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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 1,804/9,463

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Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 02/Dec/2017
Game Time: 2255:12 Hours
Total interactions: 311,703
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 1,698,248
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Even though I'm on, don't expect responses from me right away ^ ^". I'm just checkin' in and out, as my prior attention is towards on trying to finish this drawing.

Today, 03:484 comments
To spoil or not to spoil.
Twas is the question =3c

( Don't look if you prefer the batch to be a surprise ;3c )

Yesterday, 21:0814 comments
( Flightrising )
[[ Points to this person profile image ( Not mod ) ]]

[[ Points to comments ]]

Yesterday, 20:037 comments
"Congratulations! A shiny Sandshrew (Alolan) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #117)!

Another set up in AH. This time it's holding an Ice Stone, in case someone wants to involve it ( Or not ). Starting bid is once again 1 PD

Yesterday, 18:202 comments
"You successfully bought 1 Black Friday Boxes!
Let's open them...

1x Thunderstone found!

I knew my luck was bad when it comes to Mystery Boxes.
And yet, here I am. Risk 100 Nuggies to buy this :').

Yesterday, 08:351 comment
Eh <_<"...
Aside from still trying to recall who this person is...

I'm almost done with the Larvitar / Cosmog fusion. Afterwards, Imma go rest my back and fool around on PH and other sites :v.
Tomorrow I might do the UB Burst / Cosmog fusion.

Yesterday, 07:140 comments
So, uh–.
Who here is LavendarDay ( On DA ) ;u;"?

Been noted from them and speaks like a friend. I've looked through the gallery but feels no familiarity from it ;H;. Unsure if it's a peep on here, an offsite friend, or someone I've forgotten ( Because, uh... There's honestly a few, or more people, that I did forget about owo" ).

Yesterday, 06:512 comments
Might actually get this fusion done today >uo

Yesterday, 02:562 comments
"One of your auctions has ended.

Auction: Sandshrew (Alolan).

You received 570000 .

Hell yeah♥

Yesterday, 01:254 comments
Definitely worth not eating anything all day♥. Plate full of turkey e v e♥.

Yesterday, 01:060 comments
"Congratulations! A shiny Sandshrew (Alolan) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #105)!"

Up in AH for 1PD

1 Day ago0 comments
Sorry if I appear to be slow. Currently drawing

1 Day ago2 comments
[[ Points to the feed with 14 comments ]] Feel free to suggest more 'mons uwu.

Soon Imma attempt on doing Larvitar.
I have at least a few ideas for that lil fella.

1 Day ago2 comments
Thanks for commenting on my previous feed uwub.
Helps me know what peepos really want ;w;b.

1 Day ago1 comment
Hm, actually...
Which do you prefer to see more?
A Pikachu batch or a Cosmog fusion batch?

1 Day ago21 comments
Gotta go fast

2 Days ago6 comments
"Congratulations! A shiny Sandshrew (Alolan) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #84)!"

It's a boy =D!
Time to evolve him and name him Sonic!

2 Days ago8 comments
Oh hey.
The Alolan egg rarities was change from "Special" to "Alolan" :0

2 Days ago2 comments


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Sonic ( 3OS )
(Sandslash (Alolan))
Sanic Jr. ( 4OS )
(Sandshrew (Alolan))
Sandshrew (Alolan)210/19
Sandshrew (Alolan)30/37


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Nymphrasis is currently hunting Sandshrew (Alolan).
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