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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 9,344/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,26819,620,839 / 38,361,177
(Mega Lopunny)
2,3652,294,112 / 16,786,771
°•Plazie Rotom°•
3,57722,212,904 / 38,395,519
(Mega Frosmoth)
590591,890 / 1,046,071
Stufful11345 / 397
Stufful1359 / 547

🗡 🖤 Welcome 🖤 🗡

Quote from 🗡🖤🗡

Kel | Female | 20

Artist | Gamer | Spriter
Hello! I'm Kel, but feel free to call me Plazie, Bunni, or even just Kelbunny!

Palpad and Private Messages are closed, aside from asking about my active gts trades. Thank you.

Quote from 🗡🖤🗡

🖤 S i s t e r s 🖤

Sprite is from Bravely Second. Glanz Empire crest was done by me. Mini-mon sprite edits by me. Avatar is from official Octopath Traveler ii art.

Quote from 🗡 Favorites🗡♤Favorite Animals♤
bunnies - cats - bees - arthropods

♡Favorite Pokemon♡
Rotom - Loppunny // Dark - Ghost - Normal

◇Favorite Video Games◇
Pokemon - Bravely Series - Ace Attorney - Legend of Zelda - Splatoon - Triangle Strategy - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Kid Icarus Uprising - Animal Crossing - Luigi's Mansion - Okami - Paper Mario

Pokemon - Bravely Series - Ace Attorney/DGS - Splatoon - Legend of Zelda - Triangle Strategy

Quote from 🖤 Personal Rules🖤➤ Please don't ask me for my stuff, whether it is pokemon or items. My stuff is not for sale unless stated otherwise.

➤ I do not like battling, and will not do so. Do not ask me.

➤ Please Palpad me beforehand about adding me to your Palpad group.

➤ If you're not on my friendlist, please don't send me random gifts, especially if they don't have a message attached. Plushies are fine though.

Quote from 🗡🖤 The Kaiser Oblivion 🖤🗡

You are nothing. I deny you all!

I deny you and this mockery of a world we live in!

Gif from here.

Quote from ✨❄️ Main Quest ❄️✨🖤👑Quest for a Goth Queen👑🖤

I'm a fan of the gothic style of the gothita line, and the deep purples of Mega Gothitelle are stunning.

Current Progress

[ 6,572 / 20000 ]

Quote from Side Quests⚡️📺Continue the HOARD📺⚡️
° • ° • ° [ 169 / ∞ ] [ 3 / ∞ ]

Game Records

Trainer ID: #34399793
Registration: 21/05/2016 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Oct/2023
Game Time: 3386:28 Hours
Total interactions: 473,528
Money: 2,666,127
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion (Hisuian)


5/5 cards sent. Not sure if I'll continue trying to get a higher shiny chance.
Today, 10:56
4/5 cards sent
1 Day ago
Personal Goal: Get 50k total interactions this event.

I believe in you kel. Finally reach 500k lol.
4 Days ago
Should I continue with my dex some more, or should I start hunting Stufful for my shiny shop next 🤔
5 Days ago
Um what...?

I was trying to get a Tyroge egg, and it gave me that message instead. I've never gotten any sort of messages like that before.
8 Days ago
Fun fact for the Gem Collector:

You don't need the eggdex for it. In fact, if you only have the eggdex for the line but not the mon (or an evo) itself, you can't trade for it.

However, if you only have the evo of the mon, you can trade for an egg of the preevo.
8 Days ago
I just realized that I'll probably reasonably be able to complete every dex with the exception of Alola, just because of a stupid mechanical maid.

It's going to be near impossible to get the dex entries for those, even if I just choose to temp borrow them.

Why must I need all 5 forms :/
10 Days ago
Check out my last feed mayhaps? I'm trying to gauge interest to see if something is worth doing.
10 Days ago
If I did a sort of Art Auction, would anyone be interested? I'm needing funds for dex completion reasons, and I have only so much stuff to sell.
10 Days ago
Temp avi change to celebrate Octopath Traveler 2 coming out next month.

The Kaiser will be back, but it's Solistia Inquisition time >:D
11 Days ago
Octopath Traveler Completed :D

Now I just need to wait for it's sequel to come out next month.
11 Days ago
Mewtwo obtained! I'll probably take out Unova next (as trying to do the unown scares me).
13 Days ago
Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 6 (Rating: 8.35)

You won 2500 Festival Points!

Oh nice!
14 Days ago
There is not enough Kaiser Oblivion content in the world. Must I do everything myself rip.
28 Days ago
Someone on Twitter translated Kaiser Oblivion's profile from BDBL, and just his likes! I can't! The first one listed is his baby brother!

Also, til that Oblivion actually had more of his backstory revealed is a different bravely spinoff and I am both livid over the fact I just now learned this but also way too flipping excited.

Please send help, I love this man.
1 Month ago
Something I love about Kaiser Oblivion is how his actions mirror the main party's actions in Default.

Like, in Bravely Default, Tiz, Agnes, Ringabel, and Edea travel around the world led by a fairy to awaken the crystals, as to summon the Holy Pillar, which they will then use to cleanse the world of darkness and evil.

Meanwhile, in Bravely Second, Kaiser Oblivion travels around the world led by a fairy to awaken the crystals, as to summon the Holy Pillar, which he will then use to cleanse the world of darkness and evil.

Like, I just think villains who's actions mirror that of the heros, it pretty cool of them lol.
3 Months ago



⚡Give me plooshie?⚡

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💖Plazie Rotom, Hydrangea, and S.T. Mali Plushies made by Akemie. Kelbuneary Plushie made by me.💖


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