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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 3,446/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Anniversary Cupcake617,665 / 14,184
19359,411 / 89,862
1333,417 / 66,834
Corviknight14315,543 / 69,927
Zamazenta8929,951 / 30,039


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Tsarrow 9 Days ago
LordSamton 23 Days ago
Riako 26 Days ago
CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen 29 Days ago

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testifytime hasn't collected any medals so far.

Shiny Hunts/Favourites

Amount Owned: 1
Mega-able: 3
(Own breedable Haunter)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 1
(Do not own evolutionary chain pair)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 1
(Own breedable Gardevoir/Gallade)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Own breedable Luxio/Luxray)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Own breedable Swablu/Altria)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Do not own evolutionary chain pair)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Own breedable Mightyena)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #735830512
Registration: 08/01/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 307:23 Hours
Total interactions: 861,501
Money: 928,084
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


I spelt Johto wrong both times I tried to type it for that previous feed (Jhoto and Jotoh) and I have never been more disappointed in myself in my life.
10 Days ago
I desperately need to focus on assignments for the deadline next Friday but my hyperfixations have me by the collar of my shirt and are demanding I get all achievements of Hollow Knight and/or get into gear collecting Jhoto Shadowmon.
10 Days ago
How do people check what OS their Pokemon is? I swear I did it Once by Accident and never again.
12 Days ago
That said, I really want to breed some shiny Bug Pokémon and name them after Hollow Knight characters. Merge my two hyperfixations together.
13 Days ago
Still haven't gotten an Applin :} Starting to worry that I'm doing it the wrong way but am also aware that RNG for me tends to be super bad. Hhhhhate.
13 Days ago
Applin where ARE you I have a NEED
15 Days ago
I really hope I'm going about getting Applin the right way because if not it. Might be a while before I Realise That.
17 Days ago
Refreshing the Honey Tree like A....Apple baby??? Apple baby???
17 Days ago
Woah when were other Galar Pokémon released?? I thought it was only Boltund and Corviknight!
24 Days ago
Also b/c this was my first advent here and I was determined to do it fully, and NOW I gotta wait till next year fhhfiggi I am GOING to get all 24 next year if it is the LAST thing I do.
25 Days ago
It's admittedly driving me a lil nuts because I'm just. One day. ONE day. And it was a "super special" prize and hhgh my brain WANTS IT.
25 Days ago
Still genuinely upset that I only missed one day because I forgot to collect my reward. I'd actually DONE the task, but forgot to get my prize! All that effort and I got myself in the foot so close to the end.
25 Days ago
Wh ines at least I got 20 doors. I can still get the new Pokémon. But I wanted to get the special surprise so bad I'm so upset with myself.
29 Days ago
29 Days ago
I have NO idea what I got today for the Advent because it glitched. Yay.
1 Month ago
#MyFavoriteMemory is probably when I graduated from uni. Mum got me a necklace with my grandma and grandad's photos in it so they could be with me even though they could never see it.
1 Month ago
#ThanksGiving - Thankful for the fact that Ralts didn't meet the Pokedex Purge.
1 Month ago
I feel like I'm missing something super simple with this evo, but it just isn't clicking.
3 Months ago
Well I funked up this shiny hunt but I got my Gardevoir and my Gallade, so that's. Probably good enough. Only need a Kirlia now, so hopefully one of my five eggs hatches as a shiny-
6 Months ago
My cat jumped up on the bin outside and all I saw was this peach coloured blur through thr decorated window and I kid you not I think my heart just stopped.
6 Months ago


Hi, I'm Testify. He/Him.

Still all sorts of new to this browser game, so I'm probably not going to be 100% efficient at everything just yet. Just taking it as I can, and figuring everything out from there.

Favourite Pokemon: Gothita, Ralts, Shinx
Favourite Fandoms: Pokemon, Homestuck, OFF
Lesser Fandoms: Smash Bros, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Monster Prom, Assassin's Creed, etc...


Current Quests:

Harvest Sprites (Completed [fill date later])

Raylong (Completed [fill date later])

Current Goals:

- Obtain Miltank (Completed 23/2/2019)
- Obtain (M) Combee (Completed 29/1/2019)
- Obtain (F) Combee (Completed 22/1/2019)
- Obtain Dratini (Completed [fill date later])
- Obtain Mewton M. Meowth
- Obtain Legendary Lake Trio (1/3)
- Obtain 1st shiny from eggs (Completed [fill date later] - Gastly)
- Attempt shiny Shinx/Ralts hunt/s
- Complete Badge Sets (1/4)
- Attempt for shiny at Honey Tree (Completed 12/01/19)
- Attempt for Celebi at Honey Tree (Completed 28/1/2019)


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