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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 3,685/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Wailord (Babylonian)1218,462 / 117,805
504432,481 / 610,849
Jigglybath9612,475 / 22,350
Grapploct9510,216 / 30,068


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Latios736 1 Day ago
Ephenia 29 Days ago
Pranavrockz 1 Month ago
Ephenia 1 Month ago

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testifytime hasn't collected any medals so far.

Shiny Hunts/Favourites

Amount Owned: 1
Mega-able: 3
(Own breedable Haunter)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 1
(Do not own evolutionary chain pair)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 1
(Own breedable Gardevoir/Gallade)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Own breedable Luxio/Luxray)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Own breedable Swablu/Altria)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Do not own evolutionary chain pair)

Chain: 0
Amount Owned: 0
(Own breedable Mightyena)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #735830512
Registration: 08/01/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 332:34 Hours
Total interactions: 906,469
Money: 53,863
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile


I can pet the Spiky-Eared Pichu??
1 Month ago
OH SHOOT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THERE WERE MORE LIGHT BALLS TO GET. I thought I was done with the event ahdigldhs
1 Month ago
I wonder if there's going to be a birthday event, or if the egg hunt counted AS a partial birthday event? It looks like there was an overlap this year.
2 Months ago
Aww... the event is so baby!!
2 Months ago
I get the feeling Chansey are like. V. rare. Which is gonna make this o o d l e s of fun to get.
2 Months ago
I wonder if there's a thread yet for dex breeders. Just peeps to breed Pokemon not for shinies but just to complete dex entries to make finding/requesting them a lot easier. Or would that be making it too easy? I really gotta check later.
2 Months ago
Got all the Easter eggs AND the Meowth and Persian I needed. Now I just gotta get... Electabuzz, Chansey, Lickitung, one of the fossils (already got the fossil for I think), Articuno. I don't remember if I need Ditto to get the Kantodex done. Shoot
2 Months ago
[Ok hand] Gottem
2 Months ago
Why are Meowths so hard to find. There's none for sale _anywhere_ and the only Persian for sale's part of a Ditto bid.
2 Months ago
Why is it almost impossible to find a Kanto Meowth. This is. Impossible.
3 Months ago
By Asuna- - 44 Minutes and 16 Seconds ago.
I'm bored, giving away 10 Gold Box to 1 lucky winner. To enter, you must add me (want to increase my friendlist), copy this post and hashtag #FindingAsuna . Don't worry, I will followback. Will end when I want to.
3 Months ago
Why is getting a normal Meowth literally just. So hard.
3 Months ago
The irony of Ditto being one of the rarest Pokemon on this site despite it not being rare in any of the games for like a decade if not more is not lost on me.
3 Months ago
Why are Meowth so hard to get? I'm devestated. These lil boys are gonna get me one step closer to triumph and they REFUSE to appear.
3 Months ago
4 Months ago
My Eiscue (Love) is named after my BFF's url and neither of us named it?? Is that A Thing or are we going nutty
4 Months ago
I spelt Johto wrong both times I tried to type it for that previous feed (Jhoto and Jotoh) and I have never been more disappointed in myself in my life.
5 Months ago
I desperately need to focus on assignments for the deadline next Friday but my hyperfixations have me by the collar of my shirt and are demanding I get all achievements of Hollow Knight and/or get into gear collecting Jhoto Shadowmon.
5 Months ago


Hi, I'm Testify. He/Him.

Still all sorts of new to this browser game, so I'm probably not going to be 100% efficient at everything just yet. Just taking it as I can, and figuring everything out from there.

Favourite Pokemon: Gothita, Ralts, Shinx
Favourite Fandoms: Pokemon, Homestuck, OFF
Lesser Fandoms: Smash Bros, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Monster Prom, Assassin's Creed, etc...


Current Quests:

Harvest Sprites (Completed [fill date later])

Raylong (Completed [fill date later])

Current Goals:

- Obtain Miltank (Completed 23/2/2019)
- Obtain (M) Combee (Completed 29/1/2019)
- Obtain (F) Combee (Completed 22/1/2019)
- Obtain Dratini (Completed [fill date later])
- Obtain Mewton M. Meowth
- Obtain Legendary Lake Trio (1/3)
- Obtain 1st shiny from eggs (Completed [fill date later] - Gastly)
- Attempt shiny Shinx/Ralts hunt/s
- Complete Badge Sets (1/4)
- Attempt for shiny at Honey Tree (Completed 12/01/19)
- Attempt for Celebi at Honey Tree (Completed 28/1/2019)


Last Action
Negotiating with the Gem Collector (6 Hours ago)

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