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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,929/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
267126,658 / 249,678
552624,031 / 1,082,448

About Me

Oh you know, too insane to say, to busy playing pokemon moon or looking for it.... either that or rping with my friends or playing Pokemon Black Version......I love that game to death....
if you want to talk to me or rp, drop me a message on the pal pad or what's it called...... I'm currently into danganronpa, fire emblem, pokemon, some animes....., yugioh, and kingdom hearts. so yeah..... Memes man.
Oh, by the way, RedRidingWolf1365 AKA Kokichi, is my online adoptive brother. Kirumom is scared of us

^me ikr


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #323211551
Registration: 10/04/2018 (11 Months ago)
Game Time: 209:13 Hours
Total interactions: 175,260
Money: 216,569
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


You know what I love? Fighting the same boss in a game 3 times in a row with unskipable cutscene and stuff. It's not that I lose, but because the game crashes once the fight is over, right after it's done "autosaving." Love playing on new systems... you think they still have tech support on a 2 year old game?
1 Month ago
#SamuelDaWhale - MetalHeadKendra

I have a whale to beat Oak and it needs it's levels to be raised. Help me out!

1st prize will be... A Shiny Bulbasaur and 25k!
2nd prize will be... A Shiny Froslass and 50k!
3rd prize will be... A Shiny Audino and 75k!

Interact with Samuel AND copy and paste this code as a status to be entered in the Raffle. Ends at reset!
1 Month ago
You know those days, where you have a million different things you want to say to people but you don't know how to word things out and your anxiety kicks in to the point you break down preventing you from saying anything? Yeah.... me too..... I live that life
1 Month ago
I really dont know. Smash ultimate sounds like fun, maybe so new games.... I dont know
3 Months ago
Almost everything so far here on this website, I have been here for so short a time where everything is a big achievement
3 Months ago
Hey hey hey, playing splatoon 2 for next hour anyone who wants to play online with me let me know
4 Months ago
To everyone who's been waiting for a mass Danganronpa hunger games simulation, good news! Two more characters need to get done then the code will be released for everyone who wants to see a death match.
8 Months ago
Welcome back to the hunger games, today with have every Danganronpa character from trigger happy havoc to goodbye despair to V3. If anyone who reads this would be interested, let me know cause a code will be going out soon
8 Months ago
So to the few who read/see this, if I made a Danganronpa hunger games simulation would anyone like the code for a all 3 game death match with sprites and everything?
8 Months ago
If you guys want, you can challenge me to a battle, you'd probably win against me tbh
9 Months ago
Oops haven’t updated prizes
1. Articuno
2. Zygarde 50%
3-4. Cosmog or Cosmoeom
5. Latios (With Enigma Pearl)
6. Palkia
7-14. Shinies of their choice (IN ORDER)
15. The rest of the Zygarde stuff
16. All of my PD (Like 100K)
17. All my items
18. Rest of my stuff (You can leave stuff behind)
K this makes up and these are ALL prizes and winners will be announced on uhhhhh I guess my B-day (June 7th) ya
U can also share dis post for the one entry and also I will not accept more than one of urs so if I spot dat u ded
9 Months ago
(Note: Not mine at all)
Everyone who joins has an equal chance to win. I'm organizing this to spread a little joy among the users in this beginning of May.

In order to participate, please use #KageSpringBestWishes in your feed, alone or accompanying this entire post, it's up to you and it doesn't modify chances of winning. Commenting here that you did so is optional (I will check the hashtag anyway to see which of you entered).

Onto the prizes:
The first winner (1st place) will receive
2 Dragon Gems
50 Grass Gems
1 Terra Cave (Map)
Shiny Electrike

The next 5 winners will all be awarded 1 Dragon Gem & 15 Grass Gems each.

End: This Thursday, at around 15:00 (time on site)
You can enter anytime before this deadline.

Winners will be chosen using a random generator online.
May you have good luck!
Best Wishes

(Original by Kageyuki)
10 Months ago
God I spent most of the evening drawing pictures of monomi for children. What is even wrong with me...
10 Months ago
*when you finally sit down and watch Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World* What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Wtf in general.
10 Months ago
Holy...... How am I pulling the feels?? I'm doing a good job..... Man I am saddening. At least I can do one thing right... It'll cheer up. We just need to mention Hope and- *Bagels rain from the sky.*
10 Months ago
oh god what did I get myself into.....
cause ya know, cann't have a lier be in control
Scratch that, #NagitoIsBestLeader cause ya know, Nagito man!
10 Months ago



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