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Trainerlevel: 61

Trainerpoints: 8,409/11,223


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
1,4736,476,445 / 6,513,607
1st OS ~ Mimi
(Venusaur (Retro))
278250,440 / 270,969
Buneary15120 / 721

About (^ x ^)/

Briana / 21 / / / / Artist / Sleepy Memer

Hewwo, I'm Nymphrasis and welcome to my profile (◕ᗜ◕)!

I enjoy meme-ing around and playing games from time to time!
And, when I feel motivated, I take the time to draw (^▿^✿). Most of my creations tend to be adoptables though.

I don't mind chatting.
But please keep in mind that I may not always be quick on answering to your replies ;w;.
I am either busy, multi-tasking, or distracted on other things.

Avatar by Katakuri
Gif by Zuckerbeere
Egg Sprite by Argentis
About Art by Sansica
NTS Art by Sansica
Eruthea Art by Sansica

Sprite Army

I didn't make these, by the way

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 2855:52 Hours
Total interactions: 603,023
Money: 1,692,079
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Also close feeds:
How much is PFQ currency worth in PH currency :oc?

Today, 06:120 comments
Art contest has now been approved nwn

I'll share this again later in the morning ( Since at this time not many people are online ) ^ ^.
Placeholders are allowed! Just state so in your form uwub.

Today, 06:090 comments
[[ Coughs ]] Finally got a message back about my laptop :'v.

Apparently tomorrow is when I'll get answers.
Even though I have an appointment tomorrow :Y...

Meeeh. I really miss drawing and gaming ;-;

Today, 03:100 comments
If you know someone who'sgood at doing sprites of your ocs, let me know♥.

Also because I wanna make the sprite army grow eue

Today, 00:019 comments
Moone is selling a few ocs! You should check 'em out nwn

Yesterday, 21:320 comments
Sprite army because Wynaut eue

Yesterday, 19:233 comments
Which would you prefer to do?

[S]Can't do both at the same time @[email protected][/url]

Yesterday, 17:336 comments
Note to self: Fusion adopts to draw once I get back my laptop.

Brionne / Floette / Cosmog
Flareon / Lycanroc ( Midnight )
Larvitar / Maractus
Persian / Ninetales
Braixen / Smeargle

( You guys are free to comment some fusions ideas on here =o. I can't promise that I would do 'em all though. It depends really )

Yesterday, 02:021 comment
What's ypur favorite starter ;oc?

Yesterday, 00:274 comments
Is this ok ;u;?

Won't start now though. Still collecting cash ( Plus waiting for some more boxes and keys from rumble ).
Not to mention that I am still trying to find someone to do ze custom ocs ;w;

1 Day ago2 comments
How much is a Paintie Ticket ( Furvilla ) worth on PH?

( Also is it possible to send stuff to others on Furvilla ;v? )

1 Day ago0 comments
And of course a person I have blocked offers a Venusaur onto my Moltres :^). No payment or anything. Just a Venusaur.

Anyways, I have a Moltres up in GTS for nuggets / PD uwu.

1 Day ago6 comments
Mega-ables up in AH for 50k PD each.

1 Day ago0 comments
[[ Points to the previous-previous feed ]] I be willing to offer one of these for one of the asked customs ´u`"

1 Day ago0 comments
[[ Points to previous feed ]] I'm still seeking for a custom artist 'v'

1 Day ago0 comments
( Repost )

So... Who's open to custom art?
Willing to pay PD / Nuggets / Shinies for a custom design on here, of either the Vulpix / Eevee or Zorua / Chingling / Yamask / Noodle Dragon body. Only one of the two :o.

And, well...
I will be very picky on who'll draw 'em since both will be important characters ;u;.
Prefer digital fullbody.
Also name your price! If you don't know, we can try to discuss about it owo.

1 Day ago1 comment
Done uwu

Gotta do the others for another time as I'm pretty low on black :o

1 Day ago5 comments
[[ Points to custom feed ]] Might repeat this until I find someone who'll do 'em 'v'

I may or may not disappear later to nap. I'm not 100% sure because I feel a mix of awake and sleepy :o

2 Days ago0 comments
[[ Points to my custom request feed ]] I still need 'em ´﹏`

2 Days ago0 comments
( Close Feed )

[[ Points to the other previous feed ( The custom request ) ]] I forgot to mention that I can also pay in FR Currency ( 202210 Trrasure and 20 Gems ) and Chickensmoothie pets ( Can pick as much as you like ) as well :o

Can't do points and PFQ currency ;w;"

2 Days ago0 comments

Mini Rules

My extra Pokemon are not for sale, nor trade. This also includes it being "free" or borrowing. This is, unless, I've stated otherwise on a post.

Please do not ask me to share your raffle / post / forum / hashtag. I will do so on my own accord.

Never contact me about trades. You will only have your message be ignored.

Do not ask me to warm your eggs or interact with your party. Unless I've posted a #InteractionExchange or I've choose to do so on my own accord

[ NTS ] Art I've Order

• A moon theme Volcarona while base on Iblis colors ~ I don't remember what I've paid for this one ( Paid )
• Two custom Ralts ( Base on their mother, Merengue, but with small wings ) and a Flabebe / Phantump fusion ~ Yungoos, Gumshoo, Rockruff, Remoraid, Octillery, Cascoon, Wurmple, and 200 nuggets ( Paid )
• One fullbody artwork of Aster or Iblis ~ 350k PD ( Paid )
• One fullbody art of Michael and Matthew ( Complete ) ~ Shiny Burmy, shiny Shellder, and 250k PD ( Paid )
• One fullbody art of Carmella ~ 150 Nuggets ( Paid )
• One ullbody art of Leonardo or Ivory ~ 170k PD ( Paid )
• Some Gracidea Flowers ~ 200 Nuggets, shiny Butterfree, shiny Metapod, and shiny Kangaskhan ( Paid )

• Two custom of a melanistic, sabertooth Persian ( With glasses ) and angel them Pyroar ~ 150 Nuggets ( Unpaid )