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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 9,992/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
1,8525,754,343 / 10,295,269
Maractus261,547 / 2,107
Skitty35283 / 3,024
Graveler332,927 / 3,135
Mantyke19577 / 1,426
Hippopotas24912 / 2,251

About (^ x ^)/

Briana / 21 / / / / Artist / Sleepy Memer

Hewwo, I'm Nymphrasis and welcome to my profile (◕ᗜ◕)!

I enjoy meme-ing around and playing games from time to time!
And, when I feel motivated, I take the time to draw (^▿^✿). Most of my creations tend to be adoptables though.

I don't mind chatting.
But please keep in mind that I may not always be quick on answering to your replies ;w;.
I am either busy, multi-tasking, or distracted on other things.

Avatar by Kiibo
Gif by Zuckerbeere
Egg Sprite by Argentis
About Art by Sansica
NTS Art by Sansica
Eruthea Art by Sansica


Oh hey, its been a long time since I tried to collect items to shiny hunt ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ. ( Started around early October, 2018 )
( Change the Articuno hunt to Moltres ~ 11/12/18 )

I'm buying Flying Gems and Fire Gems for 500 PD each.
And Normal Gems for 1.2k PD each.

Flying Gems: 4,887/250,000

Fire Gems: 26/250,000

Normal Gems: 6,759/ 1,000,000

Ditto Eggs in Storage: 0/100

I still have plans on wanting to give some Dittos away to those who doesn't have one during this hunt ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ.
Some because I do want to trade other Dittos away for currency ( To buy more Normal Gems ) or Normal Gems (◕u◕).


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 3185:53 Hours
Total interactions: 697,651
Money: 915,030
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


So much snow @[email protected]
Good thing I'm not outside ;v

But considering that it's pretty much winter, I need to be more careful outdoors :v

Today, 21:070 comments
Oh yeah!
Yesterday I finally got my hands on this bug baby ;u;♥

Made by qt-galaxy.
I am debating on purchasing another bug design they have ;w;.

Today, 17:492 comments
[[ Checks on Tumblr ]]

"hey you know your a really talented artist and I was wondering if maybe you could make a bill cipher mega mawile fusion please?"

This is honestly the first time I've received a message asking about art.
Mean... This is a rather interesting request ( Especially since Bill Cipher rocks [[ Cough cough ]] ) :o.
They didn't mention anything about payment though owo". I could bring it up and say that I am accepting to DA points. But, um... I don't know how much to price my customs in the first place ( Which is why I'm currently open to working on those to friends only at the moment. Since it's just a pay to offer and prevents lowballs [ I think ] ;w;" ).
Half of me wants to say that customs is close because I don't know how much to price these things.
While the other half is interested in doing this custom for payment because I do think the fusion concept is rather unique and challenging in a way.


Today, 16:337 comments
Hm... How much DA points do you think my customs should be worth ;w;? Examples of my completed customs ( Can also use my gallery as an example too ) ;w;

I'm still indecisive on the pricing for those.

Ps. My customs doesn't have to only have to be just Pokemon ^u^. There will be a bit of limitations though. Like... Can't draw anything mecha for example.
As for drawing a custom work for close species: You'll need to have proof of asking permission from the creator first. I don't know about the same as open species. So, uh... Yeah nwn"
Humans can't be drawn at the moment, as I'm still doing practices ( Gone rusty after not drawing them for too long ).

Yesterday, 22:260 comments
Finally made a custom gallery, since these really need a section ;u;

Somewhere today another will be put in there ( Just in the shading process on the drawing nwn )♥

Yesterday, 19:530 comments
Brrrr. Wish my room wasn't so cold x.x
Currently hiding in a blanket while trying to draw ( Feels heavy xo ) ;w;

Yesterday, 18:010 comments
Getting sleepy ;w;.
Gonna collect a few eggs and head off to bed nwn

Yesterday, 02:160 comments
Still internally screaming and crying about this ;-;♥.

Not only was this a gorgeous and loving design, but it was also given to me by the creator ;w;. Kdlslaldldlk doslsld♥

The stubby, short legs reminds me of a Corgi♥

Yesterday, 02:050 comments
One day I hope for a new Pokemon Ranger game♥.
I still like the series ;w;

2 Days ago4 comments
Something I'm still thinking about ;w;.
If I were to create a contest about monster / creature designs ( Not human / humanoid. If plan to make it base on a animal, I would like some spice to be added to it. Like... This Hen for example ^ ^ ) and said that they will have commercial use ( Still want to surprise on what it'll be, even though a few people already know. Game. Surprise bye bye now :p ), would anyone join qvq?
Of course I will be crediting. Never been fond of taking credit of someone elses idea for myself ( Just seems rather selfish and disrespectful )

Ps. I don't plan on doing this now. Firstly, I want to know some input. Secondly, I need to gather more currency qvq

2 Days ago2 comments
Some mega-able Riolus up in GTS uwu

2 Days ago0 comments
Hrm... I thought I have a few King's Rock but apparently I have none ^ ^".

I think I sold some by accident?
[[ Shrugs ]] Mean, I guess it's fine ;u;". I can always get more ( Not looking to buy. Was gonna put one on a Slowpoke to offer on someone trade. Noticed I have none ) :o.

2 Days ago0 comments
Great thing about having extra Pokemon is I would stumble upon a very interesting trade and would sometimes be able to offer on it ( Sometimes because there's a chance that I don't have that extra Pokemon ) ᏊˊꈊˋᏊ

Also debating if I should remain selling boxes + keys or hold onto them and do a mass opening next month.
Thinking about it because... While getting an Ultra Saddle to shiny hunt is tempting, I also know that my luck on these boxes is terrible ( Cue December 2017, where I barely got anything good on my last mass opening :'3 ).

2 Days ago0 comments
To whoever I receive for secret santa: Definitely expect a shaded fullbody from me ( examples ) and Merry Christmas ( Even though it's November x3 ) uwub

3 Days ago1 comment
( Close feed )

That reminds me!
Who's good at sprite edits :o? Because I would love to have one of Samara ^u^.

2D sprite is preferred ^u^.

3 Days ago3 comments
If you're an artist or a writer, Koushi created a secret santa thread!

3 Days ago0 comments
Think it'll be a good idea to change the Articuno gem collection to Moltres ;w;?
Reason being I'm always rumbling through Fiery Furnace than any other place ( Because, aside from Silent Forest, every else is very low leveled ) ;w;.

That and have been considering that the naked chicken looks silly eue

3 Days ago4 comments
I wish my uncle would go back to pepperoni .

Since dominals was bought again by grandma, it was half plain, half pineapple.
But, like... Sometimes there would be 1-3 strans of pineapple on my pizza. It just ruins it
And, even when the pizza hasn't been soil by the pineapple, I can STILL taste it.
Blegh, yuck, ew.
I just had pizza today. One pizza had two strans of pineapple on the right side ( I remove it and ate the side. Tasted disgusting ) and the other was normal. Yet still tasted like pineapple was on it ( Feels like I want to puke ).

I always get three pizza. But always save one piece for tomorrow.
I don't look forward to it, because I feel like it's going to taste like pineapple was on it too .

Slowly not going to look forward to pizza for dinner. The pineapple taste was just so disgusting _( :[ 」∠)_

( And yes, I'm complaining about food :'3 )

3 Days ago3 comments
Your interactions: 4,244

Ye ;w;

3 Days ago0 comments


Mini Rules

My extra Pokemon are not for sale, nor trade. This also includes it being "free" or borrowing. This is, unless, I've stated otherwise on a post.

Please do not ask me to share your raffle / post / forum / hashtag. I will do so on my own accord.

Never contact me about trades. You will only have your message be ignored.

Do not ask me to warm your eggs or interact with your party. Unless I've posted a #InteractionExchange or I've choose to do so on my own accord

[ NTS ] Art I've Order

• One Opposite AU art of my Pokesona ~ 350 Nuggies ( Unpaid ) 11/11/18