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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 5,269/7,853


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Plazie Rotom
1,613491,605 / 7,810,147
1,8018,618,031 / 11,629,503

Shiny Hunt

kelbunny13 is currently hunting Maneki Espurr.
Hunt started: 11/06/2021

Chain: 63

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Kel | Female | 18

Artist | Gamer | Spriter
Hello! I'm Kel, but feel free to call me Plazie, Bunni, or even just Kelbunny!

Feel free to PM/PP me, though be aware I'm not the most social person!

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Art is Official pokemon art. Mini-mon sprite edits by me. Avatar is drawn by me.

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bunnies - cats - spiders - arthropods

♡Favorite Pokemon♡
Rotom - Eevee - Loppunny // Dark - Ghost - Normal

◇Favorite Video Games◇
Pokemon - Bravely Series - Ace Attorney - Legend of Zelda - Splatoon - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - Kid Icarus Uprising - Animal Crossing - Luigi's Mansion - Okami

Pokemon - Bravely Series - Ace Attorney/DGS - Splatoon - Legend of Zelda

Quote from Personal Rules▪Please don't ask me for my stuff, whether it is pokemon or items. My stuff is not for sale unless stated otherwise.

▪I do not like battling, and will not do so. Do not ask me.

▪Please Palpad me beforehand about adding me to your Palpad group.

▪If you're not on my friendlist, please don't send me random gifts, especially if they don't have a message attached. Plushies are fine though.

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We're trying so hard to change the world...

... because no one else is trying.

Gif from the Pokemon Anime. Sprites from Pokemon Black/White

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Since I eventually want to get myself a pretty SM Loppuny, I'm working to collect Normal Gems! And because of that, I'm trading all of my other gems for normal gems, with more information found here!

Current Progress
[ 19,861 / 20,000 ]

Game Records

Trainer ID: #34399793
Registration: 21/05/2016 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 2636:26 Hours
Total interactions: 312,462
Money: 1,019,929
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


[Paper Mario]

Chapter 3 complete, minus the Peach portion! Tubba Blubba I'd also say is one of my favorite bosses in the game, in part to him being the most memorable.

Also, Bow and Parakarry are honestly the best of the partners in the game so far. And Goombario sucks.
Yesterday, 03:26
[Paper Mario]

Tutankoopa down and Mamar saved! Honestly Tutankoopa is a giant pushover and Zap Tap is such a good badge. Also, Parakarry, despite being a simple mailman, is so heckin strong.

Now onto the chapter with the best partner and best/most memorable boss.
1 Day ago
Okay, I've decided. If this shiny doesn't hatch by Oct 1, I'm just going to get an event pass.
2 Days ago
Pokemon Black and White are 11 years old. It doesn't feel right though. It makes me feel old.
3 Days ago
[Paper Mario]

I beat the first chapter. Also, the Koopa Bros. special attack is kinda meh. How was Bowser impressed?

Also, Bombette is no where near as good as Bobbery. Bobbery best bomb.
4 Days ago
Update: I bought Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. :D
4 Days ago
I might go to the store and buy something sweet because I'm kinda craving something sweet lol.
4 Days ago
Sometimes I see things that remind me of my "edgy", pokepasta loving middle school days, and I'm forced to look at my old bad art in order to cringe at it.

Like seriously the art is bad lol [Blood and Bad art warning]
5 Days ago
My little brother: Dad found out a way to play the original Paper Mario on the Wii U!

Me, who told my dad about there being a virtual console for it on the Wii U: Cool.
5 Days ago
On DA, the Luigi's Mansion pixel I drew yesterday has almost as many favorites as my 2nd and 3rd most favorited projects combined lol.
5 Days ago
Anyone interested in the pixel art I was working on?🐶👻🔦

and now that this is done, I can get back to commissions :D
6 Days ago
I need to stop tying to watch videos that go in depth how real people died. Fictional deaths? That I can handle. But real people? Nopety nope nope nope. Especially if the deaths were accidental. Because I can barely handle it, and 90% of the time I end up leaving the video before anyone is said to die.
6 Days ago
What do I work on? The personal fanart pixel art or the commission pixel art?

Probably the fanart as I'll probably need to do some concept sketches for the commission as I'm struggling to come up with a pose
7 Days ago
I may just start saving up bug and ice gems after I get my SM bunny. Ice moth pretty :0
7 Days ago
Part of me is considering, that if I complete my normal gem goal before I hatch this shiny cat which is going to happen soon, that I'm just going to get an event pass as I'll need premium for my SM hunt anyways.
8 Days ago
I saw something talking about sharing names with random trainers in pokemon, which is kinda funny for me, because there is both an important character in pokemon who I share a name with albeit with different spellings, as well as a gym leader with the same name, spelling and all, with my sister.
8 Days ago
New Avi because I'm obsessed with Kel"boo"nny and the TTYD Boo damage animation is cute so I did it with Kel Boo.
9 Days ago
One of your eggs hatched into a Maneki Espurr

I am going to turn these stupid white cats into a fur coat is one of them doesn't end up being gold soon.

also, this is just a rough sketch but...
9 Days ago
Shout out to me making sure on the art shop commission I'm doing making sure the eye color is on my color palette despite the eyes being closed.
10 Days ago



⚡Give me plooshie?⚡

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💖Plazie Rotom, Hydrangea, and S.T. Mali Plushies made by Akemie. Kelbuneary Plushie made by me.💖


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