56 (11 Months ago)
300k on the half-moon child

signature made by svenja
Posted: Tue, 27/06/2017 23:15 (11 Months ago)
350K on half-moon bby