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Trainerlevel: 47

Trainerpoints: 1,053/6,673

Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1545:35 Hours
Total interactions: 194,302
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 6,856,209
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Apparently I've missed some sort of drama that was currently happening in the Pokemon ask blog community on Tumblr. Something about anon sending in a headless fetish request ( I think I know who this anon might be but I could be entirely wrong ).

First tutus, now headless

Yesterday, 07:4214 comments
What I struggle the most when it comes to drawing:
• Drawing the left eye
• Planning out a clothing design ( If I haven't ahead of time )

I'm drawing and I'm mainly struggling with the clothing idea. I was planning to make a dress but then I had second thoughts. Only because I had no idea what the dress should look like :v

Yesterday, 01:166 comments
Human sketch coming out really well ( At least the head area ) uwu. I'll have to continue the rest tomorrow because my back ended up hurting [ Plus, it's 3:45am ]

2 Days ago0 comments
Instead of a face reveal, wynaut a voice reveal e v e?

I would actually do it, but I don't know what to say, nor don't know where to post for the link :v

2 Days ago11 comments
This one Youtube comment manage to make me burst into tears and laughter.
Just one c o m m e n t


3 Days ago6 comments
And my mood just dropped down by one thousand percent, just by seeing the site of my "step-father" ( He hasn't said anything. Yet... ).

I am still bitter about him and his actions back then.
Still wish he remain longer in jail.
Or just don't bother to come and visit ( Always visit to see my grandma ) ._.

3 Days ago11 comments
[[ Points to the previous feed ]] I would love to have more options to think about it ( Since the pixels WILL be a permanent thing to the blog ) u v u.

3 Days ago0 comments
Know any good and active Pixel Shops ( No, not sprites and editing. Pixel art ) that accepts PD u v u?

[ Note: I've plan to only pick one pixel artist to order pixels of my current characters that I bought ( And others that I made ) for here ( People click the specific sprites that leads to the character info ) u v u ]

3 Days ago5 comments
"Hey, Nymphrasis!

How is the Wailord doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 40, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Wailord is on Level 81, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it."

Mind feeding her ;v?

3 Days ago7 comments
I check the art thief profile again and... It seems the user got banned ( I think it was their first day on TH too ).

[[ Pats self on the back ]] Because I reported them and I was thanked by the admin before for sending in the report ticket :'3


What made me uneasy was their username and profile image though. Only because it reminded of someone me and a group of friends felt very spiteful towards ( Because of the crap this person did ) years ago .
It could be just a coincidence though.

3 Days ago2 comments
I dunno.
I might make one of those drawing contests :v. Something about a Pokemon Kingdom flag for my blog. Perhaps two versions? One being the flag, and the other have the symbol of the flag be 300 x 850 ( Just to fit the side image ). Maybe I might suggest some ideas as well.
Think that be a good idea :v?

3 Days ago1 comment
Hello to all who is visiting my profile ;v

3 Days ago1 comment
Just sold my Ditto <3.
I'll be able to afford even more adoptables in the future ;3c

3 Days ago0 comments
I've found a layout that I really, REALLY like. So now I can give ya a bit of a preview ( In terms of what template the characters will have ) ^ ^

The only character you get to see until this blog is fully done ;v

Now to listen through some songs when I was once a total weeb ( Some are good to listen, to be honest ;v )

3 Days ago0 comments
The admin got to this dude pretty quick–
( As soon as I sent in another report, I've noticed my first ticket had been dealt with by the admin and got a pass ).

That's one quick report, I will admit *^*

3 Days ago3 comments
Well rip.
Found an art thief on TH ( And saw them crediting themselves of artworks that obviously isn't there [ Especially the obvious fanart of Kcalb from The Grey Garden. Which I reported since this user actually posted up an image with a watermark on it ] ).
I'm having a bit of difficulty finding the rest because... They're all on Pinterest ( From the links I've been receiving ) ._. . I can't access unless I download the app -A-

( Then again, I keep seeing the tag "Cute anime guy" )

4 Days ago0 comments
If you see someone speaking bad about any "N" users on drama blog, just know that they're directly talking about this guy :v

IWantedToJokeAboutThatForAWhileNow :'v

4 Days ago3 comments
Ok, so I'll be heading off to bed now to catch some Z's owo.

I do wanna say one thing before I do so:
I did just realize that Imelda is my one and only thicc 'mon with those power thighs ( And I only had her for a day now B) ) ;3

4 Days ago0 comments



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