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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 5,220/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1003,890 / 30,301
Meowth449 / 61
Arceus18 / 10

About Me

Name: Lime
Adopt one yourself! @[url=http://www.pokemon-adoption.de]Pok


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #329966650
Registration: 12/09/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1247:12 Hours
Total interactions: 898,485
Money: 52,734
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


What's the galarica cuff do?
11 Days ago
Hey so how do you actually find Galarian Pokemon? It looks like they come from rumbling, but what area?
1 Month ago
so how do you actually evolve igglybath? soothe bell doesn't work
2 Months ago
Just blew a ton of DP only to find I already had the shiny Alolan Raichu plushie. When are we gonna get new shinies? The same ones have been cycling over and over again and it's getting annoying.
3 Months ago
How long has it been since the shiny plushies available in the DW changed?
3 Months ago
Tryna collect all the sinnoh starter plushies now. I have Chimchar and Torterra. If you send me one I don't have I'll send plushies back to you of equal value that you don't have!
5 Months ago
hi sgt frog is a really good anime and yall should watch it. that's all.
6 Months ago
guys what happens if i give a selfie stick to a shadow psyduck?

i better not be disappointed
11 Months ago
Since I have mind numbing dyscalculia... how many dream points does it take to send out all 10 Mew plushies?
1 Year ago
Wow, I can't believe I managed to sell Pokeball Vivillon for 665k. O_O I only set it up for 30k!
1 Year ago
me: im not here to make friends

also me: omg u like dinglygrandpa too?? here let me add u to my f r i e n d s list
2 Years ago
Why does nobody ever talk about how toxic Professor Rowan is in this game?
2 Years ago
All these people be fussin about the 1os shiny Cosmog meanwhile I just wanna sell all my shinies. : /
2 Years ago
Is it just me, or are nebula stones... oddly common?
2 Years ago

Day 5: Favorite Fighting Type

Pure fighting-type: Makuhita
Dual fighting-type, primary: Lucario
Dual fighting-type, secondary: Blaziken

Day 6: Favorite Normal Type

Pure normal-type: Lickilicky
Dual normal-type, primary: Pidove
Dual normal-type, secondary: Helioptile

Day 7: Favorite Poison Type

Pure poison-type: Koffing
Dual poison-type, primary: Croagunk
Dual poison-type, secondary: Bulbasaur

Day 8: Favorite Steel Type

Pure steel-type: Klink
Dual steel-type, primary: Klefki
Dual steel-type, secondary: Alolan Sandshrew
3 Years ago

Day 1: Favorite Fire Type

Pure fire-type: Litten
Dual fire-type, primary: Charizard
Dual fire-type, secondary: Salandit

Day 2: Favorite Water Type

Pure water-type: Psyduck
Dual water-type, primary: Lapras
Dual water-type, secondary: Kabutops

Day 3: Favorite Grass Type

Pure grass-type: Chespin
Dual grass-type, primary: Decidueye
Dual grass-type, secondary: Sewaddle

Day 4: Favorite Electric Type

Pure electric-type: Pikachu
Dual electric-type, primary: Zapdos
Dual electric-type, secondary: Joltik
3 Years ago
note to self: http://cdn-finspi.com/image/00254/640/996095efb/dm-us-otp-prompts-scenarios-tammy-penfieldstuff-o.jpg
3 Years ago

I'm sorry but Eevee is totally overrated. Learn to face the facts. Also nobody is jealous. What reason does anyone have to be jealous? I don't hate Eevee, but people are allowed to hate it. Even if I don't hate it, it's still one of my least favorite "cute" Pokemon. Munchlax, Lickilicky, Psyduck, Butterfree, Chespin, Oshawott, and Meowth are a hundred times cuter in my opinion.

also omg someone made a cancer joke. THIS IS THE INTERNET. Learn to deal with it or get off.
3 Years ago
You know you're obsessed with Undertale when you keep reading "Item Shop" as "Tem Shop" by accident. ><
4 Years ago
I just won a Lugia for 2,000 PD! Anybody get the joke? ;)
4 Years ago



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