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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 3,615/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Articuno (Galarian))
50524,431 / 958,239
(Zygarde (10% Forme))
9263,205,439 / 3,219,009
(Mega Aggron)
1,021508,615 / 3,912,984

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Shiny Hunt

~Techno is currently hunting Archen.
Hunt started: 12/01/2022

Chain: 262

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #228465837
Registration: 12/04/2015 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 20/Feb/2022
Game Time: 2677:34 Hours
Total interactions: 972,297
Money: 46,836
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Interaction exchange please 💜
Today, 04:19
Just saw Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania

What a time waste :x
Yesterday, 17:01
Interaction exchange please <3
Yesterday, 10:30
This guy is a bad guy duhh...
Made me cry >_>
Tysm bro <333
Yesterday, 05:46
When you 'hatch' berry plants 🤦‍♂️ xD
2 Days ago
If you're at it, the employer above all, fire daycare man, and Rowan too x'D
2 Days ago
Interaction exchange again? <3
2 Days ago
Paid attention today, after 3 trainer levels lol, but out of em all this one is the best:

"Yo, 'sup, ~Techno? Ya chillin' with yo Dex?
... Urgh, I'm sorry. There was this boy who called me old and boring. He said that I'm not cool enough to keep up with the youth *sigh*.
Whenever he talks to me, I don't even understand half of what he says. He says stuff like "The beach is so seven point eight, way too much water." and sometimes "Got any new Hipster-Pokés for me, Brofessor?". ... I never even heard of Hipster-typed Pokémon! I tried to do some research, but... I can't find any information about them."

2 Days ago
This was fast! 8 shiny Dex entries away from 950, and currently sitting at the 9th position in its ranklist ;D
2 Days ago
You obtained a new badge (Event Collector)!
5 Days ago
Finally got the event mega LOL

Sis is positive too, the result just came, Mom is roaming between em both so most prob will be her too, I ain't showing any symptoms, so didn't get checked, but I wanna now haha
5 Days ago

While you're at it, make it interesting too? XP
5 Days ago
Interaction exchange please <3
5 Days ago
Guess who is frantically trying to upgrade his berry garden? xD

Also, Dad's got COVID (Omicron variant most prob, bc the symptoms aren't very severe) and as mom and sis were hanging out with him, and also show similar symptoms as his, I'm quarantined in a room :D x'D
5 Days ago
Hoof, got premium back 3 days before haha
Health is much better now! Semester 4 has started, and the syllabus is interesting, much more compared to the previous sems lol and the vocational Java course starts from tomorrow!
5 Days ago
Something new is here!
Does anyone remember which character was there before? Ig twas Hoenn berry battle earlier, am I right?
6 Days ago
Area: Fiery Furnace (Level 99)

And still the progress in rewards stopped a long time ago, would be no difference after 100 :/
7 Days ago
The Shiny Swap Shrine is hosting 3 new swap requests:
Cherry_Blossom: Meditite :Slots-Any till SM hatches-Missing medium or higher rarity

Kaisa: Mantyke :Slots-2-Missing any rarity

BabyEevee22: Pansear :Slots-Any-Missing rare rarity except panpour line.

Hit them up through the forum if you're interested ^^
7 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Archen hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #92)!

Ayyy twins!!!
7 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Archen hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #91)!
Took you soo long you mean birb hahaha

Btw, 103F fever🤒🤒🤒 Could you please come and click my eggos? Imma return tmr ig 😥🤧
8 Days ago

Discord - ~Techno#1740

I'm here only to peacefully enjoy the game, not to get into unnecessary drama and impose my opinions on anyone. I apologise if I hurt you in any way, it's almost always unintentional.

Unless stated in a feed, currently I'm not buying or selling anything. Neither am I loaning or giving away free stuff unless specified. I'll share any post or hashtags if I feel like, don't ask me too. Break any of these while contacting me and I won't hesitate to report and/or block.

We been up all damn summer
Makin' that bread and butter
Tell me, did I just stutter?
That's the motto (mhm)

Archen: 0 | 9