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Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 3,989/6,959

Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1723:37 Hours
Total interactions: 246,892
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 4,418,572
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Willing to pay 150 Nuggets + 50k for an Adamant Orb or Vortex of Time Map. Offer already set up in GTS ^ ^

( Arceus, it's so gosh darn hot. If summer wasn't insect season, I probs would had actually accepted that window fan. Then I can use two fans to cool down TTwTT" )

Today, 16:320 comments
Willing to pay 100k PD or exchange an Enigma Stone for a Resolute Stone ( Already got both separate offers set up in public GTS ).

I am also willing to exchange 150 nuggets for either an Adamant Orb or Vortex of Time Map ( Offer up in public GTS as well )

Today, 15:082 comments
Might attempt to sleep.
May not go too well, as I am much more focus at the annoyance of the heat.

Today, 06:260 comments
Third cup of pepsi now.
It's just really refreshing to drink, to be honest. Like... I'm melting over here :'<

Today, 04:388 comments
Looking to buy some Gems~. Just check out GTS owo.

( Note: I am looking for a lot of Steel Gems. Prefer to have all in one, rather than separate. Easier to keep track )

Today, 03:250 comments
By auroradragon93
i have a bunch of dratini in my free box, and some evolved dragonair...anyone want one?

Today, 02:450 comments
Tonight dinner is McDonalds <3.

And earlier I was just speaking to Noe about McDonalds e u e

Today, 02:174 comments
Five of each gems ( 2x ) up in GTS ^ ^

Seeking for a Mega Stone~.

Today, 00:191 comment
Ok, question.
Is this offer even good for a Xerneas? Because I still need one for the checklist

If not, Imma need to think what other shiny I need to add in

Today, 00:062 comments
Even more currency set up in GTS ( May or may not be the final for now )

Yesterday, 23:230 comments
Still got some cash up in GTS for stuff that I need~

Yesterday, 22:290 comments
Willing to buy 5 Star Pieces for 250k PD.

And 450x Grass Gems for 202,500 PD.

Payment is already set up in GTS ^ ^.

Oh, oh! How much do people charge Fairy Gems :0?

Yesterday, 21:580 comments
600 Nuggets has been set up. Seeking for 18 Dragon Gems ( You can offer more, if you so wish ;pppp )

Yesterday, 21:460 comments
I got Harambe gone at least :3c

( Town of Salem )

Yesterday, 19:301 comment
Three 1k nuggets set up in GTS ( Each requesting for 1.5kk. I know that not everyone can afford the full 3k, so that's why I made 'em separate ) ouo.

Yesterday, 18:432 comments
Annnnddddd accepted the 5.5k nugget offer <3.

Yesterday, 18:364 comments
Oh, oooooooh *^*~!
Someone is offering 5.5k Nuggets for my Victini ( Well, they state so in private message. Guess I wasn't clear that they can just accept on the Tini and wait to see if I accept ) *0*
That actually is gonna help quite a lot!

Should I accept or should I wait for a different offer :0?

Ooooh, oooh, that is actually pretty good though. It is 1k less from auto buy but it is in an average *^*

Yesterday, 18:184 comments
Change description for the third time

Since ThtGayGuy had spoken about Auction House and Victini in my feed, though I might do the whole offer thing instead :v. ( 'Course, there's no way I'm placing that up in the Auction House, as I am not a fan of taxes ).
So boop. Just gonna accept whatever captures my interests ( PD / Nuggets only ).

6.5k nuggets is an auto-buy uwu

Yesterday, 17:560 comments
Hrm... What's an appropiate price for Victini? ( Because, I kind of set one up in amounts I saw in my previous feed comments )

Because I'm mainly just eager to sell it ( Would love to start another art contest. This time being just Pokemon. Well... Mainly Legendaries. I already prepared the coding, prizes, and all. The topics are pretty long. So, uh... I kind of limit it to just 8. I dunno. Just been wanting some for a while now ) ;w;

Yesterday, 16:583 comments
Ok, so remember last noght when I said that something looks like a worm / centipede but I wasn't too sure about it?
Well... It actually turns out to be a wire from the light.

Which is, urm... Not really good. Parts of the ceiling isn't already not in good shape ( Example being the corner right side having cracks ).
I kind of want to blame both the building being super old ( I think my grandma said something about it being 1940 or 1950 ) and the upstair neighbors stomping around all the time ( I still complain about that, as that is such a major problem. They always stomp around every morning and every night. Odd enough, not the afternoon ) ^ ^".

Yesterday, 15:400 comments


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