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Trainer ID: #49898256
Registration: 09/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Aug/2017
Game Time: 4678:09 Hours
Total interactions: 686,953
Trainer Battle Stats: 10 won, 7 lost.
Money: 278,926
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Don't stare directly at the sun they said
You'll go blind they said
The fire nation will still win they said

Today, 16:521 comment
Give me relatively easy to draw characters like Bill or Flowey and I'll make a free to use doodle

Accepting easy pokemon too, like Goomy, who I totally didn't already draw

Today, 08:402 comments
Some positivity on my end

I was super happy when I hatched the first on site shiny mega gengar. I started the hunt pretty much immediately after the megas were added to ph, and I believe he was the second shiny mega on site (after the Mawile <3) - I also raced someone who has since left PH, and it was a friendly competition

Same with Keldeo - I saved up resolute stones from the moment they were added, and was buying them from people before they were even in boxes. I raced someone, and it was a long intense hunt because tall grass legend hunting. I got lucky and hatched the first three on site (2 for me, one for Finny <3)

Those were important milestones for me, because hey! I worked hard for them! I didn't give up on the hunt for shiny mega gengar when I accidentally broke my chain with a bulbasaur (thaaaanks gem man - he later repaid me b/c loki's egg was from the Gem Collector)

Yesterday, 19:151 comment
[sighs deeply]

I know this shouldn't have to be said, but from some of your comments, I should say it anyway:

-When the shiny shaymin hatches do not harass or attack the person who hatched it. I don't care how sad you are that yours wasn't first.
-If the person does sell it/give it away to a friend - Don't make 20 feeds whining about how you can't afford it. And don't harass the person who gets it.
-And for all that is Loki, PLEASE stop attacking each other.

Yesterday, 17:053 comments
Sorry for close feeds, BUT IT WORKED

- 1 and 3 are open, first come first serve (one per person)

Comment to claim, and if you have a DA, mention it

Yesterday, 06:394 comments
C o f f e e

1 Day ago1 comment
Dca pls
No more loss

2 Days ago1 comment
1337 5p34k

3 Days ago4 comments
The big question in my ph life is
are dca and lei related
or are they the same person
[x-files theme plays]

5 Days ago9 comments
Don't forget to check your skygifs and skypngs.

ALSO - what's your favorite pokemon ability?

6 Days ago6 comments
Watching a playthrough online and I realize that my Rusturf tunnel battle was hilarious.
Generally that grunt has a poochyena, in my Emerald game he had a female Wingull.


6 Days ago0 comments

6 Days ago4 comments
Two truths, one lie, zero prizes

1. I have access to good coffee, but I still drink instant coffee almost every day.
2. My least favorite color is yellow.
3. I like oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar and milk.

7 Days ago17 comments
Pls tell what is x2 celeeb event!!! NEVER SEEN B4
does it meen i win ph priz?

7 Days ago6 comments
Add me on Disco RD


7 Days ago0 comments
What do you call a snobby prisoner going down the stairs?
A condescending con descending.

8 Days ago4 comments
I'd love if people put forward headcannons about any of my characters, but idk

8 Days ago6 comments
I started to write the beginning and the middle of my story, but I forgot the

8 Days ago4 comments

Thank you Bear you're amazing <3

8 Days ago3 comments



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