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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 9,851/10,149

Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2457:49 Hours
Total interactions: 484,148
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 15,740,900
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Because of Riako's post, I wonder how many people gonna go and buy sprite versions of their Pokesonas now e v e.

Today, 00:004 comments

( Currently drawing :T. Laptop shut off. Didn't even gave me a warning first. Bleh. Certain someone didn't plug in my charger correctly [ Again ] :T. I didn't lose that much progress. But would had preferred if it didn't happen [ Save every 15-20 minutes ] )

Yesterday, 17:507 comments
Damn you guys be fast ( Have the counter open on my laptop :'D ).
Went straight up to 200+ :'D

1 Day ago0 comments
I have one question: How many people will be aiming for Mewton M. Meowth again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?

1 Day ago6 comments
My vouchers is ready (ง'̀-'́)ง

1 Day ago1 comment
I have forgotten about the art dump diary for the pass four months :'3. I'll dump in a couple of old artworks ( Will list a date when they've been completed ) :o.
Just so it doesn't seem too dead. Will have to wait an hour though ( Making a post below one hour merges your posts together )

Already have a few in mind qvq

1 Day ago0 comments
One day, I might bring back and do these again :3c

1 Day ago3 comments
"Your coin is shining bright in the water!
(Slightly increased shiny chance)

I wanted mega :[

2 Days ago3 comments
Temp avi. Will change back to the other in 1-2 days ;Y.
Did this due to super boredom and lack of motivation.

Got Blanca and added her to the party e v e. May order art of her at some point♥.

2 Days ago3 comments
Another Eatser Buneary egg at Daycare nwn.
I won't grab it yet. Gonna wait till reset.

Just hopin' that I'll get a mega-able chance from the fountain qvq

2 Days ago0 comments
Whoop, more advertising :v!
[[ Points to the other previous feed ( The one below the join thing ) ]] Will always still be looking for some 'mons♥. May be able to toss in some shinies as well from the shiny storage / special extras :0c.

Jinmoth has some pretty lookin' Lurantis adopts up!

And, by Sansica:
Anyone selling/trading characters away? :"3 Willing to offer Art for ones i'm interested in!

2 Days ago0 comments
Still looking to buy Pokemon adopts ( No mystery nor gijinkas please ;u; ) and Pokemon characters UFT with PD ( Willing to spare around 500 nuggets. Trying to hold onto some of these ) :0!

( I'm going to try to be a bit less picky ;w;. Though there's no guaranteed in that! Also... I wanna try to avoid chus for a bit [ May be hard though ]. Mainly because I currently have 17 Pikachu ocs at the moment ;w; )

2 Days ago2 comments
Since I'm unable to go back to sleep, Imma just go draw :0c.

( Gonna be drawing this cutie, since I've offered a fullbody on an adopt and won qvq. Won't post until I've completed my part first. )

2 Days ago0 comments
"Your coin looks a bit larger than the others!
(Slightly increased mega-able chance)"

Now for an Easter Buneary egg to poof up <o<

3 Days ago0 comments
Decided to give an old plush ( Won't seem old because it's clean and taken care of ) to my great grandmother :o.

She seems to really love it ( Even though she tries to deny it e v e )~.
My cheeks hurts from smiling, because she was being all silly while playing with the plush ;u;.

3 Days ago4 comments
Just won a eel bab qvq

Mind suggesting some names :0?
Will pay 25k PD for whichever one captures my interests uwub. ( Haven't decided on a gender, yet. Might do so with whatever name is selected :0 )

( Made by Mallas♥. Tynamo and its evolutionary line had always seem really great in my eyes ;O;! Wish more adopts like those existed like this beauty♥ )

3 Days ago3 comments
[[ Points to previous previous feed ]] I should mention that I am offering both PD ( Amount shown on profile ) and nuggets ( Will hold onto some. So just offering 800 at the moment ) ouob.

And ye, I am gonna be semi-picky about it ;Y

3 Days ago0 comments
[[ Points to previous feed ]] u v u

Also, Sansica is currently selling a Victini!

3 Days ago0 comments
Know someone who currently have some Pokemon adopts ( No mystery nor gijinka ones ) or Pokemon characters up for sale :0c?

3 Days ago11 comments



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