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Trainerlevel: 6

Trainerpoints: 110/113


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Eldegoss39919 / 4,681
12617,456 / 48,007
372325,298 / 416,269
Hop pop
329254,128 / 381,069
193105,888 / 112,327

About Me

Hi! I'm The-Line-in-the-Sand11. For your own sanity, you should probably just call me Line or Sand. I signed up for this website because one of my friends is on here so don't mind me floating around lol. I don't know that much about Pokemon, but I have played around half of Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia, so there's that I guess.

Fandoms: I'm currently obsessed with the Dream SMP (I promise I'm not a cringy stan though!), Hermitcraft, and FNAF too. I also like Deltarune, even though I've only finished chapter one. I'm currently trying to get into Kagerou Project. I'm also technically in the Cookie Run Kingdom fandom? I play the game regularly but I just start playing again after like... 5 months soooooo...
Video games: As I said before, I've played Deltarune, but I normally play Cookie Run Kingdom and sometimes Minecraft (ironic that I'm so obsessed with DSMP and Hermitcraft, both Minecraft servers, but I barely play the game myself lol) I'm in the process of finishing playing The World Ends With You and Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia.
Anime: Anime's pretty cool! I've currently watched all of Seraph of the End, season 1 of the Promised Neverland, all of Guilty Crown, and about half-ish of Saiki K. I've also started Toilet Bound Hanoko-Kun (yeah I know weird name don't judge) and I'm on episode 7-ish of Shadows House. Um... yeah my anime taste is kiinda all over the place, lol.
Roleplaying: Roleplay's pretty fun! I can't say with confidence that I'm good at it though, lol. If you ask me to a roleplay and I think it looks fun, I'll probably join. (Provided school isn't kicking my butt lmao)
Music: I love music! My favorite genre is j-pop/rock, so I mostly listen to that. I listen to E ve, Zutomayo, Co Shu Nie, and I'm getting into Haze (solely because I like hikikomori rock lmao). I still listen to some english music though, mainly Mitski and Lovejoy.

About Me cont.

The other panel got a bit long, so here's a little more stuff about me:

Gender: Demigirl
Pronouns: She/they
Sexuality: Not really sure, but I'm pretty sure I'm Pan/ace-spec.
Zodiac sign: I'm a Libra. However, I'm very introverted towards people I don't know so the whole "Libra's are known to be extraverted" thing they say on horoscope websites? Yeah, no, lol, that's not me.
Birthday: Oct 11

I live in the US of A in the Eastern time zone, so if you're trying to reach me and I don't respond, that's probably why. Either that or I'm at school. Otherwise, I'm usually pretty good at responding to things.

Misc Things

Favorite song: I've got a different one for like, each band/singer I listen to lol
E ve: Last Dance or Dramaturgy
Lovejoy: Perfume
Mitski: That's Our Lamp or Should've Been Me
Zutomayo: Study Me
Co Shu Nie: Fool in Tank
Inabakumori: Loneliness of Spring
Fish in Pool by Hekuto Pascal is also a lovely little song that more people should listen to

Favorite Color: Lavander Purple
Favorite Video Game: ...Cookie Run Kingdom
First Pokemon Game: Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
(current) Favorite Pokemon game: ... Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (it's the only one I've played -.-)
Favorite Season: Falllll

Meme Dump

Most of these are DSMP memes I found on google so here you go

(The context for why the last one is made up of Tommy and Tubbo screaming is because they're from SAD-ist Evelyn Evelyn animatic so... yuh)


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Game Time: 31:43 Hours
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Starter Pokémon: Marshtomp


man f*ck algebra
1 Month ago
I'm not sure why I decided to wear a crop top today
I don't even like having my midriff out
Why'd I do this
1 Month ago
You guys
No Children by Mountain Goats
Listen to it
It's a great song
2 Months ago
DSMP season 1 finale is premiering right nowwww
I should've brought tissues :((((
2 Months ago
I finally quit procrastinating :D
2 Months ago
Just got the first two tales from the pizzaplex books from the school book fair :D
2 Months ago
I still need to change my halloween pfp
But I keep procrastinating
2 Months ago
I got a new backpack!
So many pockets :D
2 Months ago
Oh my goooooodddddd

Being on my Chromebook without discord is the most boring experience known to man
As is browsing youtube without comments
I need to find a new unblocked fast
This is terrible
3 Months ago
(Sorry for close feeds)

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3 Months ago
I feel so accomplished
3 Months ago
They don't have the muffin fun lunch at lunch today
It's just the shitty ass salads
3 Months ago
I just walked into school and it sounds like someone turned on the world's biggest white noise machine
I'm concerned
3 Months ago
#newavi I'm matching with @~-moully-~ even though he already changed it like 3 days ago-
3 Months ago
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Howdy random user! Hope you like the plushy <3

Oh! Thanks :D
3 Months ago
Remind me to never have a party at my house again
So much c l e a n i n g
3 Months ago
I'm going to dnd club todayyyyyy
I'm a little nervous o _o
But mostly excited :DDD
3 Months ago
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Happy Bday!! :DD

Tysm Iggie 😊
3 Months ago
I'm only realizing just now that the hashtag 'newavi' means "New avatar".

I'm a fricking dumb[expletive]
3 Months ago
I beat google solitaire on hard mode twice today
I'm so proud of myself
3 Months ago


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