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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 4,396/6,119


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Kazuma Asougi
9112,403,656 / 2,963,751
9341,211,813 / 3,115,911
Kilometers Legworth
70124,158 / 1,750,623
Borger Legworth
9318,053 / 28,767

Welcome to my Profile

▪Female | Artist | Gamer▪

Hello! Name's Kel, but feel free to also call me Plazie, Bunni, Celestia, Kikyo, or even just Kelbunny!

Feel free to PM or Palpad me to talk, just note I am not the most social person. I'm pretty friendly though!

PokeFarm Q | ToyHouse | Deviantart | Art Shoppe | Diary

Image is from Dai Gyakuten Saiban official art.

♤Favorite Animals♤
Bunnies - cats - squids - spiders

♡Favorite Pokemon♡
Rayquaza - Eevee - Rotom // Dark - Ghost

◇Favorite Video Games◇
Pokemon - Bravely Series - Ace Attorney - Legend of Zelda - Splatoon - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Kid Icarus Uprising - Animal Crossing - Luigi's Mansion

Pokemon - Bravely Series - Ace Attorney/DGS - Splatoon

《 Personal Rules 》
▪Please don't ask me for my stuff, whether it is pokemon or items. My stuff is not for sale unless stated otherwise.

▪I do not like battling, and will not do so. Do not ask me.

▪Please Palpad me beforehand about adding me to your Palpad group.

▪Feel free to talk to me though, especially if it is about the fandoms I'm in!

"Believe in yourself.
Keep looking forward until the bitter end."

- Kazuma Asougi -

Gif is from Dai Gyakuten Saiban.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #34399793
Registration: 21/05/2016 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1555:03 Hours
Total interactions: 180,182
Money: 3,103,713
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


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Beware the Black Cat

I drew some more DGS fanart, how does it look and is there anything I can improve on?
2 Days ago
'Kay, Flick is now my favorite Animal Crossing character. She likes bugs, is an artist, and has an amazing color palette.
2 Days ago
3 Days ago
I might try and hunt furfrou next. Any other shiny suggestions?
4 Days ago
I've seen at least two people do this and I want to share as well

I wasn’t able to find my oldest peice of Digital art, but here is art improvement over at least 3 years.


and despite this, I still tell myself I'm not improving
4 Days ago
20th Egg has been found! Also, I'm gonna call it now, I bet the event will be a ducklet!

Also, since I finished my Tailluchi hunt, any ideas what I should hunt next?
5 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Tailluchi hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #98)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Yaaasssssssssss! Finally! Borger Legworth is HERE!
5 Days ago
Their not the best quality since I tried to do them on my phone, but I made a sprite edit for It? and Hydrangea.

I'm probably going to mess with the sprites once I can use the computer again to make them look cleaner.
9 Days ago
I finished inking and coloring that sketch of Kaiser Oblivion from Bravely Second I posted! How does it look?

also, this is semi-unrelated, but I found this pretty cool reading of the Enigmatic Writings of the D's Journal in Bravely Default.
12 Days ago
I was bored and decided to draw Kaiser Oblivion from Bravely Second. This is only the sketch, but I plan on inking it later. I decided not to add his coat, so maybe minor spoilers though technicaly the game spoils itself after you learn the plot point that would make it a spoiler, so IDK.

also, on the topic of Bravely Second, I made this PMV-styled MAP part a little over a month ago that I'm pretty proud of
12 Days ago
Yes,yes yes yes yes yessssssssss! Another trailer for Bravely Default ii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got character names and a trailer now!!!!!!!!

And I'm still pretty sure the older guy, who is now named Elvis, is still Kaiser Oblivion. The voice might not sound similar, but there are similar details on the scarf outfit, and Oblivion's outfit was long and black, with gold accents, just like the fedora outfit of Elvis... We still don't have last names though...
14 Days ago
Animal Crossing New Horizons is great. The graphics are lovely, there is so much detail, definitely a game worth playing.


In my opinion...

The Pro designer and design maker in general tbh was better in New Leaf. So I ain't abandoning my New Leaf town just yet.
18 Days ago
So a while ago, I did some slight edits to my Persona's design, and today, I finished making some alt outfits for her as well! How do they look?

Also, the sweater, scarf, tights, and boots in the main design, as well as all the clothing peices in the alt designs, are all clothing I actually have. Though the sweater, blue t-shirt, and grey t-shirt were all simplified.
19 Days ago
A good Doggo
22 Days ago
I just beat Luigi's Mansion 3 with a B rank, as well as having captured all the Boo's.

I plan on going back and collecting all the Gems, and to get good at Scarescraper, as I'm pretty sure that's where you find the rare ghosts.
22 Days ago
Something that is still somewhat true to this day

Me, before 2014: Fairies are so cute! Their the best fictional creature ever because they are so cute and pretty!

Me, a while after 2014: I swear if I see a fairy I am going to hit/incinerate it with a train. They are evil and are out to kill us, don't even try me.
25 Days ago
More AAI2 case 3

Gregory Edgeworth just told Jeffrey Master's "If you believe in me until the bitter end, I will definitely get you out of here."

And just.... I know how IS-7 ends. Gregory ends up failing due to von Karma using twisted methods and Jeffery ends up being found guilty.

And then immediately after that trial, DL-6 happens. Which is just a whole 'nother bundle of emotional pain. Neither Jeffrey nor Gregory deserved what happened to them...
My poor heart is dying from this emotional pain.
1 Month ago



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Plazie Rotom and Hydrangea Plushies made by Akemie.


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